P4 LED Screen

P4 Led Screen

P4 LED Screen

The P4 LED screens are digital displays,the distance between two lamps is 4mm. These screens also have SMD2121, which consists of green, blue, and red hues. Aside from that, the P4-type displays are designed with vast viewing angle specs. That means the P4 LED displays effectively deliver and promotes your brand or products.

SZLEDWORLD skillfully manufactures LED screens with 4mm pixel pitches. We can achieve the screens’ suitable display resolution, sizes, and shapes according to your requests. Whether you need them for indoor or outdoor projects, we got you solutions. Contact our team now!

Compact P4 LED Screen
Compact P4 LED Screen

The compact P4 LED screens come with high adjustable intensity to suit your requirements. They also have repairable and low-cost LED lamps.

P4 Light Pole Screen
P4 Light Pole Screen

P4 light pole LED screens are set up with 4000cd/sqm brightness. The screens have 100000 hours of life service, perfect for extended usage.

P4 Rental LED Screen

P4 rental LED screens are applicable for indoor and outdoor rental areas. They are designed with easy-to-assemble and lightweight features.

Fast Lock P4 Screen
Fast Lock P4 Screen

The fast lock P4 LED displays are available in a comprehensive range of panel sizes. These screens are secure with a quick lock component.

P4 SMD LED Screen

P4 SMD LED screens are perfect for outdoor areas. The screens are water resistant, rigid, and can withstand temperature changes without damage.

P4 Flexible LED Screen
P4 Flexible LED Screen

The P4 flexible LED screens have about 240mm*120mm panel sizes, yet are customizable. They can be waved, curved, or in cylindrical structures.

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The following tells about our capacity.

  1. SZLEDWORLD is a legit and professional manufacturer of various LED screens, especially P4. We are experts in providing OEM and ODM assistance with low MOQ.
  2. Our company utilizes high-quality materials for manufacturing screens. Each of the components has undergone strict quality tests. 
  3. We offer hands-on services prior to, during, and after ordering.
  4. SZLEDWORLD’s production line is operating 24/7. That assures you of quick and on-time deliveries.
  5. Our team offers about two-year warranty. That includes P4 LED panels and screens in full colors.
P4 Led Screen
Custom shapes

Available Shapes

SZLEDWORLD manufactures P4 LED screens with comprehensive size options. That includes the following.

  • Square
  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Curved
  • Custom shapes

Installation Methods

P4 LED screens are flexible for installations depending on desired locations. To be more specific, here are some of the methods. 

  • Wall Embedded- Designs with front access are preferred since they work well for this wall installation.
  • Suspension- Most entrances employ the suspension type. It delivers impressive impacts.
  • Pillar Support-  For street highways, pillar-mounted LED screens are ideal.
  • Building Roof Installation- Installation on roofs offers excellent visibility possible all around.
  • Floor StandingThe floor-standing LED installations provide a direct view of displays.

Essential Differences Between P3 And P4 LED Display

Below are the differences, with a brief description in terms of:


Because P4 has a bit bigger junctions than P3, at a close distance, they could be noticeable. 

Unlike P3, with more minor points, close and gradual distancing creates more clarity on display since it’s not that obvious. Yet due to that, P3 is more expensive. 

Application Set-up

There are significant differences in the applications. Most of the P3 are used in indoor areas since they have minor dot spacing. They are suitable for such occasions as hall events, conferences, and other indoor functions. 

P4, however, is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are for performance stages, stadiums, and other open-field viewing areas. Depending on location, the two LEDs are both excellent. 

Pixel Pitch

Only 1mm of dot pitch differentiates the two pixels though such an attribute creates a substantial factor. 

For example, P3., in one Sq.m, contains 111111 pixels. And relatively way more than 48611 pixels in P4. These things are not particularly mind, but this indicates how costly they might be.

Viewing Distance

For better viewing performance, consider analyzing which are ideal for what is best on the location. Here are some of the actual estimates of two pixels.

  • At <10 meters distance, P3 has better display effects. 
  • In more than 10 meters, the viewing impacts could be more evident for two pixels. 
  • With over 30 meters of distance, P4 is the most efficient.

Different Modules 

The P4 LED screens have a more natural effect than P3. That is due to the 320mm×160mm size, which minimizes module gaps. 

Dissimilar to P3 with 192mm×192mm module.

Pixel configuration SMD2121
Module Dimension (mm) L:256  H: 128 D: 12 
Resolution  L: 64 H: 32
Density (pixels/㎡) 62,500 (real pixels)
Brightness Adjustment (grade) 100  (auto, software)
Power Consumption (max) 30 W 
Viewing Angle Vertical / Horizontal: 120°
Working Temp -20 ºC — 60 ºC
Input Signal DVI, SDI, S-video, HD-SDI
LED Lamp SMD 2525
Module Dimension 320mm x 160mm
Resolution (dots) 80 x 40
Density (pixels/㎡) 62,500 
Brightness Adjustment  5,000nits — 7,500nits
Refresh Rate (Hz) 1,920 — 3,840
Viewing Distance (meter) > 4
Power Rating Typ (W/m2) 250
Max Rating (W/m2) 750
P4 LED screens Features


Installing P4 LED displays indoors can display high-definition images and videos. Compared to LCD, P4 LED ones provide excellent hues and quality.

Improved Reliability

The P4 LED screens are designed with scanning and modular technology. And that makes them more reliable and stable.

Fine Quality

The 4mm pixel LED screen has a non-linear correction system, making the images clear and pleasing. It also provides the following;

  • Diverse effects
  • Vivid
  • Realistic
  • And smooth video display


The P4 LED video screens have full green, blue, and red cell colors. The combination of primary hues can form a thousand more. That achieves full-colored, high-frequency, and saturation pictures.


Whether indoor or outdoor P4 LED display setup, there are convenient features that fulfill ultra-brightness LED. Meaning viewers can see the images even at long distances clearly.

High-Quality Materials

The used imported brilliant materials have numerous qualities, like:

  • Noise-proof power supply
  • Nonfan full-screen structure
  • Consumes less power
  • Excellent quality IC chips

Seamless Splicing

The P4 LED screen features manage the splicing issues about the modules. Moreover, they are simple to install and have customizable shapes per request. The P4 screens are also easy to assemble and disassemble.


With proper maintenance, the P4 LED screen lasts for a long service and may extend its capacity. They are cost-effective with also the energy-saving feature. Therefore, their comprehensiveness for usage is excellent.

Less Maintenance

The LED two-way maintenance is accessible for rare and front. It enhances a convenient process, thus saving much effort.

Adjustable Voltage

Our offered P4-type LED display has adjustable voltage, depending on specific industrial applications. The brightness adjustments can save energy and power consumption.

Specific Utilize Areas

Here are the specific optimized areas and applications of P4 LED screens.

  • Digital Billboard
  • LED Mobiles
  • Commercial Streets
  • Cinema Lobby
  • Display Promotions
  • Retail Advertising
  • Cultural and Leisure Places
  • Entertainment Plazas
  • Media Centers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Railway Stations
  • Transportation Terminals
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