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By now, you’ve probably read all the primers about LED displays. However, most, if not all, only discuss the hardware involved–the LED display panels, sending and receiving cards, and cabinets–without diving deep into the software that makes the display work.

In this blog, we will look at one of the intangibles in LED displays: a content management system software called ViPlex Express. We will also provide a ViPlex Express tutorial on setting up your content.

Viplex Express Download

Novastar Viplex Express V2.26.0.0701 setup (X64)

Novastar Viplex Express V2.26.0.0701 setup (X32)

Viplex Express Release notes(Chinese, English, and Japanese)

Viplex Express Manual

Asynchronous Mode User Manual

Synchronous Mode User Manual

Viplex Handy

Software QR code

ViPlex Handy User Manual

ViPlex Express Novastar

Viplex Express is an information publishing and management system for Windows desktop systems launched by Novastar. It is used to make and publish programs for LED displays. The difference between it and Novastar Studio is that it has not only synchronous playback mode but also asynchronous playback mode, while Novastar Studio only has synchronous mode.

What is NovaStar software?

Novastar software refers to a series of software released by Novastar for LED display program publishing, control, management, LED display debugging, setting, etc., such as Novastar LCT, VNNOX CARE, ViPlex Express, SmartLCT, V-Can, etc.

How to download Viplex Express from Novastar’s official website?

Step1:  Click ” Viplex Express’s official website download “and open the download URL page

novastar software download

Step2: Choose Nova Cloud

Step3: Download Viplex Express software

If your computer is a 64-bit system, please download the X64 version of the software. If your computer is a 32-bit system, please download the X32 version of the software.

Viplex express software operation video

When you open the Viplex Express operating manuals, you may be scared by its detailed operating procedures, or you may be eager to light up the LED display at the LED display site quickly. Then you can refer to the following Viplex Express software operation video, which only contains the main software operation content, making it easier for you to follow the operation.

Select Working Mode

Synchronous working mode

Upon launching the software, a window will pop up asking you to select a playback scenario. The Studio Mode is the synchronous mode, where you can play content on a computer and directly flash it to the LED screen. 

Asynchronous working mode

It is a mode that can work without a computer. It can send programs via a USB disk, wifi, or network cable.

Viplex express operation steps

Step1: LED Screen size selection and setting

After entering the working mode, we take the synchronous working mode as an example. After clicking on the “solution”, a screen size will be selected. If you have a long-length size, choose the extra-long screen size. Choose the normal screen size if the screen is long and the height ratio is moderate.

Novastar screen size
Novastar screen size

After selecting the size of the LED display, a dialog box for solution information will appear in front of you. This dialog box needs to be filled in according to the actual length and height pixels of the LED display, For example, Our LED display screen today has a length of 1280 dots and a height of 720 dots. Fill in the dialog box as shown below. Fill in the solution name “testing”, and click “OK”

resolution setting
resolution setting

Step2, Editing and publishing programs

At the top of the Studio Mode window, you will see the editing buttons including File, Tex, Colorful Word, Clock, Analog Clock, Timer, and Weather. On the right-hand side are the Widget and Page Properties tabs. You can click “file” to import local video or image sources on your computer.

You can choose to remove the black borders surrounding an image by making it occupy the entire screen. You can click “File” to import local video or image sources on your computer, but they will not be displayed in full screen after importing. You can click the “fill the entire screen” icon to make it display in full screen.

import video source and full entire screen
import video source and full entire screen

Click “Preview”. If you’re satisfied with the video or image, click “Publish” on the top-right corner of the window to display the image on your LED display.

Basic functions of the ViPlex Express Novastar Software

To enhance your comprehension of this ViPlex Express tutorial, allow us to introduce you to the fundamental features of the program.

Terminals introduce

First part, let’s take a look at the icon introduction of the red box mark 1:


Total: The total number of sending devices connected to the computer

Online:  The sending device is connected normally and can be read on the Viplex Express software and can be used normally;

Not Logged In: No logged-in software account;

Offline: It means the line is disconnected and the sending device cannot be found.

Secondly part, we can see “refresh” near the red 2 number. You can click it to refresh the device list. After the software detects the terminal device, it will automatically log in again by default to the account that worked normally last time.

When the Viplex Express and the terminal device are not in the same network segment and can communicate with each other, we can select “specify IP” under “refresh” to manually enter the IP connection.

The small dots in front of the terminal device, different colors represent different states of the device:

status of the terminal

  • Green dots: Indicates successful login to the terminal device
  • Gray dots: Indicate that the terminal device is offline and cannot be logged in
  • Yellow dots: Indicates that the device is online and can be logged in

status of the terminal

Refresh: enables IP address-based search for the Taurus device.

3rd part, you can see the list of devices added to your management system. You can filter them by Screen Name, IP, and Screen Size.

When you hover over a device, a “Log Out” or “Connect” button will appear. You can also do a right-click, and a drop-down list will pop up, with options such as “Rename”, “Change Password”, and “Forgot Password”.

4th part, At the bottom of the window is the “DHCP Service” toggle, which you can turn on when you experience issues with the Ethernet connection between the Taurus and your PC.

Solution introduce

After selecting “solution”, click “New program” and select regular screen, name the program, set the resolution of width and height, and make sure it is consistent with the actual resolution of the LED display. We take width 1920, and height 1080 as an example, and press “Ok”.

Solution1-viplex express

Now we have entered the program editing interface, as shown below:

program editing window

Area 1: Save and Save As for programs
Area 2: Add different types of multimedia
Area 3: View program schedules, preview and play
Area 4: Edit, delete, adjust the order up and down, and copy program pages
Click the small arrow next to the “+” to select a multi-window template or a custom number of windows


windows for the viplex express-

Area 5: Edit multimedia programs

Area 6: Edit properties

U disk play program

Click “Solutions” 

USB play background
USB play background

Select the programs you want to play via USB, click “USB play”, then choose the “USB playback” dialog box pops up.

USB playback-003
USB playback-003

Then we select the playback mode:
Plug and Play: After inserting the U disk, you can play the programs in the U disk, and the U disk cannot be unplugged;
Copy Play: After copying the programs in the U disk to the sending device, the programs will start playing, and the U disk can be unplugged

Insert a USB drive into the computer, then you have to enter the terminal password and press OK.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the technicalities behind LED display content allows you to be well-equipped should you decide to manage your own display. This will help you ensure your content looks its best and is configured and scheduled correctly. This guide aims to make the ViPlex handy for both new and experienced LED display operators.

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