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If you seek LED display modules with competitive pricing, consistent quality, and exceptional service, SZLEDWORLD stands out as your top choice. As the premier LED display module manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, we specialize in indoor, outdoor, flexible, GOB, COB, and DIP LED modules to cater to various applications. Our modules offer the following advantages:

  • More than 72 hours of module aging testing
  • Provision of the receiving card diagram
  • Creation of precise power wiring diagrams
  • Guidance on debugging and operation
  • Robust packaging to prevent transportation damage


LED Display Module / Panel

LED display modules, known as LED panels also, serve as fundamental units within LED screens, encompassing components like LED lamp beads, ICs, PCB boards, masks, brackets, interfaces, resistors, capacitors, and more. These modules can display images, videos, text, and other content once assembled into the complete LED display.

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Indoor led screen module price

Several factors influence the pricing of indoor LED modules, including the pixel pitch model, module size, lamp quality, packaging brand, IC model, PCB board thickness, bracket material, and more. Below are price ranges for common models of indoor LED display modules:

  • P2.5 320x160mm indoor module featured image
    • Pixel pitch: 2.5mm;
    • LED module size: 320x160mm;
    • Pixel density: 160,000 dots/sqm;
    • Drive model: 1/32 scan

    Price:  15 USD/pcs to 83USD/pcs

  • P3 192x192mm indoor modules featured image
    • Pixel pitch: 3mm;
    • LED module size: 192x192mm;
    • Pixel density: 111,111 dots/sqm;
    • Drive model: 1/32 scan

    Price:  9.5 USD/pcs to 58USD/pcs

  • P4 256x128mm indoor modules feature image
    • Pixel pitch: 4 mm;
    • LED module size: 256x128mm;
    • Pixel density: 62,500 dots/sqm;
    • Drive model: 1/20 scan

    Price:  7 USD/pcs to 38USD/pcs

  • P5 320x160mm indoor module featured image
    • Pixel pitch: 5 mm;
    • LED module size: 320x160mm;
    • Pixel density: 40,000 dots/sqm;
    • Drive model: 1/16 scan

    Price:  7 USD/pcs to 19USD/pcs

  • P2 indoor led module feature pic
    P2 indoor led module price
    • Pixel pitch: 2 mm;
    • LED module size: 320x160mm;
    • Pixel density: 250,000 dots/sqm;
    • Drive model: 1/40 scan

    Price:  16 USD/pcs to 165USD/pcs

Outdoor LED Screen Module Price

Outdoor LED modules are typically pricier than indoor ones due to their need for high brightness and waterproofing, necessitating superior raw materials. The price range for outdoor modules varies based on pixel pitch and module size.

Flexible LED Module Price

Flexible LED modules, designed for curved displays, come at a slightly higher price point compared to traditional LED modules due to factors like point spacing, sizes, lamp quality, ICs, and the flexibility of the PCB materials.

Types of led display module

LED display modules are categorized into various types based on their intended use and features. These include outdoor LED modules for external applications, indoor LED modules, flexible LED modules with bendable properties, and GOB LED modules with protective coatings.

By the processing technology of the lamp beads, LED modules are further classified into DIP, SMD, COB, and other variations.

  • LED Display Module Indoor Full Color P3

    Our indoor LED display modules offer high resolution, ideal for close viewing, with a high refresh rate, minimal flickering during video playback, and enhanced grayscale for vibrant color display.

  • LED Display Module Outdoor Full Color P4

    Outdoor LED display modules are commonly paired with waterproof cabinets for outdoor installations. These modules feature a front filled with glue for waterproofing (IP65 rating) and a back coated with conformal-proof paint, boasting brightness levels ranging from 4000 to 10000 nits.

  • Flexible LED Module 320x240mm

    Flexible LED display modules are favored for creating curved and creatively shaped LED displays like trumpet-shaped, wavy, spiral, etc., owing to their flexible design and bending capabilities.

