P8 LED Display Manufacturer

P8 LED Display

SZLEDWORLD P8 LED display series has a high brightness level. It displays images clearly in direct sunlight and has great weather resistance. The modules are suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Moisture-proof, dust-free, and anti-static
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Large viewing angle
  • Modular structure

P8 LED Display Manufacturer

P8 LED module is an outdoor LED display with an 8.0mm pixel pitch. It has a modular structure that can operate well during the day and night. The module features great color uniformity and high screen brightness. It supports a variety of installation techniques. Create your show in a variety of ways.

SZLEDWORLD P8 outdoor LED display is made of high-quality LED lamps and components.

  • Superior dependability is ensured
  • High contrast ratio and wide grayscale
  • Cutting-edge and user-friendly design
  • Low electricity costs and power usage

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Choose By Sizes


Our P8 LED display measuring 320mmx160mm features a PCB design. It achieves a long life span and good heat radiation. Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.


P8 320x320mm LED module features dual maintenance. It has improved screen flatness, fewer module gaps, and a new plastic cover with a new mold.


The P8 960x960mm LED module has a 120° viewing angle – horizontal and vertical. It has good brightness and color uniformity. Extremely high waterproof level.


Guarantee superior dependability. It can function well during the day and night. The 128x256mm LED module P8 can support a variety of installation techniques.


The 512x512mm P8 LED module can fit concert areas, advertisements, shopping centers, and more. It is certificated by CE, EMC, LVD, and ISO standards.


Fast to assemble and disassemble. Lightweight and incredibly thin. There are anti-ghost lines and tailer lines available. Seamless connection.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD P8 LED Module

Szledworld provides a P8 LED display in all configurations and custom designs. We offer integrated solutions to boost your business profitability. The following are the top features of this product which it is highly recognized for.

  • High Brightness – Our p8 LED module can support up to 7500 nits to guarantee a high bright ambient display effect
  • Water Resistance – The module features IP65 protection grade. It is effective in corrosive outdoor conditions and increased dependability.
  • Temperature Resistant – Szledworld p8 LED outdoor module has low and high-temperature resistance, operating range of -20°C to +50°C.
  • Controller – It has different control techniques, e.g., HDMI, 4G, Wi-fi, U-disk, VGA, DVI, DP, etc.
P8 LED Display

Primary Characteristics 

High contrast performance up to 5000:1

It is easily visible even in the bright outside atmosphere.

It can withstand tough outdoor conditions.

Display performance consistency is excellent

Lifetime can reach 60,000 hours.

High cost-effectiveness for outdoor and indoor use

Long lifespan is achieved via a reasonable PCB design with good heat radiation.

Certificate of Compliance

Our P8 outdoor LED display has passed through the following standards.

CE – Conformité Européenne

RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances

EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility

FCC – Federal Communications Commission

CCC – China Compulsory Certificate

ETL – Electrical Testing Laboratories

BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards

ISO9001 – International Organization for Standardization

Outdoor LED Screen P8 Applications

Below are some examples of areas where the module is applied.



Music Concert

Advertising Media

Airport Station

Commercial Use

Business Establishment

Important Precautions

Temperature requirements range from -10 degree Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.

Lamp surface temperature must be ≤85°C

The cabinet, power supply, and screen’s metal parts should all be thoroughly grounded

Protect electronic equipment from electrostatic damage in a humid atmosphere

Magnetic installation is not recommended.

The positive and negative poles of the module must be linked correctly

It is required to turn off the screen’s main power before performing any repair on the display.

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