Outdoor LED Screen Manufacturer

If you are looking for a professional outdoor LED display manufacturer, SZLEDWORLD is your best supplier. We provide fixed and rental installation outdoor LED displays, stadium LED displays, curved outdoor LED displays, 3D digital LED billboards, energy-saving LED displays, outdoor transparent LED displays, etc.

  • 15 years of experience in the production of outdoor large LED displays
  • 10,000nits brightness outdoor LED display available
  • IP66 waterproof LED screens available
  • CE, RoHS, LVD, FCC certifications;
  • ISO-9001, ISO27001, ISO14001 certification


SZLEDWORLD outdoor LED display is specially designed for use in harsh installation environments. IP65 waterproof can work normally in rain, wind, snow, dust, and other environments. We also have IP66 fanless aluminum cabinets and modules that can be used in salty and humid air seaside environments.
We have high-brightness 10000nits SMD and DIP LED displays. Even when the high-brightness sun shines directly on the LED display, the content on the LED display is visible.

At SZLEDWORLD, we manufacture waterproof and high-brightness outdoor LED displays and also we can produce high-resolution, high-contrast, ultra-thin, light LED displays for you. Message us today!

Different types of outdoor LED Screens

We offer a wide range of outdoor LED displays, including permanently installed and temporarily installed outdoor LED displays, energy-saving outdoor LED screens, affordable sheet metal cabinet LED screens, die-cast aluminum or magnesium cabinet LED screens, front maintenance, and rear maintenance outdoor LED screens, as well as outdoor large screens used in stadiums, etc.

LFEV outdoor fixed featured led display
  • Cabinet size: 960x960mm
  • LED Module size: 480x320mm;
  • Pixel pitch: P4, P4.4, P5, P6.67, P8, P10
  • Energy saving  40%
LFFL outdoor fixed featured led display
  • Cabinet size 960x960mm;
  • LED module: 320x320mm
  • Pixel pitch: P4, P5, P5.33, P6.67, P8, P10
  • Front service Outdoor LED display;
RH500 P3.91 outdoor rental led display featured pic
  • Pixel pitch: P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, P4.81
  • Cabient: 500x500mm
  • LED module: 250x250mm
  • Quick removal and installation for stage rental
LFEN outdoor fixed featured led display
  • Cabinet size: 960x960mm
  • Pixel pitch: P3.3, P4, P5, P5.26, P8, P10
  • DC voltage: +2.8v and +3.8v
  • Common cathode energy-saving LED display
LFO outdoor fixed featured led display
  • Pixel pitch: P2.5 to P20 all pixel pitch;
  • Cabinet size: 960x960mm or customize;
  • LED module size: 320×160, 192×192, 256×128 and so on;
  • Sheet metal iron or aluminum cabinet, Economical model
P5 outdoor perimeter featured led dis
  • Pixel pitch: P5, P6.67, P8, P10, P16
  • Cabient size: 960x960mm or 1280x960mm
  • LED module: 320x160mm
  • With top hat, soft masks, and mid legs;
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Outdoor LED Screen by Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch is the most important factor affecting outdoor LED displays’ display effect. The smaller the pixel pitch, the clearer the video picture of the LED display. The closer the viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pitch you must choose. The smaller the pixel pitch, the price per square meter is higher.

LFEV outdoor fixed featured led display

P10 outdoor LED screen is the best-priced model, suitable for large-size and long-distance viewing.

  • Pixel pitch:10mm
  • Resolution: 10000 dots/sqm
  • Brightness: 6000nits or 10000 nits;
  • Waterproof grade: IP66
P4 outdoor featured-960mm

P4 outdoor LED display is the most popular model, with 960x960mm and 1024x768mm cabinets

  • Pixel pitch:4mm
  • Resolution: 62,500 dots/sqm
  • LED module size: 320x160mm and 256x128mm;
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
P6 outdoor fixed 960x960mm featured led display

P6 outdoor LED screen has 1/4 scan 7500nits, and 1/8 scan 6000nits for your choosing.

  • Pixel pitch:6mm
  • Resolution: 27,777 dots/sqm
  • Lamps: SMD3535 or SMD2727;
  • LED Module: 192x192mm
P5 outdoor fixed 960x960mm featured led display

The P5 outdoor LED display is cost-effective and one of the most popular models on the market.

  • Pixel pitch:5mm
  • Resolution: 40,000 dots/sqm
  • Brightness: 5800nits;
  • Weight: 25kg/cabinet
P3 outdoor fixed 960x960mm featured led display2

The P3 outdoor LED screen is one of the current high-definition display models.

