Sphere LED Screen

The sphere-shaped LED screen is a unique display designed with a ball form. People can visualize them from about 360° angles. 

It is a state-of-the-art media tool for indoor and outdoor visual projects. Moreover, numerous industries benefit from eye-catching advertisements and business promotions using sphere LED displays. 

SZLEDWORLD manufactures LED screens with ball shapes, available in various diameters, including 1 to 6 meters, or customized as requested. We provide your required pixel pitches suitable for your desired LED effects. Contact our team now!

Choose By Pixel Pitch

P2 Screens
P2 Screens
  • With 100,000 hours lifespan of straight operation
  • It has an SMD1515 led type.
  • Works well in -30 ℃ to 70 ℃ working temperature
P3 Screens
P3 Screens
  • Guarantees excellent brand exposure with higher brightness
  • Built with 1200nits in brightness
  • Its refresh rate is ≥1920Hz
  • Suitable for indoor applications
P4 Screens
P4 Screens
  • Has a higher contrast resulting in a sharper image.
  • Customizable screen size
  • Operatable in the system using window seven and higher
P5 Screens
P5 Screens
  • Customizable diameter
  • 360-degree viewing angle
  • Have seamless structure
P6 Screens
P6 Screens
  • Provides actual quality image
  • 100000h life service
  • Perfect for exhibitions and museums
P8 Screens
P8 Screens
  • -40°C-60°C working temperature
  • 1-1000m visual distance
  • Full high-quality color
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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Services

Reasonable Cost
Reasonable Cost

Due to our expertise in construction, we can offer particular sphere shape LED screens with budget-friendly features. 

Quality Control
Quality Control

Our team operates numerous quality control tests before release, from materials to functions.


We offer a two-year warranty for the whole screen issue. Our company also provides free component charges.


SZLEDWORLD ensures the most secure packaging. We usually use wooden or durable cartoons. However, it always depends on your requests. 

Comprehensive Applications

Sphere-led screens are in demand for various applications. These high-quality screens use in areas of

  • Large Events
  • Shopping Malls
  • Museum
  • Sports Arena
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Exhibitions
  • Conference
  • Schools
  • Control Rooms 
Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Services

Mounting Options

The sphere-led screens are excellent for various uses and practical for multiple mounting alternatives.

Suspension. A hanging ball of screens in the air attracts more attention due to its excellent display structures. Moreover, the frame of a sphere is durable to accommodate this mounting possibility. They are attainable with the use of

  • cable
  • chain
  • pole, etc

Base Mounting. With a pole, mounting on the ground with led sphere screens is achievable. Even using a standard pipe for support is suitable. It can incredibly hold up the internal structure efficiently.

How to Choose The Right Sphere LED Screen

Upon placing a request for the ideal sphere-led screen, things need to consider before making the decision. Here are the following details

  • Ensure what type of scene is required by the application. For example, if it’s for outdoor or indoor.
  • The structure of the sphere-led screen should be specific. That includes the diameter and shape.
  • Installment position and effects must be detailed, such as specific layouts process.
  • Checking if there is further need for additional components such as stabilizer. It can affect the display of videos or pictures.
Advance Features

Listed here are the features of the sphere-led screens at their best qualities.

Flexible Control 

Its PCB is of high quality, ensuring excellent display clarity. All-around pictures and videos with advanced effects.

Easy Maintenance

The structure of displays has easy front access. And this design significantly reduces downtime.

Seamless Connections

Circuit equipped in the offers seamless splicing. The screens enhance creative-led displays.

Heat Dissipation

The display module has improved with better heat dissipation.

Flexible Installation 

Installation of the sphere-shaped LED display supports landing, lifting, embedded, etc.

Customization Information

Here are some details you should know for customizing your sphere-shaped LED displays.

  1. If you request to adjust the sphere diameters or pixel pitches, our team is professional in redesigning and doing new modules.
  2. To completely customize the sphere screen, it needs 5 to 30 modules. They are always based on LED sizes and styles. The additional module demands further payment. That’s why we recommend purchasing a new the same model to save money.
  3. You can always rely on our team for further details, including control systems, lamp beads, and more.
Sphere-Shaped LED Screen Types

We manufacture LED spheres in three types of categories to choose from 

1. Triangle Ball

They are also known as football screens. It has a plane triangle PCBs structures. More of its highlighted features are 

  • Capable of showing the north and south poles with enough PCBs
  • The utilization rate is high 

2. Watermelon Ball 

The watermelon ball is a LED with a circular display. With direct viewing, this type of display has the same structure as a triangle ball on PCBs. Its other details are listed below.

  • Shows columns or lines 
  • There will be a few challenges in displaying poles.

3. Six-sided Ball

It has 24 panels in display to create a ball-like structure. And each of the panels has 16 PCBs composed. Compared to the two mentioned above, they need fewer PCBs. 

  • They are better than the others in this category. 
  • This type of sphere screen can show one or six videos. 
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