Transparent Led Screen

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen

The transparent LED screen is a type of display that utilizes LED. It produces pictures that are visible from the screen.

SZLEDWORLD transparent LED screens are widely utilized for various applications like retail, advertisement, and more. Besides, they are famous for outdoor applications to create large signage and associated displays.

SZLEDWORLD is a leading see-through LED screen manufacturer in China. We use high-quality LEDs that provide high-definition pictures. Whether you need a see-through LED screen in different pixel pitches and display sizes, we got you covered!

We are designing and supplying transparent LED screens for more than ten years now. Any customization services can be available. Just get in touch with us now!

Curtain Wall Transparent LED Screen
Curtain Wall Transparent LED Screen

This display has 63% transparency. Available in different module sizes and cabinet sizes.

Transparent Video Wall LED Screen
Transparent Video Wall LED Screen

It has a reliable and unique lock for fast connection. The display can guarantee excellent visual effects.

Outdoor Transparent LED Screen
Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

Our outdoor transparent LED screen is durable, stable, has extreme transparency, and is easy to maintain.

Transparent LED Screen Digital Signage
Transparent LED Screen Digital Signage

It has a more than 1920Hz refresh rate and 1500:1 contrast ratio. This display can be customized to your specifications.

Indoor Transparent LED Screen
Indoor Transparent LED Screen

Indoor transparent LED screens have high durability and a high level of protection. They are easy to use and flexible.

Hanging Transparent LED Screen
Hanging Transparent LED Screen

The hanging installation of this display can save space. Our hanging transparent LED screen can be installed in portrait or landscape.

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Display Feature

SZLEDWORLD transparent LED screen comes with different pixel pitches:

  • P2.6-5.2
  • P2.8-5.6
  • P3.1-3.1
  • P3.91-3.91
  • P3.9-7.8
  • P7.8-7.8
  • P10.4

Different pixel pitches will surely fit various applications. A higher pixel pitch is well-suited for high-rise structures.

Display Feature
Hardware Feature

Hardware Feature

The entire structure of CNC machining hardware is light, modern, and smooth lines. The following are the advantages of the high-quality hardware structure of the screen:

  • Easy connection
  • Cumbersome installation is not required
  • Saves installation time
  • Saves labor costs

The connectors, wires, and circuits of the LED screen are hidden, which makes it looks clean. The entire shape is enhanced, both the back and front structures.

Customized Services at SZLEDWORLD

Company Advantage
Company Advantage

At SZLEDWORLD, we manufacture all types of transparent LED screens. Our LED screen cabinet has various sizes and complex structures which may not fit all projects. That’s why we can customize your see-through LED screen based on the real situation.

Our customization services ensure to provide our customers with completeness, consistency, and transmittance of see-through LED screens.

How Does See-Through LED Screen Work?

The unique design of the transparent LED screen provides realistic, quirky, and appealing use. It helps manage power consumption. Take a look at how this screen works.

The see-through LED screen has a pixel unit that identifies output quality. The LED makes up the result of the pixel. These screens are the improved style of traditional LED display.

A designed LED lamp network has been used for this type of screen. As a result, the content on the screen will display.

Most of the see-through LED screen has a 50mm thickness. It makes them very smooth, allowing them to have an excellent blending of the environment.

Advantages of See-Through LED Screen

Quick Maintenance and Convenient

The screen has installed modules on each LED screen section.

This module is replaceable. Ideally suited for continuous use and simple maintenance.

Simple to Use

The screen can be connected to a computer system.

It can help the screen control the LED and maintain a high level of energy.

Thus, you can update the screen’s content at any time.

High Brightness

The intensity brightness of the screen can catch attention. SZLEDWORLD transparent LED screen is designed with a high level of transparency. Due to its LED itself, it can provide high-quality light.

Moreover, the see-through LED screen can help minimize light pollution. It will become an economical option for LED screens.

The high level of brightness on the screen makes its content clear. Depending on your application, the brightness can be adjustable. Making it applicable to all environments and weather.

High Level of Transparency

A transparent LED screen has a transparent LED module.

This module can help produce the screen’s digital signage.

This characteristic only occurs in a transparent display.

The transparency rate of the screen has between 70 and 80 percent.

Energy-Saving and Air Conditioner are not Required

The transparent LED screen is known for the following:

  • excellent heat dissipation
  • light emission
  • back-end maintenance mode.
  • lower rate of power consumption
  • high pixel density to provide life-like and high-quality results.

Due to the low heat fabrication, the screen doesn’t require air conditioning.

Lightweight and Slim

The first thing to do in selecting a LED screen is to consider the space and volume.

That’s why our transparent LED screen has a firm design that makes them lightweight and saves energy.

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