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SZLEDWORLD is the most professional transparent LED Screen manufacturer in China. If you need to buy transparent screens to decorate your stores, shopping malls, nightclubs, stages, concerts, entertainment venues, landmarks, and trade shows…, SZLEDWORLD is your best choice.

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • 24/7 technical service guidance
  • The company has ISO-9001, ISO27001, ISO14001 certification
  • The products have passed CE, RoHS, LVD, FCC, and other certifications

Transparent LED Screen

SZLEDWORLD transparent LED display is like videos, pictures, and text displayed on glass, making people feel novel and magical, attracting the attention of passers-by, increasing your advertising effect and brand promotion.

At the same time, it can see the internal objects clearly through the LED screen without blocking the light. It is also called a transparent digital LED display.

It is the best choice for window displays, showrooms, retail stores, restaurants, or commercial buildings advertising LED screens. It can also be used in nightclubs and stages to enhance the atmosphere.

We have been designing and supplying transparent LED screens for over ten years. Any customization services can be available. Just get in touch with us now!

Classification of Transparent LED Screens

Flexible transparent led film display feature picture

The transparent LED film display is a new type of transparent LED display that is flexible, transparent, and can be installed on glass.

outdoor rental transparent led display feature picture

It is a transparent LED display that has both outdoor and rental characteristics. It has the characteristics of waterproof, high light transmittance, lightweight, thin, fast locks, connectors, and curved for the optional.

Curtain Wall Transparent LED Screen

It is an integrated transparent LED display that can be displayed when powered on. It can be hoisted or floor-mounted. It is light and thin.

LTW transparent featured led wall

Large transparent LED display installed on glass or glass curtain walls has the characteristics of high light transmittance, lightweight, high brightness, etc.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

Our outdoor transparent LED screen can be fully installed in harsh outdoor environments, with an IP65 waterproof and high-brightness design.

LFT flexible transparent featured led display
Transparent Flexible LED Display-LTF series

It is a flexible transparent LED display that can be installed behind curved glass or walls and integrated into one

9 Products Found.

Transparent LED Screen by Pixel Pitch

  • P3.9-P7.8 transparent led screen

    P3.91-P7.81 are the most popular transparent LED screen models, it is the best balance between transmittance and resolution

    • Pixel pitch: P3.91-P7.81mm
    • Resolution: 32,768 dots/sqm
    • Drive model: 1/8 or 1/16 or 1/32
    • Permeability: 65%
    • LED module size: 500x125mm
    • Brightness: 1000nits to 5000nits
  • P10.4-P10.4 transparent led screen

    P10.4-P10.4 is a transparent LED screen with high transmittance and a very good price

    • Pixel pitch: P10.4-P10.4mm
    • Resolution: 9,216 dots/sqm
    • Drive model: 1/2
    • Permeability: 75%
    • LED module size: 500x125mm
    • Brightness:4000nits to 4500nits
  • P2.8-P5.6 transparent led screen

    P2.8-P5.6 has high resolution and relatively high light transmittance among small-pitch transparent LED displays.

    • Pixel pitch: P2.8-P5.6mm
    • Resolution: 61,952 dots/sqm
    • Drive model: 1/11
    • Permeability: 58%
    • LED module size: 500x125mm
    • Brightness: 1000nits~4200nits
  • P2.6-P5.2 transparent led screen

    P3.96-P7.81mm transparent LED display with high brightness and transparency, it is usually installed facing the outdoors

    • Pixel pitch: P3.96-P7.81mm
    • Resolution: 32,256 dots/sqm
    • Drive model: 1/7
    • Permeability: 68%
    • LED module size: 500x125mm
    • Brightness: 4800nits~5500nits
  • P3.1-P3.1 transparent led screen

    P3.1-P3.1mm transparent LED screen is the highest resolution LED display, but the light transmittance is only 50%.

    • Pixel pitch: P3.1-P3.1mm
    • Resolution: 102,400 dots/sqm
    • Drive model: 1/20
    • Permeability: 50%
    • LED module size: 500x75mm
    • Brightness: 1000nits~4500nits
  • P3.9-P3.9 transparent led screen

    P3.91-P3.91 transparent LED screen is a product with good cost performance in the small pixel pitch of the transparent LED displays.

