P5 LED Panel

The P5 LED panels are designed with numerous colors. They are positioned in a grid with rectangular support. Three-pixel LEDs are blended to create one light hue. Moreover, these LED panels are named P5 since they have about a 5mm pixel distance. 

Here is what P5 LED display panels can do:

  • Delivers real-life content with excellent picture or video qualities
  • It comes with an improved grayscale level 
  • Provides flawless content playback 
  • Maintains the extreme refresh level of the content

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Custom Panel Sizes Available

  • RGB color
  • 5500cd/sqm brightness
  • SMD
  • 100000 hours life
  • 320x160mm module size
  • Full color
  • Video function
  • 7500 cd/sqm brightness
  • 140 /140 viewing angle
  • Seamless connection
  • Lightweight
  • Strong, fast lock
  • 6500cd/sqm brightness
  • Full color
  • 100000hours life
  • Photo & data media
  • Full color
  • 23W maximum power
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Choosing us as your reliable manufacturer guarantees multiple benefits. We have the following capabilities.

  • Expert Team: Our company has an expert team in every department, from manufacturing and technical processes to delivery services.
  • Company Certification: SZLEDWORLD reaches various certification standards, including ROHS, FCC, EMC, CE, and LVD.
  • Customize Services: We are skilled enough to customize your P5 LED panel supplies. That includes sizes, shapes, and brand customization.
  • Customer Service: Our customer services are open 24/7 working hours. We can accommodate your requests and inquiries at any time.
  • Quality Tests: SZLEDWORLD offered LED panels undergoing multiple tests 48 to 72 hours before delivery.
P5 LED Panel
Application P5

Specific Applications

The P5 panels are applicable for the following use and areas

  • Advertising Sign 
  • Entrance Poster 
  • Brand Logos 
  • Car Roofs Ads
  • Shops 
  • Banks 
  • Entertainment Centers 
  • Shopping Stores 

Installation Options

The P5 LED panels are suitable for various installation types. That includes the following.

  • Top building fixed installation
  • Permanent installation in and on the wall
  • Installed with two columns (fix)
  • Floor stand
  • Hanging setup
  • Settled on a single column
Installation P5
Pixel Total 2,048, custom
Working Voltage  5V DC, etc
Color RGB
Amps 8.3, custom
Width  320mm, custom
Height  160mm, custom
Pixel Total 2,048, custom
Working Voltage  5V DC, etc.
Operating Humidity (%- HR) 10 — 90 
Power Consumption(max850) ≤450W/m2 c
Width  320mm custom
Height  160mm custom


Custom P5 LED Panel Advantages

Here are the following features of P5 LED panels worth considering. 

Full Colors- The panels are flexible for color choice. They are attractive and attention catchers. For options, the panels are available in single colors and alternating colors.

Dynamic Effects- One of the features that they have is dynamic effects. Various effects are applicable and accessible in designs.

Efficient Service- They are efficient with a 100,000-hour service function. These panels also support stable control during the operation.

High Brightness- P5 LED panels have cold light technology. It enables the panels to create a brighter hue that attracts attention.

Precaution Guides  

P5 LED panels should adhere to standard safety procedures ensuring their unhindered and safe performance. Consider the following guides.

Operating temperature for the panels requires control components. Since it deals with temperatures that are higher than recommended.

It is necessary to comprehend and utilize their qualities properly. P5 indoor panels are for indoor application only. Indoor LED panels have a low level of resistance for outdoor use, which could lead to short circuits and further damage.

Contact with any liquid must prevent during assembling and disassembling panels. When this happens, using alcohol for cleaning is advised. This step avoids any potential corrosion buildup.

It is recommended to use alternate displays to ensure the panels’ efficiency. Brightness attenuation might develop when the panels are motionless for an extended time.

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