What is LED Wall Art – A Complete Guide

LED wall art is a general term referring to decorative pieces or artwork that incorporate light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in their design. LEDs enhance the visual appeal of the artwork whilst providing illumination and lighting effects.

LED Wall Art

Types of LED Wall Art

It can take many forms with unique features and aesthetics. They can vary from traditional art pieces embedded with LED lighting to modern pieces with interactive installations.

Some common types of LED display for wall art include:

LED Canvas Art

Features artwork on canvas either through printing or painting with integrated LED lights. The LEDs can be placed behind the canvas to highlight specific elements of the artwork or illuminate the entire piece. The artwork can be made dynamic like having the LEDs effect a color change or unique transitions.

LED Canvas Art
LED Canvas Art

LED canvas art can come in various designs and sizes allowing customization to your space and taste. You can use for LED canvas art are using LED lights to depict a city skyline or landmark like bridge. It is also possible to illuminate characters or letters with LEDs to form words or quotes.

LED Wall Art Outdoor

Using LED wall art in the outdoors can greatly improve the ambiance and look of your outdoor space. You can hang such display on your patio wall, exterior wall, or brick fencing. Such use can also function well as exterior lighting.

LED Outdoor Wall Art

When using it outdoors, it should be capable of withstanding elements like sustained ultraviolet exposure, rain, and snow. Additionally, selecting a convenient way of powering the LED art with solar power and battery designs more ideal.

LED Light Panels

These are flat and thin panels embedded with LEDs that you can use to create illuminated patterns on the wall. They are commonly available in modular designs making them ideal for customization projects and architectural integration.

LED Light Panel
LED Light Panel

LED light panels utilize light-emitting diodes to offer uniform lighting across the panel. They are available in different colors, consume low power, and are bright. LED light panels can be used on the walls of offices, residences, and commercial spaces.

Large Wall Art with LED Lights

Where you have enough wall space, you can affix large artwork and use LED lights to emphasize its features. Some factors to consider when installing large wall art with LED lights include power source, color, and design.

Large Wall Art with LED Lights
Large Wall Art with LED Lights

Using LED lights on your large wall art installation can help you achieve an enticing display with impressive patterns and color transitions. Large wall art commonly feature abstract art, natural features like mountains and oceans, buildings, and objects like cars.

Battery-operated LED Wall Art

Using batteries for your LED wall art helps circumnavigate the need to carry out electrical work which can be costly. Additionally, you can easily position the artwork wherever you want and move it without any difficulty.

Battery Operated LED Battery Wall Art

Installing battery-operated LED art is straightforward with only a mounting needed to hand the display. Furthermore, since LEDs consume little energy, such displays are sure to work for an extended period without recharge or replacement.

3D LED Wall Art

This variant of LED wall art combines three-dimensional sculptural elements with integrated LED lighting. Having three-dimensional art adds depth while the LEDs enhance lighting effects resulting in a visually stunning presentation.

3D LED Wall pic
3D LED Wall pic

When using 3D LED wall art, you can add effects such as fading patterns with color transitions and even animations. Some of the themes used for 3D LED wall art include nature-inspired art, portraits and sculptures, and even plain characters.

LED Wall Murals

These LED wall art variants integrate LED lighting with traditional wall murals to enhance their visual appeal. After painting or printing murals on a wall surface, LEDs are strategically placed to provide illumination.

LED Wall Murals
LED Wall Murals

You can utilize LEDs with varying properties to induce a desired lighting effect. Additionally, it is possible to make your murals interactive by introducing motion or touch sensors. This offers a more immersive experience.

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There are many features that define an LED wall art. Some features might be standard to all LED wall displays and some specific depending on the type and design. Some of these features include:

  • Design Flexibility: There are several design styles used with LED wall art making them highly flexible in that regard. When setting up an LED wall, you can paint or print the artwork, and even sculpt it from different materials.
  • Dynamic Effects: Other than just lighting up, several LED wall art pieces will involve some dynamic light effects that liven the room. Common effects include changing and/or fading colors in gradual transitions, the use of animations, and pulsating patterns.
  • Energy Efficiency: Light-emitting diodes consume considerably less power than conventional light sources. As such, using LED wall art is not an energy-intensive project that strains natural resources.
  • Functional: While LED wall art brings about aesthetic inference, it can also serve as a room’s lighting source. As a result, you reduce the use of extra light fixtures.
  • Interactive Capabilities: You will find other LED wall arts capable of responding to external input through touch, motion, or voice commands. Having an interactive wall feature enhances the user experience.
  • LED Lighting: All LED wall art incorporates light-emitting diodes to provide a lighting effect. Light-emitting diodes are used for their energy efficiency and durability.
  • Maintenance: The durability of LED wall art means they can function as expected for an extended period without intensive care. This makes them a low-cost lighting alternative for decorative elements/functions.
  • Programmable: When utilizing an interactive LED wall art with digital capability, the functionality can be programmed. Programming controls aspects like animations and light sequencing.

