LED Message Board

LED Message Board

LED message boards are highly programmed devices used for conveying instant messages or information to particular locations clearly and efficiently. Our LED message boards are acknowledged for their unique qualities and capabilities. We designed them to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. They exhibit high-quality images, display contents, and are reliable with their full-powered functionality. These devices are easy to program, plus, the displayed details are changeable anytime you want. 

Our LED message boards come in a variety of sizes, dimensions, colors, font styles, software configurations that match your multiple needs and methods. Different customization options are available at a competitive cost. Please tell us your design, and we will take responsibility for customizing them.

Outdoor Moving Message Board
Outdoor Moving Message Board

Both portable and vehicle mounting applications are suitable. Ideal for both internal and exterior uses. It is weatherproof reducing the wiring to the display with a junction box.

LED Display Board Wall Mounted
LED Display Board Wall Mounted

We have established a noteworthy place in the market that deals with providing LED message boards. A highly durable, water-resistant, and of the highest caliber.

Car LED Sign Message Board
Car LED Sign Message Board

A car LED sign message board uses a complex system to make a straightforward text sign. They can be connected to other systems or used as a standalone sign.

Signs Digital LED Board
Signs Digital LED Board

Innovative optical engineering enhances legibility and lowers washout from daylight so that approaching vehicles can readily see the message.

Programmable LED Message Board
Programmable LED Message Board

In order to effectively communicate safety messages, programmable LED board are essential.

Scrolling LED Signs Board
Scrolling LED Signs Board

Scrolling LED signs board are adaptable and simple because they come in single, or three-color variants and multi-line layouts.

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LED Message Board Advantages

Full Color Support
Full-Color Support
  • Single color & RGB scrolling display.
High Resolution HD
High-Resolution HD
  • Controllers for all resolution support.
Internet Cloud
Internet Cloud
  • Control multiple displays via the internet cloud.
Internal Storage
Internal Storage
  • Internal program storage is expandable.


SZLEDWORLD is a professional company focusing on a variety of LED board solutions. We have been undergoing innovations and developments that truly aim to produce state-of-the-art LED devices that fulfill advertising, marketing, and communication goals. 

Furthermore, SZLEDWORLD is your reputable and dependable OEM/ODM LED message board manufacturer. We aspire to be your excellent partner and provider of communication technology solutions not just in China, but also worldwide.

SZLEDWORLD LED Message Board Function and Use

SZLEDWORLD LED Message Board Function and Use

SZLEDWORLD LED message board can display messages in green, red, orange or in a variety of color schemes. Its brightness is automatically adjusted in certain locations where it is installed. 

However, the system of this board virtually required less or no maintenance.

In addition, one of the best benefit that our LED message board have is its unique compatibility and suitability in different purpose, including:

  • Business Advertisement
  • Playing Pre-Recorded Messages
  • Text or Time Display
  • Transportation Industry
  • Commercial Works
  • Emergency Response
  • Announcements
  • Communicating Safety Messages
  • Displaying Promotional Informations

SZLEDWORLD LED Message Board Information

LED message boards are typically designed to be suitable for both commercial and industrial purposes. A high-end medium, allowing for far-reaching viewing distances and longer presentation duration.

At SZLEDWORLD, every piece of our product is engineered with distinctive features. 

Some of them are:

  • Programmable
  • Animations or special effects
  • Selectable fonts
  • Color combinations
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Formats
  • Countdown time display

On the other hand, our LED message boards come in numerous special effects, which are valuable in emphasizing a particular text or message.

Furthermore, it is advantageous for providing a supplementary level of entertainment and attention to the presentation. 

Some special effects included:

  • Twinkling
  • Scrolling
  • Wiping
  • Flashing
  • Static
Pixel Pitch 2.571 mm/.094 inches
Display Dimension (H x W x D) 1944 x 576 x 35 mm/76.53 x 22.67 x 1.375 inches
Brightness ≥ 1200cd/m^2
Refresh Rate > 1000 Hertz
Average Power Consumption 240W per panel
Pixel Dimensions 756H x 224W
Weight 35kg/77.16lbs
Processing Depth 12 bits
Connection Type Ethernet/WIFI/3G
Supported Video/Graphic Files MPEG/H.264/JPEG/TIFF/PNG/GIF/BMP
Configuration Parameters

The following are significant configuration parameters that needs to consider when determining accurate LED board message:

  • Character height
  • Number of characters
  • Number of lines
  • Viewing angle
  • Viewing distance
  • Luminous intensity
Quality Standard Certifications

All products are manufactured in accordance with global quality standards.

  • RoHS
  • ISO
  • EMC 
  • FCC 
  • CE
Characteristics of LED Message Boards

Display Colors that Catch the Eye

The frame illuminates, with a choice of 8 border colors (Aqua, Blue, Clear, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, and Yellow).

The very bright LEDs are visible at all times, day or night. Bring your clients’ attention to your brand with vibrant, attention-grabbing messaging!

Simple to Use

The current border properties and border color can be easily adjusted with our remote control.

One button may switch between the flashing, scrolling, fading, and solid color settings.

Multiple Content Possibilities

Generating content is another excellent feature of LED message boards. 

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