Pole LED Display Manufacturer

Pole LED Display Manufacturer


The pole LED display is a display monitor where usually mounted on a street light pole. This LED display type is mainly installed on streets and superhighways. Smart cities had been adopted using pole LED screens on their main highways to promote branding and provide important information.

SZLEDWORLD is your reliable manufacturer of pole LED displays in China. This LED screen for outdoor applications features weatherproof and can withstand different environmental factors. Aside from that, we offer this display monitor in different parameter options.

For your pole LED display needs, SZLEDWORLD can be your ideal provider!

Extensive Pixel Pitches for Pole LED Display

3mm Pole LED Display
P3 Pole LED Display

3mm resolution (3m viewing distance)

4mm Pole LED Display
P4 Pole LED Display

4mm resolution (4m viewing distance)

P5 Pole LED Display
P5 Pole LED Display

5mm resolution (5m viewing distance)

P6 Pole LED Display
P6 Pole LED Display

6mm resolution (6m viewing distance)

P8 Pole LED Display
P8 Pole LED Display

8mm resolution (8m viewing distance)

P10 Pole LED Display

10mm resolution (10m viewing distance)

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Pole LED Display

Tough & Durable
Tough & Durable

The cabinet of our pole LED display is made of strong and durable materials. It guarantees no damage during shipment and installation.


SZLEDWORLD can customize the size, pixel pitches, body materials, and other specifications according to your requirements.

Weather Resistivity
Weather Resistivity

Our pole LED screens are undergone different strict testing, including different weather testing such as UV-test and rain test.

Auto-brightness Adjustment
Auto-brightness Adjustment

This pole LED display from SZLEDWORLD featured auto-adjustment on brightness which is perfect for both daytime & nighttime operation.

Pole LED Display Specifications

Pixel pitch 2.5mm – 10mm
Cabinet size Customizable/single or double-sided display
Refresh rate 1920hz-3840hz
Driving method ½,1/5, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16
Brightness 4200cds – 7500cds
Operating cycle Up to 100,000hours
Module size 320x160mm, 192x192mm
Certification RoHS, CE, FCC
Pole LED Display Specifications
Main Features

Main Features

SZLEDWORLD Pole LED display can provide different advantages including:

With remote control(cluster) for on-spot operation

A multi-display synchronization (can play multiple displays at the same time)

Energy saver LED display

Real-time monitoring

Quality resolution



Smart City
Smart City

One of the main area applications of pole LED display screens is along the highways, walking streets, park streets, and business streets. Pole LED displays are usually seen in smart and industrialized cities. It serves as an information distribution for both profit and non-profit purposes. The extensive smart features of the pole LED display allow smart cities to meet the dynamic presentation of information distribution.

Tourist Spot Area
Tourist Spot Area

As pole LED display screens can deliver information effectively, it is ideal for tourist spot area application. Tourist spot area owners can advertise the scenic view of their environment. Through LED display screens, you can put all the information that a tourist must know about your area, including the scenic view, the rules & regulations, entrance fees, etc. For unexpected accidents of tourist individuals in tourist spots areas, through pole LED broadcast he can receive fast assistance.


Digital and smart campuses had also adopted the concepts of pole LED displays. Pole LED display features such as reliable display, high brightness, and long operating cycle are some of the factors that campuses adopt it. Different educational information such as teaching propaganda, important reminders, and other information can be displayed through this innovative LED screen display.

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Smart Pole LED Display Main Function

Wireless Communication

  1. 3G/4G/5G
  2. Wi-fi

Information Publish

  1. Road condition
  2. Advertising
  3. Emergency broadcast

Environmental Monitor

  1. Illumination intensity
  2. Air quality
  3. Wind speed
  4. Wind direction
  5. Humidity/temperature
  6. Weather data


  1. Vehicle charging
  2. USB charging

Smart Monitoring

  1. A Signal guide (transportation)
  2. Road condition monitoring
  3. Parking monitoring
  4. Guidepost

Public Security

  1. Flow monitoring
  2. Video Security
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