Factors to Consider when Choosing LED Wall Art

When selecting LED wall art, there are several factors you consider to ensure it meets your needs. Some of these factors are captured below:

  • Size: The LED wall art should comfortably fit your available wall space without seeming out of place or over-exaggerated. Consider the length, breadth, and height of your wall when selecting your LED wall.
  • Color Scheme: There are many color options when selecting LED wall art. It is essential to match the color to the room’s for a harmonious result. Otherwise, a clash of colors will disrupt the ambiance rather than bring a warm effect.
  • Interactivity: Not all LED wall art is interactive and should thus be necessary to consider whether that functionality is one you require. Interactive LED wall art can respond to touch, motion, and even sound.
  • Power Source: LED wall art can either be battery-powered or connected to the mains through an outlet. The choice of what power source to utilize will depend on your installation plan. Battery-powered LED wall art can however function even when mainline power is disrupted.
  • Lighting Effects: While some lighting effects are dynamic others are static allowing you to decide whatever effect that suits you. Some effects are too flashy and can pose problems for persons with photosensitive epilepsy and should be avoided.
  • Price: Different varieties of LED wall art go for different prices with variants like interactive fetching higher prices. Other factors that affect price are size and design.
  • Room Lighting: Since LED wall art contributes to the overall room lighting, it is essential to consider its effect. The LED wall art you select should complement your lighting and not overpower it or entirely kill it.

LED Wall Art Ideas

There are many ways to set up your LED wall art to meet your desired effect. Some of the inspirations for it are highlighted below:

  • Designs based on Nature: LED wall art can be based on natural features and elements like forests/trees, sunsets/sunrises, oceans, mountains, etc. Adding light effects can bring to life such features creating an inviting atmosphere.
  • Digital Art Displays: Creating digital displays of art using LEDs allows you to present different arts such as animations and interactive displays. A core factor behind this is the ability to program the LED wall art to effect the changes.
  • Neon Sign Replicas: The popularity of neon signs and their classic look make them a fond memory for many. You can convert your LED wall art to imitate this vintage look by utilizing flexible LED strips.
  • Patterns: You can fashion your LED wall art on a series of unique patterns to present a minimalist but modern look. Available patterns for use include geometrical shapes, silhouettes of skylines, quotes, or words.
  • Portraits and Photos: Rather than using good old picture frames, you can convert your family photos or portraits into LED wall art. The LEDs can highlight specific elements in the image like the eyes and silhouette.

Why Use LED Wall Art

When you implement LED wall art in your space, be it at home or in the office, it presents several benefits. Some of these advantages are discussed below:

  • LED wall art delivers a striking element to your space making it eye-catching. Such a display enhances a room’s overall aesthetics.
  • The fact you can implement elements like color transitions and animations makes use of LED wall art profoundly exciting. This way, you can literally dictate the mood of a room to your state.
  • It is possible to present LED wall art such that you can initiate the desired response by voice command, touch, or motion. Such an interactive experience is exciting and engages viewers or users.
  • Since light-emitting diodes consume low power, using LED wall art is not energy intensive making it actually eco-friendly.
  • There are various style options you can go with when installing LED wall art. Having a wide range of options allows you to settle on a display that matches your style.
  • LED wall art is functionally multifaceted as you can utilize it for lighting as well as decorative value. As a result, you can use it for both purposes in some spaces cutting on lighting costs.
  • The low cost power use and durability of LED wall art allow for its extended service life without extreme maintenance and repair. Such work can be limited to small tasks like cleaning.


LED wall art can find its place on the walls of many settings from exquisite commercial spaces to modest homes. As a timeless piece, its use in interior decoration is yet to be outdated in the following areas:

  • Hotels: While traditional artwork was previously preferred in hotel lobbies, LED wall art has made their presence irresistible giving the guest a lasting impression.
  • Home Decor: When used in living rooms, LED wall art can serve as the room’s focal point setting the atmosphere for guests’ reception. You can also have it in hallways and bedrooms the latter customized for a calming ambience.
  • Eateries and Lounges: Having LED wall art on restaurants can be inviting to guests offering a unique experience. Such displays can also be used in pubs with dynamic lighting to create a driving atmosphere.
  • Public Spaces: Commonly frequented spaces like museums and theaters can install LED wall art displays to accentuate the traditional setup. For theater, it can act as a backdrop for stage performances.
  • Offices: LED wall art is a common feature in the reception area of offices like corporate headquarters and other common areas. Such a display creates a welcoming atmosphere as well as augmenting the aesthetic feel.
  • Retail Spaces: Shopping malls, clothes stores, and showrooms utilize LED wall art to foster a visually scintillating atmosphere that encourages shoppers.


There are several factors that influence the price of LED display for wall art like size, design, and installation complexity. When LED wall art pieces are batch-produced in a factory, they cost much less than when customized on-site.

Batch-produced pieces will usually cost no more than a thousand dollars with larger pieces costing the highest. Nonetheless, customized jobs can range in the thousands of dollars depending on the size and materials used.


As you can see LED displays for wall art offer unlimited benefits in the modern industry. If you are looking for high-quality LED wall art for your indoor or outdoor spaces, contact us now.

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