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LED window display is used to show advertising, announcements, & other visuals on the outside of a building. It consists of a series of LED panels mounted in a frame. The LEDs are connected to a computer to control the content. The LED display can show high-resolution videos, text messages, animations, & images.  Many business owners install it in the storefront for more customer engagement.

SZLEDWORLD is a reliable LED window display manufacturer in China. We specialize in unique R&D, designing, and producing all types of LED displays. Whether you need a transparent LED display, a giant LED screen, or a custom-size window display, you can find the right LED solution here. Please get in touch today!

Custom LED Window Display
Custom LED Window Display

We can manufacture custom LED window displays according to your specifications guaranteeing more engaging communication.

Indoor LED Window Display
Indoor LED Window Display

Ultra-bright LED lighting provides a vibrant, eye-catching display that can be seen from a distance. The sleek, contemporary design allows you to customize it to fit your needs.

LED Posters

Provide colorful background that will draw attention from passersby. The poster is easy to mount. It is powered by a USB plug, so you can set it up quickly & easily.

Outdoor LED Window Display

Features a high-resolution LED display panel with a wide viewing angle. It has an outdoor-rated design, is waterproof & dustproof. Ideal for use in all climates.

Synchronized LED Window Display
Synchronized LED Window Display

The screens are often arranged in a grid, with the content being synchronized across all of the screens. Allows for a single content to be displayed across the entire window surface.

Transparent LED Display
Transparent LED Display

Unique display allows the user to see through the display, while still providing vibrant, colorful visuals. The visuals can be seen from both sides, inside & outside.

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Allows for easy operation. It also provides clear content even in daylight.



LED Window Displays use less energy compared to traditional screens.


Good Uniformity, Seamless Splicing
Seamless Splicing

Edges between individual displays are perfectly aligned and completely seamless.

Intelligent Management
Intelligent Management

LED Display can be programmed to display a variety of content. Often equipped with sensors to detect and respond to external inputs.

High-End LED Window Display for Stores

LED displays are the most popular choice for store window installations. They have the ability to produce the highest quality image, the widest range of colors, & the greatest brightness. They also provide a longer lifespan than other display types & require less power to operate.

Additionally, LED displays from SZLEDWOLRD are more durable, making them ideal for outdoor use. They can create a variety of effects including animation, color changing, and motion graphics. That’s why they are perfect for any business advertisement.


LED Window Display Key Features

  • High-brightness LED display for outdoor/indoor use.
  • Enhanced visibility with a wide viewing angle.
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation with user friendly software.
  • Programmable with multiple modes & text/graphics display.
  • Compatible with various input signal sources.
  • Waterproof & dustproof design.
  • Real-time monitoring & remote control capabilities.

Extensive Applications

  • Business Signs – Display business logos, store hours, & special offers on a LED window display to draw in customers.
  • Countdown Clocks – Let customers know how much time is left until a sale or event with a countdown clock displayed on a LED window display.
  • Weather Alerts – Show weather warnings & advisories on a LED window display so customers can plan accordingly.
  • Restaurant Menus – Show off the daily specials or a full menu on a LED window display to entice customers.
  • Public Transit – Display bus & train schedules, delays, and other important information on a LED window display.

Reliable Provider of LED Window Display

At SZLEDWORLD, we offer LED window displays designed to be eye-catching & captivating. Made with the latest LED technology, this display allows for vibrant colors & sharp images to be displayed. Aside from that, these screens are energy efficient, helping to reduce electricity costs & the carbon footprint of the display.

All LED window displays we provide are certified to different quality certifications such as CE, UL, ISO, RoHS, and more. Guarantees safe, long-lasting, and functional.

Here at SZLEDWORLD, you can create an engaging & high-end display that will draw in customers & generate more business. Please message us for more information now!

Custom LED Window Display at SZLEDWORLD

As a leading manufacturer, we can custom LED display according to your requests.  You can provide the desired LED size, shape, resolution, & display parameters. We can create a new LED design concept with your requirements.

The design will be prototyped & tested before the production phase begins. The production phase of custom LED displays for window displays typically includes mounting the LEDs & wiring them into a control system, programming the display, & testing the system for performance.

Once the display is complete, our team will assemble it into a frame. No matter what quantity, you can trust our capability. Message us today!

Factors to Consider in Choosing LED Display
  • Size of the store – Consider the size of the window & the visibility of the display from the street.
  • Brightness – Ensure the LED display is visible during the day & night.
  • Resolution – Make sure the LED screen is clear & easy to read.
  • Maintenance – Consider the maintenance & repair needs of the display to ensure it can be easily maintained and repaired.
  • Viewing Angle – Think about the viewing angle of the display to ensure it is visible to passersby.
  • Environmental Considerations – Consider the environmental impact of the display to guarantee it doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment.
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