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How ZLEDWORLD Manufactures LED Display

Manufacturing both standard and customized LED displays takes a longer time. Customized LED displays are manufactured through a state-of-the-art engineering process. Thus, developing a satisfying and complete LED display solution. We have listed detailed steps on our usual LED display manufacturing process from the beginning until the end of production.

Starting the Manufacturing Process

We will start our LED screen manufacturing process after receiving your confirmation of the down payment invoice.

LED Screen Concept Study

Our professional engineering team will meticulously study the concept and technical requirements of your LED display.

Structural Designing

We will design the structure of your LED screen such as the frame from scratch. Thus, we can make them according to your specific requirements.

Structural Component Assembly

Each LED screen structure and component is seamlessly assembled. We make sure that there is no visible separation and each pattern is aligned perfectly.

Electronic Parts and Components
Electronic Parts and Components

We program all the electronic components of LED display. This process is the most important and complex part of LED screen production.

Electronic Component Assembly

SZLEDWORLD manufactures assembled LED display circuits to ensure high-quality panels. These panels are guaranteed functional.


After all the electronic components are assembled, we adjust and tune the LED panels with accurate chromatic level and light. Thus, assuring even color and sharpness.

General Assembly

In this stage, we assemble all the structures such as frames, electronics components, and more into one complete LED screen.


We perform assembly testing after the whole LED screen is assembled. Testing is important process to ensure the LED screen will run smoothly.

Testing Image Display

We run test videos in the LED display during this process. Therefore, analyzing the chromatic and image quality levels.


After ensuring that the LED screen functions correctly, we package them in high-resistance packaging for maximum protection during shipment

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Our Delivery Time

For In-Stock LED Display Orders

At SZLEDWORLD, we maintain a LED display stock in our inventory. If you want to purchase from our in-stock LED displays, we can deliver them in the shortest time possible. Below is the order and delivery process for the in-stock LED display.

  1. Order Confirmation

We need order confirmation for every in-stock LED screen orders due to low availability.

  1. Preparation

Our team will prepare the in-stock LED displays in our warehouses.

  1. Delivery

We will deliver your in-stock LED screen orders in a few days.

LED Screen Standard Delivery


Your LED screen orders are placed into a queue. They are processed in a strict order based on formalization criteria. Our professional team will supervise your orders until the minimum requirements to start production are met. Rest assured that SZLEDWORLD has a systematic approach to manufacturing your orders.


Our LED display products with the same characteristics are produced in batches. The LED display manufacturing process adheres to different European standards. Thus, you can ensure that we manufacture LED screens with a commitment to quality and compliance with different regulations.


After manufacturing and testing each LED display, we transfer them to our logistic warehouses. We manage and take care of the delivery process from our warehouse.

Priority Delivery Time

At SZLEDWORLD, we offer some of our LED displays with priority order. Thus, reducing your order’s delivery time. However, this offer is only applicable to selected LED screen products. Priority delivery also incurs additional shipping charges.

  • Orders in the Queue: Priority LED screen orders will go first in the manufacturing queue. Thus, starting the manufacturing process faster than a regular order.
  • Production: We manufacture priority LED display orders individually. They are more prioritized over the standard LED screen orders. However, both priority and standard LED screen manufacturing process adheres to the same quality standards.
  • Shipment: After the production process and quality inspection, we transfer the LED screen to our warehouse where we process the shipment.
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