XR LED Screen

XR LED Screen Manufacturer in China

SZLEDWORLD provides a high-quality XR LED screen base in China. Its designs and made from the latest technology to create real-time footage.

  • Equipped with high-speed components
  • Provide reliable performance
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Help to improve work efficiency


The XR LED screen is available in the standard size of 12×4 meters. It is specially designed to create unique and attractive videos, movies, advertisements, and many more. This LED screen is combined with a built-in camera robot that use to move the camera and make a great shot.

We are a trusted supplier of XR LED screens which is one of the latest technology. SZLEDWORLD is equipped with advanced technology together with a professional team that helps to provide you with a quality and affordable price. You can rest assured that this LED screen can reduce complicated work during filming or production.

If you have this type of LED screens, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Choices by Design

  • Full Color
    Full Color

    Our full color XR LED screens are designed with wide viewing angle, high refresh rate, and longer life cycle.

  • High Refresh Rate
    High Refresh Rate

    We manufacture XR LED screens with high refresh rate up to 7680Hz. These are available in different pitches.

  • Immersive

    SZLEDWORLD immersive XR LED screens with high brightness. It also features waterproof design and good heat dissipation.

Pixel Pitch Selection

  • P1.9mm

    We offer XR LED screens available in P1.9mm pixel pitch with full color and high brightness. These are certified by FCC, RoHS, and CE.

  • P2.6mm

    SZLEDWORLD manufactures these screens with P2.6mm pixel pitch to ensure display clarity, high resolution, and solid structure.


Cost and Effective
Cost Effective

Our LED screen can help to reduce cost and time during post-production and shooting by offering a great visual experience.

Provide Realistic Lighting
Provide Realistic Lighting

It can produce more accurate shadows, reflections, and highlights on shooting props, for actors and other events belongs.

Fast to Install
Fast to Install

This XR LED screen has an auto-locking system that is designed for easy and fast installation. It can be installed by only one man.

Seamless Display
Seamless Display

The cabinet frame of this LED screen is made from high-precision aluminum materials. It can produce seamless splicing of video and images.

XR LED Screen Structures

SZLEDWORLD has a design team that allows to creation a unique and perfect structure of LED screens. Most of our XR LED screens are made with the following:

  • Top handles
  • Top lock
  • Side lock
  • Side handle
  • LED module
  • Back cover
  • Power port
  • Data port and so on.
XR LED Screen Structures
Design with Excellent Features

Design with Excellent Features

Our XR LED screen offers you different features including:

  • Module resistance. It is resistant to static, moisture, bumps, dust, etc.
  • Provide stunning visual experience. This can create a higher contrast ratio and also gamut colors.
  • Excellent on-camera performance. It offers high refresh and scan rates which can achieve excellent camera performance.
  • Fast and convenient. It is very fast and convenient to use compared to other LED screens.
  • Impressive panel protections. It has a magnet and smart lock system that help to protect the panel during installations.

Application of XR LED Screen

Broadcast Studio. This XR LED screen can switch background content at any time which makes it perfect for Live TV broadcasts.

TV production and Filmmaking. With the help of the latest technology, flexibility, and high brightness this XR LED screen can help directors and actors produce great stories such as movies, etc.

Commercial Productions. In the business application, these are also perfect, especially for advertising brands, and any other products. This can help advertisers create impressive and attractive content for audiences.


Application of XR LED Screen

Technical Specifications

Lifespan: More than 100,000 hours
Brightness: 1000nits
Pixel pitch 2.315mm
Pixel per cabinet 216×216 ( HXV)
Module sizes: 250*250mm
Refresh rate: 7680Hz
Module Resolutions: 108*108 dots
Brightness uniformity 98%
Dimming 0 to 100%
Average power consumption 350 W/m2
Max power consumption 680 W/m2
Operating temperature -10 to +40 degree Celsius
Operation humidity 10-80%
IP Rating For indoor IP54, etc.
Grey Level 16 bits
Viewing angle 140 degrees +/-5 degrees at 50% brightness
Service available Front and back
Warranty Maximum of 3 years
What is XR LED screen?

From the word, XR or extended reality is the latest technology that is design to create real and virtual content such as videos, images, etc. It is perfectly made for various film and other video productions.

What is the certification passed by SZLEDWORLD XR LED Screen?
  • CE
  • FCC
  • UL
  • RoHS
  • ISO 9001 and many more.
How to install XR LED screens?

There are three common ways to install an XR LED screen such as:

  • Hanging Installations.
  • Concave and convex
  • Stack Installation
  • You can also request customize to meet your needs.
What are the other component use to work with XR LED Screens?

There is a common component that use to work with XR LED screens. This component is designed to make a better image quality and a wide range of colors such as:

  • Graphic engine
  • Rendering server
  • Camera tracking system
  • Controllers
  • Virtual production pipelines
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