Rental LED Display Manufacturer in China

Rental LED Display Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for a rental LED display that is quick to install, disassemble, impact-resistant, has a high-definition display, and long life? SZLEDWORLD is an indoor and outdoor rental LED display manufacturer in China with more than 15 years of experience, we can provide you with the perfect solution.

  • Convenient quick lock;
  • One-person tool-less installation and removal;
  • IP65 waterproof front and rear;
  • Lightweight cabinet.


SZLEDWORLD provides indoor and outdoor rental LED displays with light, thin, convenient quick-lock structure and lamp bead protection.
It can provide you with lifelike high-definition picture quality, convenient structural design makes it easy to use, and stable product quality makes you put it down.
It is your best choice for stage performances, art performances, concerts, opening ceremonies, exhibitions, hotel rentals, and television broadcasts.

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Outdoor Rental LED display

The outdoor rental LED display is for outdoor use and has the characteristics of high brightness, IP65 waterproof, high-definition display, easy installation, disassembly, and maintenance. The pixel pitch ranges from P2.604 to P4.81, which can be used not only outdoors but also indoors. It is your best choice for use in multiple environments. It can be applied to outdoor stage performances, brand promotions, celebrations, weddings, festival celebrations, commercial advertisements, etc.

Indoor Rental LED Screen We Can Offer

Indoor rental LED display screens are used in indoor environments. They usually use smaller pixel pitch and high resolution, so they have the characteristics of high-definition image quality, high grayscale, and high refresh rate. It has more price advantages than outdoor rental LED displays. Its models are from P1.953 to P4.81. It is usually used in indoor stages, churches, car shows, annual meetings, concerts, arenas, etc.

Event led screen is used in different occasions

SZLEDWORLD outdoor rental and indoor rental LED displays are widely used in events on various occasions, which can bring shocking visual effects to your activities and increase your profits. Application events such as Video production, marketing events, trade shows, grand openings, fashion runways, corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, concert stages, etc.

Advantages of Rental LED Display

Slim and Portable
Slim and Portable

The standard cabinet of LED screens is produced of Aluminum, Thickness about 40~80mm. Most cabinets are made of aluminum which weighs only 24 to 30 kg/sqm.


The rental LED display is durable, sturdy, and can resist extreme environments. So, it can provide clear voices and pictures for the crowd.

Long Lifespan
Long Lifespan

The aluminum cabinet has a thermal transmission and excellent cooling capability. Thus, the service environment temperature can be stabilized and extend the display’s life.

Simple Installation
Simple Installation

The cabinet is made up of aluminum. It can guarantee lightweight with high precision. Therefore, disassembling the display can be quick and convenient.

Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Rental LED Display

  • We can provide full event production worldwide
  • Domestic warehouse in all cities of China
  • We serve over 100 events a month
  • Insured and licensed pro-technicians
  • Devoted project manager for different events
Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Rental LED Display
rental led display price

led screen rental price list

The price of a rental led display is related to the pixel pitch, usage environment, cabinet type, power supply specifications, control system, lamp brand, etc. The following price list is for reference.

led screen rental price list
Pixel pitch Environment Price USD / sqm
P2.6 indoor 930 ~ 1500
P2.9 indoor 860 ~ 1350
P3.9 indoor 715 ~ 1100
P4.8 indoor 700 ~ 1000
P2.6 Outdoor 1685 ~ 2500
P2.9 Outdoor 1285 ~ 1860
P3.9 Outdoor 915 ~ 1300
P4.8 Outdoor 800 ~ 1100

SZLEDWORLD - Your Leading Rental LED Display Manufacturer

Our Rental LED Display is in High-Definition with Excellent Rates

SZLEDWORLD provides you a rental LED screens according to your specific needs. Our range of displays is available for different applications where HD LEDs are required.

Fast Delivery

We are equipped with modern production lines to manufacture best-in-class rental LED displays with prompt delivery.

24 Hours Service

SZLEDWORLD provides pre-sale, mid-sale, and after-sale services within 24 hours. Please send us your requirements. We have expert employees to provide you with a proposal.

Also, our expert technicians provide you with a guide for installation and connection.

Why Use SZLEDWORLD Rental LED Display

Rental LED Display
For Brand Level
  • Our rental LED display encourages the viewers’ appointment. They will be more impressed with your services and products.


  • The display can endorse your product in different forms to promote your business and gain profits.


  • Make revenues by sponsorship
Rental LED Display
For Technical Level

High Visibility and Contrast: Due to its high contrast, the display can provide more vivid and clearer pictures. It can also provide the display with excellent color contrast and visibility performance.

High Brightness: The brightness of our rental LED screen is higher than the TV as it reaches 4500nits to 5000nits. Plus, brightness adjustment can benefit viewers’ eyesight.

Highly Customizable: The aspect ratio and screen size can be customized to your specifications.

High Protection Level: High protection level of the screen can keep it from moisture, dust, and other elements. Thus, it can extend the service life.

What is Rental LED Display

Unlike fixed LED displays, the rental LED display can be dismantled after the event is done such as launching a commercial product, musical event, etc. The display must meet the requirements to be safe, easy to use, assemble, and disassemble.  This could save transportation and installation cost.

Sometimes, this display is called a “rental LED video wall”. It means that these displays are frequently large to exceed the mass viewing requirement.

The rental LED display is widely used for artistic projects and stage performances. It is named “rental” as it emerges in rental form.

Cost of Rental LED Screen

There are several aspects affecting the cost of the screens, as follows:

Mobile or Modular

The cost of a modular is much higher than a mobile LED display.

Pixel Pitch

Fine pixel pitch means clearer images. But the best thing to do is to select the best pixel based on the real viewing distance.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

An indoor screen is more inexpensive than an outdoor display. It is because the outdoor display requirements are higher.

Labor Cost

The labor cost of the rental LED display affects the following:

  • Complexity of installation
  • LED module amount to be installed
  • Time duration
Rental LED Screen Installation

Rental LED screen installation must be quick and easy as it may take to other places. Below are the important aspects when installing the display:

  1. Moving the cabinet should need extra care to prevent edge bumps.
  2. Make sure to shut down the LED cabinet before installing it.
  3. Check the LED modules before you power on the display.
Installation Method

Hanging Method

In the hanging method, the display will rig to either the following:

  • Overhead truss
  • Ceiling grid
  • Crane
  • Any support structure

Stacked Method

In this method, the staff should put the screen weight on the ground. The display should brace in various places to make it rigid and stand.

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