  • Pixel pitch:3mm
  • Resolution: 111,111 dots/sqm
  • Brightness: 5500nits;
  • Lamp: SMD1415
P8 outdoor fixed 960x960mm featured led display

P8 outdoor LED Screen suitable for large size and long-distance viewing

  • Pixel pitch:8mm
  • Resolution: 15,625 dots/sqm
  • Brightness: 6000nits;
  • LED module size: 320x160mm or 256x128mm
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Outdoor LED Screen Features

Auto-brightness Adjustment
High Brightness

Outdoor LED screen has high brightness, and the displayed content is visible under direct sunlight.

High contrast and wide viewing angles
Wide Viewing Angle

Using SMD lamps, viewing angle range H/V 140 /140 degrees, viewing is very clear from any direction

Long Lifespan
Long Lifespan

Our LED screen has a longer life span and higher reliability. They are not easy to be affected by external factors.


Outdoor LED screens can be designed with anti-theft and other safety features. It can effectively prevent theft and vandalism.

IP65 Weather Rating

SZLEDWORLD outdoor LED screen with an IP65 rating is able to withstand outdoor elements such as rain, snow, wind, dust & other debris. In addition, the IP65 rating also ensures that the screen is resistant to corrosion & oxidation, making it durable for long-term use. This makes an IP65-rated screen a long-lasting choice for any outdoor environment.

Outdoor LED Screen

Rental or Fixed Installation

  • Rental LED Screen – Rental LED screens are accessible in a variety of sizes. They can be rented for a variety of periods of time. Provide lightweight & portable features. We can design outdoor LED screens, whether you need a short-term installation or something more permanent.
  • Fixed LED ScreenFor fixed installations, the outdoor LED screen is perfect. Used in a variety of fixed applications, including sports stadiums, concerts, festivals, & more. They are available in a range of sizes, colors, & resolutions. Thus, you can find the right LED products for your needs.

Custom Sizing LED Screen

Outdoor LED screen custom sizing can maximize the visibility of your outdoor display. This technology allows you to tailor the size of the LED screen to fit your exact needs & space.

Whether you want a large billboard-style display or a smaller one, we can help you create the perfect display for your business. Our company produces multiple cabinet sizes to satisfy your unique requirements. You can make sure your outdoor LED screen stands out from the competition.

Custom Sizing

Professional Outdoor LED Screen Supplier in China

SZLEDWORLD is a leading manufacturer of outdoor LED screens for a variety of applications. Made with the highest quality materials and components, LED display provide a long-lasting and durable device for any outdoor application.

Aside from that, our screens are equipped with a variety of advanced technologies, including HDR, full-color gamut, & automatic brightness control. These features ensure that our screens provide the highest quality image even in direct sunlight & other difficult outdoor conditions.

No worries about maintenance, LED screens require minimal upkeep. Thus, they are reliable & hassle-free for different outdoor settings.

Being a reputable supplier, we also offer full customization, a truly unique and bespoke production. With our years of experience in the LED screen industry, we can provide the perfect solution for your outdoor LED display needs.

Business Sector Who Need Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED Screen
Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are looking to increase foot traffic and create a dynamic atmosphere to attract both new and returning customers. Outdoor LED screens are an effective tool for displaying promotional content, such as sales and discounts, to entice customers & draw them in. LED screens can also be used to entertain customers with videos, animations, & other visuals. It can help to create a more engaging shopping experience. Using LED screens, you can communicate your events and activities taking place within the mall, such as concerts or special sales.

Advertising Agency
Advertising Agency

An outdoor LED screen is a valuable tool for advertising agencies to reach potential customers. It can show high-quality visuals with vivid colors to grab the attention of passersby. LED screens are effective in reaching out to a wider demographic, as they can be seen from a distance. They can also be used to advertise current promotions & events, which helps to stay top of mind with customers.


The transportation sector needs an outdoor LED screen for a variety of reasons. It can be used to display real-time information about traffic, construction & other updates to drivers & passengers. It can also be utilized to provide emergency notifications, advertise local businesses, & advertise special offers. Additionally, LED screens can be effective entertaining passengers, providing music videos, games, & other forms of entertainment.

Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Industry

Hospitals can benefit from having an outdoor LED screen. LED technology can be used to provide important information to patients & visitors. This information can include hospital updates, announcements, & general information about the hospital and its services. The LED screen can also be used to advertise hospital events and services, as well as promote health-related campaigns. By having an LED screen, hospitals can ensure that their patients and visitors are always up-to-date & informed about the hospital.

Pixel Pitch P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16, etc.
Brightness Up to 6500
Viewing Angle 140°/120°(H/V)
Refresh Rate > 1920Hz
Contrast Ratio > 5000:1
Color Depth > 16bit
Gray Scale > 8bit
Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C
Storage Temperature -30°C~+60°C
IP Rating IP65 (front side)
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