The Ultimate Guide to LED Screen Prices

Price is the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing any product or an LED Screen. Knowing LED display prices is also important because it helps you manage your budget and assess quality, durability, and compatibility.

Apart from this, you can also determine whether it possesses value for money. In this article you will get insights on everything about LED Screen Prices. Keep reading to get highlights on each element.

Things That Influences The LED Screen Price

Several factors influence the cost of your LED Screens. Some key factors that need your attention are:

1. Screen Size

Screen size has a direct relation to LED Screen Prices. The size of the screen refers to the diagonal length (distance between opposite corners).

Screen Sizes
Screen Sizes

The bigger the size, the more material and components it uses. The bigger size requires more costly components to withstand the continuous operation demands.

2. Resolution

You can define resolution as the density of pixels on the screen in the horizontal and vertical directions. Please note that it is not similar to the screen size. For example, if an LED Screen comprises of resolution of 1920p by 1080p. Then it means the screen features 1920 pixels horizontally while 1080 pixels vertically. The choice of higher resolution in LED Screens depicts higher-end prices.

3. Technology

Multiple LED Screen technologies exist. The key ones include OLED, Edge LED, Direct LED, and Full LED. Each of these has a different cost associated depending on the visibility they offer.

4. Pixel Pitch

The unit used to measure the pixel pitch is in mm.

Higher pitch means greater distance between pixels and lower picture quality and vice versa. This means more clarity and greater resolution. Consequently, it will affect the LED display screen price.

Lower pixel pitch contributes to the high price of the LED screen because of greater production and material costs.

Pixel Pitch
Pixel Pitch

5. Brightness Levels

Brightness levels refer to the luminous intensity per m2 of the screen. It varies from 100 up to 5000+. The unit used to express the luminous intensity is cd/m2. A high brightness level means higher visibility, even from a distance. Higher brightness means paying more for your LED Screen and vice versa.

Brightness Levels
Brightness Levels

6. Customization

Customization means you can change the features of a particular LED Screen as per your wish or requirement.

The following features you can customize include:

  • LED Shape/Size: You can order a curve shape, rectangular shape, diamond shape, etc.
  • Pixel pitch: An option exist to order higher pixel pitch or lower pixel pitch
  • Aspect Ratio: Higher aspect ratio or lower aspect ratio
  • Control Options: Remote control, wireless control, multi-device integration, etc.
  • Installation Types: Weatherproofing, structural support, etc.

The custom features enhance material utilization, as well as overall production costs. This directly impacts the cost of the LED Screen.

7. Quantity

For example, if you buy 1 screen, you need to pay the retail fee, but if you increase the quantity from 1 to 10 or 100, the price per unit decreases substantially.

8. Market Competition and Demand

Last factor but not least, which possesses a greater impact on the overall LED Screen Price, is demand and competition. When the need for the product rises, the price increases. Besides, you must pay more if you choose a qualitative product from a top-tier brand. For example, the cost per unit of TCL/ Samsung LED screens is higher than that of Changhong Ruba.

LED Screen Prices Based on Sizes

Here is the average price range for different qualitative LED Screen sizes.

Sr. No. Product Size Price (USD)
1 LED Screen 24 <100
2 LED Screen 32 104 – 150
3 LED Screen 40 310 – 330
4 LED Screen 43 330 – 510
5 LED Screen 50 510 – 540
6 LED Screen 55 540 – 760
7 LED Screen 60 760 – 840
8 LED Screen 65 840 – 1000+
9 LED Screen 70 1000+
10 LED Screen 75 2000 – 2250
11 LED Screen 80 2250 – 2500
12 LED Screen 85 2500


LED Screen Prices Based on Technology

The prices of LED Screen depending on the technology they use, are as follows:


The main role of OLED technology is to provide vibrant colors, higher contrast, and deep blacks. With this technology, you can enjoy maximum control over individual pixels and get max brightness. The cost of this technology is higher. You can expect a $100 to $500 difference between OLED Screens and Edge LED Screens. For example, if the price of edge LED is $250 for 40 inches, then the cost of OLED will be $350 or more.

Edge LED

Edge LED technology involves multiple LEDs within screen edges. The edges reflect the light at the LED center. The edge LED screens cost, around $100 to $500, from OLEDs.

Direct LED/Full LED

Direct LED screens use LEDs on the backside of the entire screen surface. This is different from OLED as each LED dims or lights up individually. It allows you to experience a better viewing experience. It costs around $100 up to $500 from the OLEDs. For example, if an OLED is $300 for 40 inches, a Direct or Full LED will cost $400 or more.

LED Screen Prices Based on Resolution

The resolution does have an impact on the prices of LED Screens; know what impact this feature possesses in the following section:

Full HD

Full HD means the overall pixel horizontally and vertically is 1920 by 1080. The price of this LED for 40 inches is around 280 USD.


In 2K resolution, the number of pixels horizontally to vertically includes 2560 by 1440p. This LED screen costs around 300+ USD for 40 inches size.


4K resolution contains the number of pixels horizontally and vertically around 3840 by 2160. The total price of this LED screen is around 325 or 350+ for the size of 40 inches.


The 8K resolution of the LED Screen features a higher pixel density horizontally and vertically, around 7680 by 4320. This screen in a size of 40 inches could be about $400 to $500 or more.

LED Screen Prices Based on Brightness

LED screen prices vary depending on the brightness you need. The LED screen prices for various brightnesses are as follows:

Sr. No. Product Brightness Level Low Range Mid Range High Range
1 LED Screen 100 nits $150 – $250 $250 – $400 $400+
2 LED Screen 500 nits $200 – $350 $350 – $600 $600+
3 LED Screen 1000 nits $300 – $500 $500 – $800 $800+
4 LED Screen 5000 units or more $1000 – $1100 $1100 – $1200 $1200+


LED Screen Prices Based on Quantity

The quantity you are going to order greatly affects the price per unit. For example, if you are going to call:

  • 10 pieces of 40-inch LED Screens, you need to pay $350 per unit
  • 50 pieces of 40-inch LED Screens, you need to pay $325 per unit
  • 100 pieces of 40-inch LED Screens, you need to pay $300 per unit
  • 500 pieces of 40-inch LED Screens, you need to pay $200 per unit

Therefore ordering in bulk can save you a lot.

LED Screen Prices Based on Screen Type

Consider the costs of the following LED Screen types:


Indoor screens are those LED screens that you usually use indoors. These LED Screens don’t need extra features like weather protection or higher brightness.

This is what induces low costs for LED Screens. For example, an indoor 32-inch LED has a price of $150 because it features lower brightness levels in comparison to outdoor LEDs.


The LED screens which you want to use outdoors are costly. They are feature loaded, which means they can resist heavy winds, sunlight, and water. The built-in cooling system maintains the screen temperature and prevents it from overheating.

While waterproof structures prevent internal components, the higher brightness ranging from 800 to 5000 nits, maintains full sunlight visibility. These reasons contribute to higher prices of outdoor LED Screens. For example, for the 40-inch LED screen, you need to pay $300 to $500.


This article has highlighted the factors that impact the LED Screen price. Monitor these factors and your needs and budget to make a sound decision. This will help you with your needs in the long run. Share your thoughts if you like the information mentioned in this article.

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