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LED standee display is an innovative type of display standee. It is one of the most effective advertising tools to boost your products or brands. It can also use as an interactive kiosk that provides information for different purposes.

SZLEDWORLD is a leading manufacturer of free-standing LED standee displays in China. Our LED standee comes with an HD smart display with excellent quality audio. For any standees display and customized solutions, SZLEDWORLD can be your great option.

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LED Standee Display with Different Pixel Pitches

P2 LED Standee Display
P2 LED Standee Display
  • Pixel Pitch: 2mm
  • Application: any indoor areas
  • Life Span: up to 100,000hrs
  • Certification: ISO, RoHS, CE, FC
P2.5 LED Standee Display
P2.5 LED Standee Display
  • Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
  • Life Span: 100,000hrs
  • Application: Indoor
  • Brightness: up to 1200cd
P3 LED standee Display
P3 LED standee Display
  • Pixel Pitch: 3mm
  • Screen Dimension: Customizable
  • Life Span: 100,000hrs
  • Certification: CE, FC, ISO, RoHS
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LED Standee Display for Different Purposes


LED Standee Display Specification

  • Shape: Rectangular, Square
  • Body Material: MS, Aluminum, Acrylic
  • Voltage: 220, 230, 240 V AC
  • Dimension (viewing angle): 2.1ft x 6.3ft, 1.9ft x 6.3ft Custom
  • Display Color: Full Color
  • Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Definition: HD
  • Pixel Density:P2, 250,000dots/sqm, P3, 111,111dots/sqm
LED Standee Display Specification
Variety of Features

Variety of Features

  • Easy to Operate
  • Support Various Media
  • Multiple Port
  • Key & Lock Safety (Anti-vandal)
  • Backlit Logo
  • Built-in Signage
  • Sturdy Structure
  • Slim & Sleek Design
  • Scratch Proof Protection

Extensive Application

Digital LED standee display is commonly used for advertising, that’s why it is an out-of-home type of display. It is extensively used in lobbies of:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Auditoriums
  • Restaurants
  • Building Lobbies
  • Schools
  • Retail Store
  • Etc.
Extensive Application

P2.5 & P3 LED Indoor Standee Display

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What is LED Digital Standee?

Also known as Digital floor-standing signage. It usually installs on a passageway in airports and other intended areas. With these digital displays, you can easily present your advertisement or branding. In some instances, LED standee displays are also used for a wide variety of information dissemination. The display of this LED standee is powered by a chip or a media player.

LED Standee Display Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • U-disk
  • 4G
Digital LED Standee Display Software Integration

Using digital LED standee allows you to integrate some of the content through software.

  1. Images
  2. Videos
  3. Slideshows
  4. Background
  5. Text
  6. Label
  7. Ticket
  8. News
  9. Twitter
  10. Instagram
  11. Facebook
  12. YouTube
  13. Website
  14. Pools
  15. Clock
  16. Etc.
Main Benefits of LED Standee Display (Digital)

Business Cost Reduction

Using LED standee displays allows you to eliminate service agents which led to reducing your cost. As customer service is a hassle job, an LED standee display will probably help your employee to focus on other business jobs. In summary, a choice to have a self-service LED standee display can ideally do the job of a customer’s service agent.

Enhance Business Efficiency

With the help of a LED standee display, hiring an agent as a service provider is not required. A LED standee display can provide the necessary information, facilitate basic transactions, and answer some basic questions – it helps you to improve the efficiency of your business while saving costs.

Satisfaction for Employees

Being a service agent that faces different individuals but provides the same answers over and over again provides an unenjoyable feeling. As screen LED standee claimed this job and performs it effortlessly, it improves your employees’ satisfaction.

Improved Sales

The most effective function and the main purpose of LED standee displays are to boost any business sales. It is a very potent promotion tool that has the ability in influencing customers to avail of your products or services. You can advertise your special promo, packages, and offers through LED standee displays that would improve/boost your sales.

Fast ROI

As we discuss above some of the beneficial factors of using digital LED standee displays, no doubt that the choice of having this type of tool will surely return your investment quickly. There are two main impacts of digital LED standee,

  • Reduces your operating cost
  • Provides larger income

Updated Information

With the high technology built from digital LED standee, you can update anytime the displayed information at your location. The various connectivity support of LED standee will also help you update your sales offer, new offer, status, and other important information.

Small Maintenance

While enjoying some benefits of using the LED standee display, it also asks only minor maintenance. Additional hardware is not necessary for maintaining an LED standee display. It also offers a long operating cycle of up to 100,000 hours.

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