SMD Screen

The SMD means Surface Mounted Device. It is a technique for LED production. These SMDs are set up into the PCB through automated machines. Therefore, the SMD LED screens consist of various light-emitting diodes. They come with arranged small lights and form different structures. That achieves high-quality images. Moreover, the SMD screens are flat panels without curve seams. 

SZLEDWORLD offers premium SMD LED screens. All types are available to suit your applications. Our expert team customizes your required sizes, shapes, and content details. 

So if you’re looking for perfect SMD displays to improve your business, talk with us now!

Choose By Panel Sizes

  • For photo & datasheet
  • IP65 Grade
  • Needs back maintenance
  • RGB Color Changing
  • 5mm pixel
  • 100000 hours life
  • 6mm pixel pitch
  • >100,000hrs life
  • 5500cd/sqm brightness
  • ≥6000cd/m² brightness
  • 10-100M view distance
  • Perfect for outdoor
  • ≤ 100000H life
  • 0.93mm pixel
  • RGB color
  • SMD 2121 lamp
  • 3.91mm pixel
  • Full color
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Advanced Solutions
Advanced Solutions

Our team will support you in embracing state-of-the-art LED screen solutions. 

Cost-Effective Offers

SZLEDWORLD manufactures new models that allow every market to save overhead costs.

Satisfying Services
Satisfying Services

We intend to satisfy your expectations by providing before, during, and after services.

Experienced Manufacturer

Our company works with experienced experts in the electronics industry.

Other General Features

More of its features are as follows. 

  • Its protection structures are against UV rays and other extreme conditions.
  • High resistance against water and dust 
  • Adjustable color spectrum and white balance
  • Real-time display, no delay content 
  • Adjustable brightness choice
  • Ideal for viewing ranges 
  • High refresh pixel rates in live performance 
  • Simple to modify for different sizes and dimensions choice 
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Comprehensive Benefits

Here are among the qualities that SMD screen offers. 

  • High resolution: The display is smoother and has efficient image quality.
  • Optimal angles: SMD screens offer coverage from all viewing angles. That enables the display to be ideal for any presentation set-up. 
  • Reliable: Even in long usage periods, the screens have a low chance of malfunctions. Therefore, they are reliable. 
  • Stable Colored Display: The display’s colors will stay consistent and never deteriorate. 
  • Authentic Quality on Pictures: With advanced features, SMD screens provide high-quality screen viewings. It improves the distracting noise and contrast of pictures. 
  • Flexible Module: It has an individual module. When a part is damaged, it is simple to repair and install a new one.

Custom SMD Screen Display Applications

The SMD screens are ideal for displaying information for various purposes. Thus they are used in the following applications. 

Advertising Display 

Ads on screens reach all people’s attention around the area. Most are in big crowds in restaurants or malls. 

Promoting Events 

Any event details with screens are reliable in drawing interest and delivering information. And they can be installed in all locations.  

Public Safety

Utilizing SMD screens for emergency alerts for public safety allows better visibility. Important announcements can be broadcast to everyone within range using the screens.

Sports Stadium 

Installing stadium screens allows the sports fan to get a clear view of events. It will level up the sports experience. 

Business Presentations 

They are suitable for a conference in private meetings. Powerpoints projected through the screens will get people’s undivided attention. 

Government Announcements 

Delivering public information is also efficient using SMD screens. The large and clear display is an ideal alternative for announcements. 

Educational Institutions 

Most schools use large screens now for teaching. Any recorded lectures and files for lessons onto screens while students follow. 


Showing works of art, historical figures, and other exhibits using screens creates a more interactive atmosphere for the guest. 

Lighting Systems

SMD screens in lighting systems designs are excellent in commercial and residential structures. They are currently most widely used for these uses.

Specification Sheets According to Areas

Pixel  P5 P6 P10
LED Type SMD2727 SMD 3535 SMD3535
Mod Resolution 

(L x H)

64x 32


32x 32(mm) 32×16



(L x H x D)






H:160 (mm)

Working Temperature (℃) -20~60 -20~60 -30~65
Lifetime (hour) 100,000
Viewing Distance  ≥5 (m) 5~200 (m) 9~110 (m)
Refresh Frequency (Hz) ≥3,840 2400 1800~2200
Input Signal 


Pixel  P5 P6 P10
LED Type SMD2121 SMD3528 SMD3535
Mod Resolution 

(L x H)

64 x 32




320 x 160



(L x H x D)



768x 576×140


320×160 x15


Working Temperature (℃) -20~60
Lifetime (hour) 100,000
Viewing Distance  5~50 (m) 5 ~30 (m) 10 – 200 (m)
Refresh Frequency (Hz) ≥1920 400 3000
Input Signal 


Wide Range Types of SMD Screen

SMD screen consists of two related categories. The said three are discussed below, with each brief information and highlighted features. 

1. Surface Mounted Diode

They come with a single segment and diode chip. But the surface-mounted diode requires external drivers to function. 


  • High on resolution
  • Low in consumption of energy
  • Longer lifespan
  • COB LED Screen 

2. COB LED Screen

The Chip on board (COB) is a full board display. They are more effective than the majority of SMD LEDs.


  • Flexible in structure 
  • Brighter in colors
  • Cheaper than other LED 

3. Direct In-line Package

Its structure has a built-in power supply. The components inside are all organized to ensure functionality. 


  • Better on performance 
  • Exhibits higher brightness even in lower voltage
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