LED Display Module

LED Display Module


The LED display module also named LED panel or LED board is a small circuit used for LED screens. It is integrated with LED and other important electronics to recreate videos and images. It is available in many different sizes. Its sizes are normally stated by the module pixelization.

SZLEDWORLD is a leading LED display module manufacturer in China. Various module sizes are available to meet your micro-controller project. We can provide them at a very competitive rate.

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  • Outdoor Modules
    Indoor Modules

    Our indoor modules are designed with data power cables. It can provide uniform color and contrast for outstanding visual effects. With high definition, high resolution, high refresh, high contrast, etc

  • Outdoor Modules
    Outdoor Modules

    SZLEDWORLD uses high-quality driving IC for outdoor modules. Thus, uniform color and brightness are guaranteed for outstanding visual performance. With waterproof, high brightness, etc.

  • Flexible Modules
    Flexible Modules

    Our flexible modules are available in many different pixels ranging from P1.875mm to P5mm. Different panel sizes are also available for you.

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Characteristics of LED Display Panel


It indicates the quality of the LED display. Usually classified into full-color and single-color displaying.


Our LED display module can provide excellent brightness for LED wall displays.

Working Temperature

It has a working temperature of up to 58℃ and a 50V DC minimum voltage.

Protection Level

Our module is applied with special technology to guarantee the LED wall will work in snow, rain, etc.


  • Composite Raw Material: SZLEDWORLD uses high-quality materials with a high level of protection ability. This could ensure that all LED displays will perform in different weather conditions.
  • Chip and Lighting Lamp: Our LED module performs several tests and examinations to check their working status. Our clients can request to choose the brand lighting lamp, stability, and brightness of the module.
  • Wire Texture and Locating: We ensure that the signal transmission is sturdy, fast, and longevity.

Installing and Fixing LED Display Modules in the Cabinet

LED display modules can be installed in the cabinets or structural frames. Thus, it can create a large LED screen. But everything depends on the installation and operation of the display.

Fixation with Screws

The cabinet structure is attached with modules using screws.

This process is the usual way on LED screens.

Magnetic Fixation

Magnetic fixation is a fast substitution where maintenance can be done in a little while.

For this function, magnets are used instead of screws.

Unique Mechanism for Quick Extraction

In this exhibition, the LED modules are larger than the conventional ones. The module is integrated with the frontal drive system to remove from the cabinet. It is also assembled only on a large screen installed on building walls.

Parts and Components of LED Display Module


It is assembled with automatic integration processes. We add an extra layer of protection to the electronic board. So, it can be used for LED displays that are resistant to humidity treatments and rain.

The LED display module involves LED and ICs in the electronic board. This could manage the brightness, colors, and other characteristics that enable the reproduction of the image.


The frontal mask is a black plastic piece with holes. The role of the holes is to fit the LED positions. Normally, the frontal mask is assembled on the module surface using small screws. The advantages of the frontal mask in the LED display module are the following:

  • Protects the LED
  • Enhances the visibility of the LED screens

LED Soft Module Application

Curved Screen
Curved Screen

The arc-shaped LED screen is usually easy to assemble with a small radian. After the construction of the display is made, the standard indoor LED display module will be installed.

Cylindrical Screen
Cylindrical Screen

Most pillars of conference rooms, bars, or hotels are cylindrical. A cylindrical screen is not easy to achieve with traditional screen modules. But with soft modules, it exceeds the need perfectly.

Special Shapes
Special Shapes

Our flexible LED display module is a successful solution to achieve special shapes, such as:

  • Ribbons
  • Waves
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