Choose By Size

LED display modules can be divided into 320x160mm, 250x250mm, 192x192mm, 160x160mm, 256x128mm, 240x120mm, 240x240mm, 320x320mm, 300*168.75mm, etc. according to their length and width.

Characteristics of LED Display Panel


It indicates the quality of the LED display. Usually classified into full-color and single-color displaying.


Our LED display module can provide excellent brightness for LED wall displays.

Working Temperature

It has a working temperature of up to 58℃ and a 50V DC minimum voltage.

Protection Level

Our module is applied with special technology to guarantee the LED wall will work in snow, rain, etc.


  • Composite Raw Material: SZLEDWORLD uses high-quality materials with a high level of protection ability. This could ensure that all LED displays will perform in different weather conditions.
  • Chip and Lighting Lamp: Our LED module performs several tests and examinations to check their working status. Our clients can request to choose the brand lighting lamp, stability, and brightness of the module.
  • Wire Texture and Locating: We ensure that the signal transmission is sturdy, fast, and longevity.

Installing and Fixing LED Display Modules in the Cabinet

LED display modules can be installed in the cabinets or structural frames. Thus, it can create a large LED screen. But everything depends on the installation and operation of the display.

Fixation with Screws

The cabinet structure is attached with modules using screws.

This process is the usual way on LED screens.

Magnetic Fixation

Magnetic fixation is a fast substitution where maintenance can be done in a little while.

For this function, magnets are used instead of screws.

Unique Mechanism for Quick Extraction

In this exhibition, the LED modules are larger than the conventional ones. The module is integrated with the frontal drive system to remove from the cabinet. It is also assembled only on a large screen installed on building walls.

Parts and Components of LED Display Module


LEDs serve as the crucial light-emitting elements within LED modules, playing a pivotal role in their functionality.

Based on the lamp bead and PCB installation processes, LEDs can be classified into DIP, SMD, COB, and GOB types. They further vary in size, such as SMD1010, SMD1515, SMD2020, SMD1921, SMD2525, SMD2727, SMD3535, and others, depending on the brand like Nationstar, kinglight, hongsheng, Huaguang, and more.


ICs, working in tandem with LEDs, are integral components of LED modules. They encompass driver ICs like ICN2153, ICN2037, ICN2065, MBI5353, and MBI5124, wherein the quality of the driver IC directly influences the LED display’s refresh rate. High-grade driver ICs can achieve a refresh rate of ≥3840Hz, while standard ICs typically offer 960Hz or 1920Hz. Additionally, there are other types like line management ICs, amplification ICs, and more.

Produced by various IC processing manufacturers including DP, FM, ICN, MBI, and others.


It is assembled with automatic integration processes. We add an extra layer of protection to the electronic board. So, it can be used for LED displays that are resistant to humidity treatments and rain.

The LED display module involves LED and ICs in the electronic board. This could manage the brightness, colors, and other characteristics that enable the reproduction of the image.


The frontal mask is a black plastic piece with holes. The role of the holes is to fit the LED positions. Normally, the frontal mask is assembled on the module surface using small screws. The advantages of the frontal mask in the LED display module are the following:

  • Protects the LED
  • Enhances the visibility of the LED screens

LED Soft Module Application

Curved Screen
Curved Screen

The arc-shaped LED screen is usually easy to assemble with a small radian. After the construction of the display is made, the standard indoor LED display module will be installed.

Cylindrical Screen
Cylindrical Screen

Most pillars of conference rooms, bars, or hotels are cylindrical. A cylindrical screen is not easy to achieve with traditional screen modules. But with soft modules, it exceeds the need perfectly.

Special Shapes
Special Shapes

Our flexible LED display module is a successful solution to achieve special shapes, such as:

  • Ribbons
  • Waves
What is the led display module hs code?

LED display module HS code is 8531200000

LED display HS code 8528591090

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