P3 LED Screen

The P3 LED screens are a display model having a 3mm point spacing. These full-color screens are effective for displaying videos, texts, and markets. They are designed with extended viewing angles, specifically about 140°. Moreover, P3 screens are typically available for horizontal and vertical setups.

SZLEDWORLD professionally customizes your requested cost-effective P3 LED displays. We ensure their high-resolution effects and reliable performance. Our expert team assembles the right panels with the screen sizes you need. You can send us your required specifications and trust our services. 

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Anti-Collision P3 LED Screen
Anti-Collision P3 LED Screen
  • Has fast locks
  • Customize screen dimension
  • 16-bit greyscale
P3 Large LED Display Screen
P3 Large LED Display Screen
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with corner protection
  • 100000hours life
P3 LED Matrix Display Screen
P3 LED Matrix Display Screen
  • Water-resistant
  • Perfect for indoor uses
  • ≤1200nit brightness
P3 HD Quality LED Screen
P3 HD Quality LED Screen
  • RGB colors
  • 4500cd/sqm brightness
  • 100000hours life
P3 Portable LED Screen
P3 Portable LED Screen
  • Full color
  • With aluminum cabinet
  • Customizable panel size
P3 HD Slim LED Screen
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Perfect for stage backgrounds
  • Slim cabinet structure
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Manufacturing Expertise
Manufacturing Expertise

SZLEDWORLD has extensive years of manufacturing, designing, and customization experience.

Certification Standards
Certification Standards

Our company meets multiple standards, including ISO9001 and ISO14001 with CE and RoHS-approved certifications.

Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control

Our company ensures the highest quality P3 LED screens and other products. That is achieved by doing multiple tests.

Worldwide Customers
Worldwide Customers

We professionally provide our worldwide customers. With our fast logistics, your bulky orders are safely delivered.

P2 & P3 LED Display Differences

The following points state the variation between the P2 and P3 screens.

The spacing points of P3 are larger than P2.

Unlike more significant points, the smaller junctures deliver more detailed image quality. Therefore, P2 (2mm) is better than P3 (3mm).

However, P3 is cheaper than P2. More significant points charge low rates compared to the smaller ones.

P3 has a low integrity than P2. 

P3’s 2121 beads display is lower on integrity than the 1515 beads of P2.

P2, with a smaller space, is suitable for video conferences. And P3, on the other hand, use for large areas of halls.

P3 LED Screen for Indoor
LED Type SMD2121
Module Resolution (L x H) 64 x 32 (pixel)
Size (L x H x D) 192mm x  96mm x 20mm
Cabinet Resolution (L x H) 256 x 256 (pixel)
Brightness Adjusted (grade) 100 (auto, software)
Viewing Distance  2mm to 100mm
Refresh Frequency ≥1800 Hz
Input Signal  Video  NTSC – PAL
Option DVD – VGA – S-video – TV – etc.
P3 LED Screen for Outdoor
LED Type SMD2121
Module Resolution (dots) 64 x 64
Size (mm) 192 x 192
Pixel Density (m2) 111,111 dots
Brightness Adjusted  1,200nits (max.)
Viewing Distance (meter) > 3
Refresh Rate (Hz) 1,920 – 3,840
Power Rating (Typ) 150W/m2
Max Rating 450W/m2
Salient Features

SZLEDWORLD manufactures P3 LED screens with excellent features to meet the demand results. Here are among them.

State-of-the-art Screen Solution.

The LED screens are excellent for various events. Upon request, the screen’s type and installation can be accessible. They are durable and reliable for viewing.

Real-time Content Support. 

This feature enables real-time events to capture on screen without delay. It’s best for conference events and other extensive crowd shows.

Impressive Image Quality. 

Delivering high-quality images is one of the SZLEDWORLD P3 LED screens offers. With advanced brightness and contrast, viewing the quality of pictures or videos for ads is undoubtedly eye-catching.

Flexible Installation.

Fast setup for the screens is possible with P3 LED screens. Therefore, the installation is easy. They attract attention to whatever position in a wide range of areas.

Innovative Design. 

The screen structures support various design options. They are accessible with smart angle locks and more innovative layouts. The desired viewing angles will be made sure.


SZLEDWORLD ensures excellent satisfaction upon using LED screens by providing a long-life service.

Comprehensive Range of Applications

The P3 LED displays are ideal for the best various viewing areas. They can use to deliver information or brand endorsement. In most places, the screens utilized in

Retail Advertising
  • Draws interest for incoming customers
  • The clear LED image of products brands gives appealing looks
Building Lobby 
  • LED screens show pieces of information to the guest
  • It highlights the advance and innovative image of the building
Event Halls 
  • P3 indoor screens are ideal for hall events.
  • They can deliver digital content in large formats for significant affairs.
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