Church LED Screen Manufacturer

Church LED Screen Manufacturer

SZLEDWORLD manufactures LED screens that allow people to have a memorable worship experience.

SZLEDWORLD - LED Screen for Church

Church LED screens are the best way of engaging with the congregation. They are used for:

  • lead worship
  • displaying song lyrics
  • announcements
  • displaying news
  • communicating sermon topics

These screens are also designed to engage prospective members and reach new followers.

SZLEDWORLD offers high-quality church LED screens at reasonable prices. Our church LED screens have a high refresh rate, high brightness, wide viewing angles, and other exceptional features. Whether you need church LED screens for permanent installation or rental use, we can provide them for you.

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P4 church LED screens have ultra-wide viewing angles and excellent visual effects.


P3 LED screens are widely used in Sunday schools, church activities, and other church events.


The P2 church LED screens have a high refresh rate, long life span, and bright display.

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Installation Methods

There are many ways of installing church LED screens such as:

Wall Mounting – The church LED screens can be drilled and wall-mounted. This installation method is ideal if you want easy maintenance characteristics and aesthetically pleasing appeal.

Flown Method – This method is done by rigging the LED screen to a good support system from above such as:

  • crane
  • ceiling grids
  • overhead truss systems and other structures

The support must be able to hold the overall weight of the LED screen.

Ground Support – This installation method includes a ladder truss, connection bars, and a base unit to form a robust system for supporting the LED screen.

Installation Methods

Your Professional Church LED Screen Supplier – SZLEDWORLD

SZLEDWORLD manufactures church LED displays from high-quality and reliable raw materials, from their cabinet to their diodes. We also strictly implement quality control during the whole manufacturing process to ensure the screens have reliable performance and excellent quality.

To suit your project needs, we accept custom sizes, designs, resolutions, and other specifications of the church LED screens. Just send us your specifications or drawing.

Our high-quality church LED screens are also partnered with excellent services. We offer excellent technical support, after-sales service, warranty, and more.

How Long Do Church LED Screens Last?

When maintained properly, they can usually last for up to twelve years.

What are the Factors That Affect the Cost of Church LED Screens?

The pricing of church LED screens is determined by several factors such as:

  • installation method
  • pixel pitch
  • size

Benefits of Church LED Screen


At SZLEDWORLD, we offer church LED screens with a brightness of 1,000 nits or more. These screens can be a light source in churches due to their brightness. However, the brightness is customizable based on your needs.


The church LED screens can show different types of data such as:

  • Videos
  • Audio
  • IMAG videos
  • Images


Using church LED screens will add life to your sermon or message. They can enhance worship ceremonies effectively. Compared to traditionally spoken sermons, these screens are more effective. They have a vibrant and high-quality display that attracts the congregation.

Modular Design

The church LED screens have a modular design. Therefore, they can be adjusted to any layout you want. Also, their modular design allows you to transport or move them easily to other places or events.


Compared to typical display systems and other electronic devices, LED screens have more energy efficiency. You can also save money since they are energy-saving.


Wide Range of Applications

Church LED screens can be used for:

Distant Worship

The best way to guarantee that the congregation will have the same viewing experience even from a distance is to install church LED screens. They can also be viewed from a great distance thanks to their extremely broad viewing angle. These screens are also used for streaming events or broadcasting live feeds.

Special Events

These screens are used for enhancing special events in churches such as:

  • Baptisms
  • Plays
  • Weddings and other events

All attendees, even those at the back or with poor vision, will certainly enjoy the event.

Speaker Presentations

Church LED screens make it possible to clearly display the camera feeds of the speakers or guests. The presentation of the speaker can also be supplemented with appealing visuals.

Aside from indoor sermons, church LED screens can also be used for hosting outdoor church events and services such as:

Community-Wide Event

Churches don’t just sermons or pray. They also have other outdoor gatherings such as:

  • faith-based carnivals
  • biblical achievement commemorations
  • movie nights and more

To attract and entertain more people, church LED screens are used. These screens have high brightness, good contrast ratio, and vivid colors that attract people.

Holiday Celebration

Church LED screens are the best way of holding large events such as Christmas parties and other holidays. If the church can’t take large crowds, the screens can be installed outdoors. Since the screens have high-quality displays, the audience can surely keep up with the discussions.

These screens are also widely used in charity works, religious concerts, ceremonial events, and other worship places or events.

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