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P10 LED Display

SZLEDWORLD specializes in P10 LED display manufacturing. We use the best materials to make LED screens in order to offer the best results. High refresh rate and a 16-bit grayscale ensure that image quality won’t degrade.

  • Wide working temperature
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Convenient installation

P10 LED Display Supplier

P10 led display is an effective tool for interactive display on industrial and commercial use. It enhances outdoor and indoor events, advertising, etc. Additionally, the module adds great functionality to any application.


  • Full HD LED resolution
  • Available in all sizes
  • Fully customizable

It provides a great visual experience and a longer lifespan. You can choose from our wide variety of options. Whether you need some changes in size, colors, designs, etc. SZLEDWORLD offers affordable customization.

SZLEDWORLD is your best choice for a P10 LED display. Send us your inquiries now!

P10 Led Display 320x320mm
P10 Led Display 320x320mm
  • Control system: Wireless, Synchronous
  • Brightness: 2500cd
  • Power supply: 220V
  • Size: 320x320mm
  • Media: CAD models, etc.
P10 Led Display 960x960mm
  • Function: Video, Images
  • Usage: Outdoor, indoor
  • Panel size: 960x960mm
  • Media available: CAD models/EDA models
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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD For Your P10 LED Display

SZLEDWORLD is capable of supplying premium quality and fine P10 LED displays. We are 100% confident that our product wins your taste and quality expectations.

International Quality: We always make sure that our P10 LED display is processed with strict quality control. Our product passed international quality standards. It is approved by CE, ISO, etc.

Great Robustness: SZLEDWORLD uses materials like SS and carbon steel in making P10 LED displays. Each material we use provides great robustness to ensure performance and longevity.

Creativity: Our P10 LED display comes with unique and attractive designs. It also offers a creative display that gives attractive and eye-catching visual effects.

Why Choose SZLEDWORLD For Your P10 LED Display
Display Features and Advantages

Display Features and Advantages

  • Transparent imaging with wide-angle viewing
  • High contrast ratio and resolution
  • Attractive for entertainment and advertisement
  • Strong light source
  • Lifetime robustness
  • High efficiency and heat resistance
  • Good display effect
  • Waterproof performance
  • Great flexibility in all uses
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Anti-UV light feature
  • IP65 protection
  • Shock and lightning-proof
  • Corrosion and moisture-resistant

Uses and Applications

  • Finance and taxation
  • Telecommunications
  • Commerce and stations
  • Sports and events
  • Wharves and airports
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Factories and shopping malls
  • Public trains and traffic assistance
  • Stock markets and banks
  • Mining and auction houses
P10 LED Display Uses and Applications

Resolution: 10, 000 dots

Composition: 1R1G1B

Module dimension: 320*160

Module resolution: 32*16

Cabinet dimension:960*960

Cabinet resolution: 96*96

Voltage: 110V-220V

Graphics card: DP, DVI, HDMI

Video signal: SECAM, NTSC, PAL, DVI, SDI, etc.

Refresh rate: 2000 Hz/S-3840Hz

Brightness: 255 – 4200CD/m²

Storage temp.: up to 85℃

Operating temp.: up to 50℃

Power consumption: 300W/m²-990W/m²

Protection: IP65

Wavelength: 520-525nm

Certifications: ISO, RoHS, CE, ETL

Factors to Consider in Purchasing P10 LED Module

SZLEDWORLD ensures that you will experience the best quality P10 LED display. Here are some of the important notes you need to consider:

  • Operating on LED displays needs to be extra careful. Casing and parts may be damaged from falls or tools.
  • LED is not solvent-tolerance. Avoid exposure to thinner and other solvent products.
  • It is not resistant to static electricity. The operator needs to wear the band to lower the electrification. Using chemical fiber cloths is a must.
  • Use clean and appropriate gloves.
  • Exposing the P10 LED display to direct UV rays may cause changes in colors.
  • Avoid touching the LED edges with metals or other hard materials.
  • Accurate evaluation requires avoiding the usage of a finder or sunglasses.
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