LED Scrolling Display

LED Scrolling Display

LED Scrolling Display

LED scrolling displays are an efficient solution for delivering information. They are flexible displays that make connections to the viewers quickly. Due to their scrolling features, these LED changes the messages or images as desired. 

Moreover, beside presenting letters, the system clearly shows various colors, graphics, fonts, and logos. 

  • Come with a rigid aluminum case
  • Have a switchable layout mode
  • Power-saving Solution
  • Fully programmable

We provide solutions whether you want them for indoor or outdoor areas. Contact us now!

Scrolling Display By Pixel Pitch

P10 LED Display

P10 LED scrolling displays come with about 10,000 dots/m2 pixel density. They are applicable for indoor, semi-outdoor, and outdoor areas. 

P8 LED Display

Scrolling P8 LED displays have about 100000 hours of life service. That makes them suitable for retail stores, and shopping mall uses.

P6 LED Display

The scrolling P6 LED screens are perfect for advertising your product or business. With about 5000nits of brightness, it catches potential customers.

P5 LED Display

P5 LED displays efficiently scroll the schedule changes or urgent information. Various industries, like transportation, prefer to use them.

P4 LED Display

The P4 scrolling-type LED displays deliver high-quality images or rolling content. They are easy to control using USB, cell phones, or wifi.

P20 LED Display
P20 LED Display

The scrolling P20 LED displays are designed with high brightness yet save power consumption. These screens are perfect for the exhibition hall, etc.

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SZLEDWORLD Capabilities

SZLEDWORLD manufactures a series of LED displays for various applications, especially transportation. In such purpose, we proudly recommend our state-of-the-art and long-lasting LED scrolling displays. Whether for vehicle information display or product advertisements, we got you covered!

Our professional manufacturing team can customize suitable dimensions, lighting hues, content letters, and other necessary features. We can provide recommendations that suit your budget yet in good quality LED displays


Why Choose SZLEDWORLD LED Scrolling Display

Advantage 2
Advantage 1

The following tells the advantageous qualities of our offered LED scrolling screen.

Manages the Texts

The LED scrolling screens have a remote access feature, updating the latest messages to display. In just a few clicks, you can control various texts and contents. 

It is the perfect LED display, mainly when schedule changes or delays occur. By uploading the needed messages into the software, it automatically shows up.

Stunning Looks

Whenever the LED scrolling screens are installed, they always look stunning. The scrolling-type of displays are designed with luminous and excellent-quality features. 

Effectively Advertise

Aside from displaying announcements, the scrolling display is also ideal for advertising your brand. It effectively flashes the contents that may attract potential customers. Additionally, the show has multiple color lights to fit specific messages. 

Compared to conventional boards, LED ones can deliver more information neatly. Therefore, scrolling displays are preferred for formal advertising revenues. 


Since the LED scrolling screens save electricity, they are more economical than other types. Plus, the LED ones specialize in forming light without heating. 

Dimension 4*1 ft, 4*2 ft, 4*6 ft,  customizable
Installation Type Mounted, hanging, standing, custom
Display Shape Rectangular, round. Square, custom
Voltage Rate 220-240 V AC, custom
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS485, and RS232
Lighting Color Red, green, blue, or custom
Refresh Rate 5mS
Frequency 50Hz
How Their Dot Matrix Work

The scrolling messages from LED displays are connected to the anodes, microcontroller, and columns. They are attached to the shift register. 

Since each column has N LEDs, the entire current movement equals a single LED power sum. And the total current flow has reached about 20mA. That means a single LED comes with n*2mA. 

On the other hand, the microcontroller has control signals in terms of data and time. The register signals benefit from such features. Moreover, the microcontroller also gives data sequences to the pin. Then the primary LED column matrix is attached to the base. However, the other matrix columns remain not attached. 

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