    • Pixel pitch: P3.91-P3.91mm
    • Resolution: 65,536 dots/sqm
    • Drive model: 1/16
    • Permeability: 50%
    • LED module size: 500x125mm
    • Brightness: 1000nits~4500nits

Transparent LED displays classified by shape

  • Round transparent LED display

    The circular transparent LED display can be installed in the lobby or ceiling to provide a unique video effect and attract the attention of passers-by. It can be customized in 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m… diameter size

  • Transparent LED Screen Digital Signage

    The poster transparent LED display is a compact, convenient, and easy-to-operate model that can be displayed immediately after powering on.

  • curved transparent led screen

    Curved transparent LED display is a shaped LED display that can be integrated with curved glass or curved wall

  • cylinder transparent led screen

    The cylindrical LED display has viewing angles from all directions and can be installed on a cylinder or directly suspended.

  • Hanging Transparent LED Screen

    Cube transparent LED display can be cube or rectangular, customized and processed according to user requirements

  • Rectangle Transparent LED Screen

    Regular transparent LED displays usually use 1000x1000mm or 1000 mm 500 mm cabinet units to form a whole screen.

Installation of the Transparent LED Screen

When you purchase a transparent LED display, you need to choose an installation method that best suits you in advance based on the characteristics of the on-site installation environment. The common methods are as follows:

  • Transparent LED Screen Stack installation
    Stacking Installation

    The stacking installation is the same as the installation of conventional LED displays. Use tubes, connecting pieces, and screws to install and fix the transparent LED display. It is suitable for the installation of large-screen LED displays.

  • Transparent led screen Hanging installation
    Hanging installation

    When installing a transparent LED display above or on top of a location that is strong enough to support the weight of the entire LED screen, we can consider using suspension beams to hang the LED screen. This method is simple and convenient.

  • Transparent led display hidden installation
    Hidden Installation

    This is an installation method in which the glass installation frame can reserve or process the transparent screen installation holes. This structure for installing the transparent screen will hardly block the display surface.

  • Transparent LED Screen claw installation
    Claw Installation

    One end of the claw installation connector is installed with the LED screen body using a hoop, and the other end is fixed with the glass or wall through claws. The part that blocks the display surface is very small.

Advantages of Transparent LED Screen

high transparency icon
High Transparency

Transparency is 50% to 70%, it doesn’t block light, and objects behind the LED screen are still clearly visible

easy installation icon
Easy Installation

No special installation structure is required, it can be directly hoisted, pasted on glass, or installed with square tubes

lightweight and thin icon
Light Weight

The weight is only half that of conventional LED displays, 12~15 kg/square meter, and is easy to install and transport.

high brightness icon
High brightness

High brightness, outdoor brightness can be 4500nits to 6500nits, making the display content clearly visible in the sun

Display Feature

SZLEDWORLD transparent LED screen comes with different pixel pitches:

  • P2.6-5.2
  • P2.8-5.6
  • P3.1-3.1
  • P3.91-3.91
  • P3.9-7.8
  • P7.8-7.8
  • P10.4

Different pixel pitches will surely fit various applications. A higher pixel pitch is well-suited for high-rise structures.

Display Feature
Hardware Feature

Hardware Feature

The entire structure of CNC machining hardware is light, modern, and smooth lines. The following are the advantages of the high-quality hardware structure of the screen:

  • Easy connection
  • Cumbersome installation is not required
  • Saves installation time
  • Saves labor costs

The connectors, wires, and circuits of the LED screen are hidden, which makes it looks clean. The entire shape is enhanced, both the back and front structures.

What factors need to be considered when choosing a transparent LED display?

Transparent LED display applications are becoming more and more popular among people. They are used on more and more occasions to decorate commercial buildings, shops, showcases, showrooms, restaurants retail stores, etc. When you install or purchase a transparent LED display At this time, you should consider the following factors:

  • The shape and size of the installation location;
  • View the distance from the transparent screen, high resolution at close range;
  • The brightness of the environment, those facing outdoors require high-brightness models;
  • Whether it is installed outdoors, outdoor requires a waterproof structure;
  • Fixed installation or stage rental use;
  • Whether high transparency is required;
  • Heat dissipation performance;
  • Whether certification is required;
how to choose transparent LED display
Perfect transparent LED cabinet structure

Perfect cabinet structure

The transparent LED Screen cabinet structure design takes into account convenient installation and transportation, such as quick positioning of positioning pins, quickly installation and disassembly of quick locks, quick release of connectors, etc.
At the same time, we also consider the waterproof structure design, the filling of waterproof glue on the module surface, the installation of waterproof gaskets on the power box and connectors, etc.

