Shopping Mall LED Display Manufacturer in China

Shopping Mall LED Display Manufacturer in China

We are a professional manufacturer providing all kinds of LED display for shopping malls. SZLEDWORLD offers high production capacity and complete solution.

SZLEDWORLD Shopping Mall LED Display

Advanced businesses including shopping malls are mostly run through digital advertising. This market mainly uses LED display to provide customers with superior visual performance.

LED displays can catch the attention of passers-by and the public attention. This will lead possible customers to visit a specific mall establishment. Thus, making advertising to be more immersive and effective.

Shopping mall LED displays can provide excellent video, sound, and image performances. If you are a shopping mall owner, you may consider using SZLEDWORLD LED displays. It will help you attract potential shoppers, tourists, and customers.

As a professional manufacturer, SZLEDWORLD offers these displays in a wide range of shape, pixel pitch, and sizes. Both indoor and outdoor shopping mall LED displays are available. We can manufacture LED displays according to your shopping mall needs. Send us your inquiries today!

Choices by Purpose

Choose shopping mall LED displays that services a wide range of purposes.

  • Rental

    Our rental shopping mall LED display features wide viewing angle, noise reduction technology, and intelligent splicing.

  • Indoor

    We manufacture shopping mall LED display for indoor purposes. It features aluminum alloy frame, proof full tempered glass, etc.

  • Portable

    The portable display for shopping malls is available in front maintenance service. It has a high refresh rate and low power consumption.

Installation Method

Our shopping mall LED displays are available in different installation methods to fit your requirements.

  • Hanging

    Our shopping mall LED displays can be used for hanging installation. These are cost-effective, all-aluminum structure, and lightweight.

  • Wall-Mounted

    SZLEDWORLD wall-mounted LED display for shopping mall supports anti-theft lock, shockproof, dustproof, high refresh rate, and vibrant colors.

  • Floor Standing
    Floor Standing

    We offer floor standing LED display used for shopping malls. It features ultra-thin design, rear maintenance, seamless splicing, and rich interface.
    Common Installation Areas

Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Shopping Mall LED Displays

High-quality images
Energy Efficiency

LED displays are highly energy efficient. It can help to reduce operating costs and lower the environmental impact of the mall.

Brightness and visibility
Engage with Customers

Our LED displays can be used to engage customers with interactive and dynamic advertising. This can help to increase the drive sales.

Engage with customers
Brightness and Visibility

LED displays are known for their high brightness and visibility. Thus, making them well-suited for use in public spaces.

Energy efficiency
High-quality Images

These are capable of displaying high-quality, full-color images and videos. It helps in enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

Providing Customers with Information

Shopping mall LED display has the ability to spread information to every single person passing by the mall.

This display will help passer-by to learn about your shop or business. You can display animations, graphics, images, and texts in LED screen to show your business message. It also supports sound performance to ensure great customers experience.

Illustrate your business with SZLEDWORLD LED display for shopping malls.

Providing Customers with Information
Providing Rich Content

Providing Rich Content

Shopping mall LED displays are capable of providing a wide range of rich content. This can include anything from product information and promotions of your business.

Product Information and Promotions. LED displays can be used to provide customers with information about products, sales, promotions, and services offered in the mall. This can include product images, pricing information, and other details.

Social Media Integration. Our shopping mall LED displays can be integrated with social media platforms. Thus, allowing customers to share their shopping experience on social media accounts promoting the mall.

Displaying Multiple Content in One Screen

SZLEDWORLD shopping mall LED displays will allow you to display combined content for your target customers. With these displays, you can share local information about your business.

You can use it to display dynamic content such as animated images and videos. It can help to make the display more eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

These displays can also support creative and attractive layout. It can also display motion graphics to make the display more interesting.

Displaying Multiple Content in One Screen

Custom-Based Shopping Mall LED Display Solution – SZLEDWORLD

Custom-Based Shopping Mall LED Display Solution
Custom-Based Shopping Mall LED Display Solution

Each display is tailored to the unique characteristics of the space such as size, layout, and lighting conditions. It may also in customized with interactive capabilities, advanced control systems, and remote management. Our team can also provide custom options based on your specifications such as:

  • Luminous intensity
  • Color temperature
  • Peak wavelength

We are working with architects and designers to make sure that each LED display will fit any structural design.  As a professional manufacturer, we offer custom shopping mall LED display that is more engaging and easy to use.

SZLEDWORLD offers 24/7 services and support. You can also guarantee free training, on-site installation, and competitive prices.

Common Installation Areas

Entrances and exits
Entrances and Exits

Installing LED displays at the entrances and exits of the mall can help to attract attention and draw customers.

Mall Lobby
Mall Lobby

Lobby is the best area to place the shopping mall LED display. Every shopper can see the details and display in this area.

Retail store windows
Retail Store Windows

It is the quick way and easy place for displaying special promotions. It will attract the customers to buy and enter the store.

Inside the stores
Inside the Stores

LED displays can be installed inside the stores to provide customers with product information, promotions, and other relevant information.

Robust Construction and Features
  • High refresh rate
  • Signal loop backup system
  • High color restoration
  • Better picture layering
  • High precision
  • Smart distribution system
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Easy to Install
  • High Protection Level
  • Cost-effective
  • High resolution
  • No bezels
  • Low energy consumption
Different Components and Parts
    • Receiving card
    • Power distribution cabinet
    • Sending box
    • LED screen
    • Multi-screen spliced processor
    • Control PC
    • Optical fiber sending and receiving box

    All these parts are readily available and comes with a warranty.

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