Totem Led Display Manufacturer

Totem Led Display Manufacturer

SZLEDWORLD totem LED display is ideal for promoting and advertising. These screens have the solid technological and physical foundation to be installed in any public area.

  • Improve cooling performance
  • Brightness of 3000 nits
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Weather-resistant

Totem Led Display

LED totem display has a wide application. It is an advanced and unique way of signage and retail advertising. Totem LED display comes in small to extra large sizes. The sides have tempered glass for strong damage protection.

SZLEDWORLD manufactures an LED totem display with a different base.

  • Wall-mounted
  • Freestanding
  • Pole-installed
  • Single-sided
  • Wheeled
  • Wall-hanged

If you are looking for an effective way of advertising your product, a totem display is your choice. It is also a creative way of communicating with all your customers. We at SZLEDWORLD develops all types of totem LED display.

Our company is confident that we can offer you a sophisticated promotional display. Message us for more details.

Totem Led Display 55”
Totem Led Display 55”

It has a striking tablet-style design. Media formats available are video, image, and music. Accessory options are remote control, key, and user manual.

Totem Led Display 42”
Totem Led Display 42”

The 42-inch totem LED display has a super slim design. It comes in many colors such as silver, black, and champagne. Life span: 50,000+ hours.

Totem Led Display 46”
Totem Led Display 46”

It can present text, photos, videos, and audio. The totem LED display can be free-standing or wall-mounted. It can be installed in malls, hotels, museums, etc.

50” LED Totem Screen
50” LED Totem Screen

Applicable in airports, malls, restaurants, squares, and other public areas. It has dust-proof and shockproof features. Works for 24/7 operation.

49” LED Totem Screen
49” LED Totem Screen

The 49-inch LED totem screen is ideal for outdoor installation. It has IP65 weatherproof. Supported music formats: MP3, WMA, and so on.

65-Inch LED Totem Screen
65-Inch LED Totem Screen

SZLEDWORLD offers a 65” portable LED totem screen for hospitals, banks, and more. It has both mobile and freestanding uses.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD For Your Totem LED Screen

SZLEDWORLD provides all the solutions in the LED display industry. We are creating innovative designs for LED totem screens with eye-catching designs. Our engineers offer 100% reliable products with years of performance.

Years of Experience: For years, SZLEDWORLD is engaged in manufacturing LED totem signage. We are equipped with the skills and knowledge to create your desired product.

Affordable and Deductible: Using an LED display for your business is quite pricey. Here at SZLEDWORLD, we offer an affordable solution to your problems. Our LED totem signage is designed to deduct your expenses and gives for profit.

ISO Certified: Rest assured, SZLEDWORLD is an ISO-certified company with all the qualifications you require. We are approved by domestic and international quality standards.

24/7 Technical Services: Offering effective and reliable services are our main objective. SZLEDWORLD provides excellent technical support to help you find the best-LED totem screen in no time.

Why Choose SZLEDWORLD for Your Totem LED Screen

Types of Totem LED Display

Outdoor Double-sided Totem led screen

It is available in medium to large sizes. Outdoor Double-sided Totem led screen is ideal for use in public places. It comes in simple and complex designs depending on your applications. You can customize all parts and designs for this LED screen.

Indoor LED Totem Display

Our indoor LED totem display is perfectly designed for malls or any indoor use. The structure can be made from SS, carbon steel, plastic, etc. You can guarantee that it will not break or damage easily as it has high-quality materials.

Portable Totem LED Screen

SZLEDWORLD portable totem LED screen has a variety of styles. It can be used for repeat playing, looping, and slideshow. You can use USB or WIFI connection for displays. A full HD video option is also available for this type of LED screen.

Pixel Totem LED Display

Pixel totem LED display has multiple panels that show independent video or images. Two options are available: you can show the same content on all totems or show different images in each totem. It has enhanced graphic images and high-quality videos.

For events or conferences, this totem is perfect.

Digital Totem LED Display

Our digital totem LED display is available with and without screen options. The front panel is protected with tempered glass. You can add or remove the lock for your panes. It is easy to install and can be used for any application. Digital totem LED display can perform up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Theatrixx Totem Display

SZLEDWORLD theatrixx totem display is a fully independent display. It is a large-sized display totem perfectly designed for an application that needs maximal impact. Multiple locking casters are available for the theatrixx totem. It is user-friendly with a Wifi connection to connect to local networks.

The structure is covered with plexiglass for safe use in public places. It can be easily exported anywhere in the world.

Structural Features

Standard size: 32 to 110’’

Housing: metal, hydroplastic, etc.

Prints: any prints you request are applicable

Panels: covered with tempered glass

Cooling system: We are using a high-tech cooling system to avoid overheating

Backlight: sharp images, bright, clear

Lifespan: it can last for more years

Video: MPE, ASP, AVI, MWV, DivX

Audio: MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLV, AVI, etc.

Resulotion: 480P to 1080P

Language: English, Multi-language format

Working temp: up to 50℃

Humidity: up to 95%

Storage temp.: up to 60℃

Storage humidity: up to 90%

Application and Uses

Business Establishments

  • Commercial and shopping centers
  • Mall and supermarkets
  • Pharmacy and drugstores
  • Clinics and restaurants
  • Conference rooms and Inn’s

Financial Establishments

  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Pawnshops and post offices
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Window display and telecommunications

Public Uses

  • Gas stations and subways
  • Toll stations and airports
  • Bookstores and exhibition halls
  • Parks and museums
  • Lottery and stadiums
  • Model rooms and villas
  • Apartments and ticket agencies
  • Buses and elevators

Entertainment areas

  • Bars and theaters
  • Fitness halls and massage rooms
  • Cafes and beauty shops
  • Cinema and golf course

Advantages of Using Our Totem Led Display

High power source with various fans

Multiple air vents for enhanced cooling

Large thermostat

Removable cat ladder for easy installation

The exterior is covered with composite

It has a sliding door for quick entry

Full plane and stylish appearance

Water-proof and dust-proof

Operated with wireless connection

Can play different multimedia formats

How many times can an LED screen totem be used?

SZLEDWORLD ensures you that our LED screen totem can be used for thousand times. In developing this product, we operate strict quality control to ensure that it meets exact quality. You can use LED screen totem for many years depending on your uses.

What type of screen do you use for a totem LED display?

We are using different panels or screens for the totem LED display. All panels are checked to ensure that it produces high-resolution videos and images. Our totem display can deliver 1920×1080 resolution.

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