Captivating visuals

When your glass curtain wall is equipped with a transparent LED screen that works normally, it is as if the displayed videos and pictures are imaged on the glass, which makes people feel magical and novel, thus attracting passers-by to stop and watch;
It has high brightness, high refresh, low grayscale, clear images, and bright colors even in the sun.

Captivating visuals

Customized Services at SZLEDWORLD

Company Advantage
Company Advantage

At SZLEDWORLD, we manufacture all types of transparent LED screens. Our LED screen cabinet has various sizes and complex structures which may not fit all projects. That’s why we can customize your see-through LED screen based on the real situation.

Our customization services ensure to provide our customers with completeness, consistency, and transmittance of see-through LED screens.


Shopping mall curtain wall
Shopping Mall Curtain Wall

If you install a transparent LED display on the curtain wall of your shopping mall, it can improve the quality of your shopping mall. Your advertising content and information can be played on the glass of the shopping mall, which can increase your customer flow.

Building Glass Curtain Wall
Building Glass Curtain Wall

If you install a transparent LED display on the glass of your building, it will not block your light. At the same time, your glass can play the videos, pictures, text, and other content you need to display.

Exhibition Application

If you install such a transparent LED display at your exhibition, guests cannot help but stop and watch the transparent LED screen out of curiosity. At the same time, they will also pay attention to your product advertising content, which will increase your economic benefit

Shopping Malls
Window Application

Our transparent LED display is especially suitable for installation behind glass so that its transparency is perfectly displayed. You can see the objects behind it through the screen, and you can also see the content displayed on the LED transparent screen.

Shopping Mall Atrium-01
Shopping Mall Atrium

Imagine a huge transparent LED screen installed in the crowded middle hall of your shopping mall. It can play brand advertisements, promotional content, shopping guides, etc., thus helping you sell products and increase economic benefits.


The transparent LED display screen is installed in airports with large traffic flow. Its ultra-thin screen body does not take up too much installation space and can display train information, passenger guidance, advertisements, etc.

Stage Transparent LED Display
Stage Application

Since the advent of transparent LED displays, many concerts, parties, stage performances, company anniversaries, etc. have used them as stage backgrounds to enhance the atmosphere.

Pixel Pitch P3.91-7.81 P2.8-5.6 P7.8-7.8 P10.4 P3.91-3.91
LED type SMD 1921 SMD 1921 SMD 1921 SMD 1921 SMD 1415
Pixel configuration 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel density 32,768 pixels/m2 61,952 pixels/m2 16,128 pixels/m2 9,216 pixels/m2 65,536 pixels/m2
Module dimension(W*H) 500*125mm 500*125mm 500*125mm 500*125mm 500*125mm
Module resolution 128*16dots 176*22dots 63*16dots 48*12dots 128*32dots
Cabinet size (W*H) 1000*500mm or customized 1000*500mm or customized 1000*500mm or customized 1000*500mm or customized 1000*500mm or customized
Cabinet depth 85mm 85mm 85mm 85mm 85mm
Cabinet material Aluminum profile or die-casting Aluminum profile or die-casting Aluminum profile or die-casting Aluminum profile or die-casting Aluminum profile or die-casting
Cabinet weight 14kg/pcs 12kg/pcs 14kg/pcs 13.5kg/pcs 12kg/pcs
Brightness 3000 nits~3500nits 1000 nits~45000nits 2500 nits~3000nits 3500 nits~4000nits 1000 nits~42000nits
Transparency 65% 58% 65% 70% 50%
Viewing Angle 140 * 140 140 * 140 140 * 140 140 * 140 140 * 140
Grey Level 14 Bit 14 Bit 14 Bit 14 Bit 14 Bit
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz
Drive model 1/8scan 1/11scan 1/7scan 1/2scan 1/16scan
Power consumption(Avg.) 240w/sqm 200w/sqm 240w/sqm 240w/sqm 240w/sqm
Power consumption(Max.) 800w/sqm 600w/sqm 800w/sqm 800w/sqm 800w/sqm
Operating Temperature -20° – 50° C -20° – 50° C -20° – 50° C -20° – 50° C -20° – 50° C
Screen life ≥100000 hours ≥100000 hours ≥100000 hours ≥100000 hours ≥100000 hours
Controlling System Synch or Async Synch or Async Synch or Async Synch or Async Synch or Async
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Notes: Specifications are for reference only. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to SZLEDWORLD.

