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Stadium LED screen offers a high-quality, high-contrast display in indoor or outdoor environments. The display consists of full-color LED walls, constructed from a durable aluminum frame. They provide an impressive viewing angle of 180 degrees. It allows being seen clearly from any seat in the stadium.

For outdoor installations, stadium LED screens are designed with an IP65 rating. Thus, guarantee excellent protection from dust & water, and other weather conditions.

Whether you require a perimeter LED screen, multi-functional sporting LED screen, or LED display scoreboard, SZLEDWORLD can manufacture the right LED solution for your needs. Our team is an expert in customizing your request according to your specifications. Please get in touch today!

Large Fixed LED Screens

Typically mounted on the walls or ceilings of stadiums. It can range in size from a few feet to several stories tall. Used to display messages from sponsors, coaches, & players.

Outdoor LED Perimeter Boards
Outdoor LED Perimeter Boards

Commonly found around the perimeter of the field or in the stands. It helps to enhance the viewing experience for fans & a great way to generate revenue for stadiums.

Scoreboard LED Screens
Scoreboard LED Screens

Large and bright screen, allowing spectators to easily view them from a distance. Used to display game information such as the score, time remaining, player stats, etc.

Stadium Tier Ribbon LED Screens
Stadium Tier Ribbon LED Screens

Commonly placed along the top of the stadium tiers. High-resolution screen used to display information such as the score, time, & advertisements.

Indoor LED Perimeter Boards
Indoor LED Perimeter Boards

Composed of a series of LED modules, which can be easily connected together to form a larger display for indoor settings. Typically mounted on the walls or ceiling of the arena and stadiums.

Creative Stadium LED Screen
Creative Stadium LED Screen

We can design custom stadium LED screens based on your creative ideas. Our team support OEM/ODM services to satisfy your needs.

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Stadium LED Screen Excellent Features

Protection Design

Soft mask features and soft pillows on the top design.

High Refresh Rate

Display very clear & sharp images without any flicker or blur, improving the overall viewing experience.

Adjustable Back Support

Adjustable independent back support allows for various viewing angles and positions.

Easy Installation

Stadium LED screen is easy to assemble & disassemble, and installed at your location.

Wide Range of Pixel Pitch

Stadium LED screens can generally be divided into two categories. The indoor LED screens & outdoor LED screens. The pixel pitch of the two types of stadium LED screens is also different.

The pixel pitch of the indoor stadium LED screens is generally between P2.5 & P4. The pixel pitch of the outdoor stadium LED screen is generally between P4 and P15. The pixel pitch of the stadium LED screen is usually determined by the size of the stadium, the viewing distance of the audience, the cost budget, & the effect required.

Stadium LED Screen
Stadium LED Screens

Stadium LED Screen Advantages

  • High Visibility – Stadium LED screens provide an extremely high level of visibility. It has the ability to project images & videos in stunning clarity & color. This helps to increase the excitement of the game & creates a more engaging atmosphere for the fans.
  • Wide Uses – LED screens can be used to display a variety of different content, ranging from live coverage of the game to advertisements & other multimedia content.
  • Cost Savings – Our LED screens are cost-effective compared to traditional signage & other forms of advertising.
  • IP Rated – LED screens are highly durable &can withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor stadiums.
  • Low maintenance – LED displays provide consistent and bright visuals throughout their lifetime. They require low upkeep than traditional screens.

Wide Applications

Stadium LED screens can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Live Game Coverage – Stadium LED screens can be used to display the game in real time for the fans. This can be used to show replays & highlight clips as well.
  • Advertising – LED screens can be utilized to display advertisements & promotions for businesses & sponsors.
  • Team and Player Recognition – Recognize team & player achievements.
  • Interactive Fan Experiences – Create interactive experiences for fans. This can include trivia, polls, & other games.
  • Scoreboards – Display scores & game information.
  • Safety – LED screens can be used to display important safety information or warnings, ensuring that fans & players are kept informed in the event of an emergency.
Stadium LED Screen

Reputable Stadium LED Screen Manufacturer

If you are looking for the highest quality stadium LED screen, then look no further than SZLEDWORLD. We are a reliable supplier for more than 10 years. Not only do we offer a wide variety of LED screen sizes & resolutions, but we are also renowned for the superior quality of our product.

Our range of LED screens is built with the latest technology. Thus, they are durable and highly efficient. Easy to install & require minimal maintenance screen, making them cost-effective & a great investment for any venue.

Additionally, the SZLEDWORLD customer service & support team are always available to help you with any questions you may have. Providing you with the peace of mind that you are getting the best product for your needs. Message us directly!

Business Sector Who Need LED Display

Advertising Agency
Advertising Agency

LED screens are located in large public places, such as sports arenas, & can be seen by a large number of people. This makes them ideal for getting maximum exposure to a brand or product.

Ads on stadium LED screens are colorful and eye-catching. Thus, they are an effective way to capture the attention of large audiences.

International Brand
International Brand

With the use of LED screens, brands can advertise their products and services to a wide audience, reaching more people than ever before. Additionally, LED screens allow brands to display dynamic content. It includes high-definition videos & graphics, which can help to engage viewers & create a memorable impression. LED screens can be used to generate revenue for stadiums, as brands can rent out the screens for advertising and other promotions.

Stadium Owner
Stadium Owner

Stadium LED screens are a great way for stadium owners to generate additional revenue for their stadiums. This screen can be used to display advertisements & promotions for sponsors, as well as highlight key moments from the game or other events held at the stadium.

Additionally, LED screens can be used to entertain guests, provide pre-game or halftime shows, or display real-time statistics and replays. Stadium owners can also use LED screens to create an immersive atmosphere, bringing the excitement of the game to the stands.

Pixel Pitch 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B, 2R1G1B
Module Size 192mm x 192mm, 192mm x 256mm, 256mm x 256mm
Brightness Up to 6500
Refresh Rate >3840Hz
Viewing Angle 180°
Gray Scale 14-bit
Input Voltage AC 110-240V
Color Temperature 6500K
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
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