Building transparent LED Screen project

Building transparent LED Screen project

Curved Transparent LED Screen project

Curved Transparent LED Screen project

Indoor transparent led screen project

Indoor transparent led screen project

shopping mall atrium project

shopping mall atrium project

Shopping mall transparent LED display project

Shopping mall transparent LED display project

Stage transparent LED Display project

Stage transparent LED Display project

Transparent curtain glass wall project

Transparent curtain glass wall project

Transparent curtain led wall project

Transparent curtain led wall project

Transparent LED display behind the glass project

Transparent LED display behind the glass project

Transparent LED display for the stage project

Transparent LED display for the stage project

Video of the Transparent LED Screen


How Does See-Through LED Screen Work?

The unique design of the transparent LED screen provides realistic, quirky, and appealing use. It helps manage power consumption. Take a look at how this screen works.

The see-through LED screen has a pixel unit that identifies output quality. The LED makes up the result of the pixel. These screens are the improved style of traditional LED display.

A designed LED lamp network has been used for this type of screen. As a result, the content on the screen will display.

Most of the see-through LED screen has a 50mm thickness. It makes them very smooth, allowing them to have an excellent blending of the environment.

Advantages of See-Through LED Screen

Quick Maintenance and Convenient

The screen has installed modules on each LED screen section.

This module is replaceable. Ideally suited for continuous use and simple maintenance.

Simple to Use

The screen can be connected to a computer system.

It can help the screen control the LED and maintain a high level of energy.

Thus, you can update the screen’s content at any time.

High Brightness

The intensity brightness of the screen can catch attention. SZLEDWORLD transparent LED screen is designed with a high level of transparency. Due to its LED itself, it can provide high-quality light.

Moreover, the see-through LED screen can help minimize light pollution. It will become an economical option for LED screens.

The high level of brightness on the screen makes its content clear. Depending on your application, the brightness can be adjustable. Making it applicable to all environments and weather.

High Level of Transparency

A transparent LED screen has a transparent LED module.

This module can help produce the screen’s digital signage.

This characteristic only occurs in a transparent display.

The transparency rate of the screen has between 70 and 80 percent.

Energy-Saving and Air Conditioner are not Required

The transparent LED screen is known for the following:

  • excellent heat dissipation
  • light emission
  • back-end maintenance mode.
  • lower rate of power consumption
  • high pixel density to provide life-like and high-quality results.

Due to the low heat fabrication, the screen doesn’t require air conditioning.

Lightweight and Slim

The first thing to do in selecting a LED screen is to consider the space and volume.

That’s why our transparent LED screen has a firm design that makes them lightweight and saves energy.

How much does a transparent led display cost?

The transparent LED screen price is from 390 USD/SQM to 800USD/SQM, the details as below:

Pixel pitch Brightness Cabinet size Lamps Installation EXW Price
P3.91-P7.81 1000 1000*1000 Huaguang fixed 390 USD/sqm
P3.91-P7.81 2000~2500 1000*1000 Huaguang fixed 438USD/sqm
P3.91-P7.81 2000~2500 1000*1000 Nationstar fixed 492USD/sqm
P3.91-P7.81 3500~4500 1000*1000 Huaguang fixed 562USD/sqm
P3.91-P7.81 3500~4500 1000*1000 Kinglight fixed 635USD/sqm
P3.91-P7.81 3500~4500 1000*1000 Nationstar fixed 652USD/sqm
P3.96-7.81 4800~5500 1000*1000 Huaguang fixed 688USD/sqm
P3.96-7.81 4800~5500 1000*1000 Kinglight fixed 758USD/sqm
P3.96-7.81 4800~5500 1000*1000 Nationstar fixed 778USD/sqm

Factors affecting price:
1. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price for sqm;
2. Brightness, with the same pixel pitch, the higher the brightness, the higher the price;
3. The brand type of lamp beads, such as Nationstar lamp beads are more expensive than HS and Kinglight;
4. Installation method, fixed installation is more expensive than renting a transparent LED display;
5. The specifications and types of raw materials used, usually the ones with better quality have higher prices;

How to send the program to a transparent LED display?

We can send programs via wifi, ethernet cable, U-disk, HDMI, Phone…

Quality guarantee is 2 years

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