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The car window LED display is known as a car portable LED sign that is design to produce more creative display content. It is an excellent way in the field of advertising due to its very attractive and exposure rate when installed in the rear window of cars. This is highly demanded in mobile advertising because this offers low power consumption, and the materials made for it are energy-saving and eco-friendly.

When it comes to lifespan this window LED display can work for more than 100,000 hours and is much more affordable compared to standard LED displays. It programmable and can be controlled by mobile phones and computers by simply connect to Wifi in order to send effective strategy advertising information.

At SZLEDWORLD, we can produce different types of LED car window displays with a different functions. We are equipped with advanced technology to make sure that all LED displays can meet your needs. We rest assured that you can get a quality and affordable price.

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Programmable LED Car Rear Window Display
Programmable LED Car Rear Window Display

The programmable LED car rear window digital display offers full-color and rich function. It is also designed with an interactive screen.

Transparent Back Window Car LED Display
Transparent Back Window Car LED Display

Our transparent back window car LED display is waterproof. It can display animation, graffiti, pattern, text, images, and more.

Flexible LED Car Window Display
Flexible LED Car Window Display

We manufacture flexible LED car window display that supports multi languages. It features USB plug power supply and waterproof installations.

Smart App Controlled LED Car Window Display
Smart App Controlled LED Car Window Display

SZLEDWORLD offers smart app-controlled LED car window display that features custom texts, GIF, and more.

LED Interactive Car Display for Back Window
LED Interactive Car Display for Back Window

We designed these LED interactive car display for back window with an innovative voice control function.

Foldable LED Car Window Display
Foldable LED Car Window Display

Our foldable LED car window displays are available with USB cable, extension cord, and LED display controller.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD LED Car Window Display

Ability to display dynamic content

Our LED displays for car windows are ultra-thin and lightweight in order to reduce that space inside your cars and also for easy to move in other places.

Compatibility with various control systems

This LED display is very popular due to its lightweight and high permeability. Its standard weight is 4kg in a single cabinet.

High contrast and wide viewing angles
Easy to Use

SZLEDWORLD makes sure that this car window LED display is easy to operate for anyone. You can change this information in a convenient way through phones, etc.

Support for multiple video formats
High Protection Capability

It can be used between winter and summer without worrying about the problem of any elements. It Is also waterproof and rust-resistant.

Wide Range of Applications

SZLEDWORLD manufactured this LED display that can be used in all types of car windows. It is very flexible to install by using brackets. Below are some of its applications:

  • Taxi LED Display. This is the most common cars that use LED displays while moving on the road by simply advertising any information. It also helps get more passenger and attract attention of people passing by.
  • Bus LED Display. It is also useful for bus because it plays an important role in displaying information to your passenger such as news, weather, and many more.
  • Aside from that cars, it is also perfects to use for modified vans and other vehicles.
Wide Range of Applications
Features when Using LED Car Window Display

Features when Using LED Car Window Display

SZLEDWOLD ensures that every LED display made offers you excellent quality and features such as:

  • Easy to install and disassemble
  • That cabinet is made from aluminum alloy material to reduce its weight
  • Wide voltages capacity
  • Offer high refresh rate and high gray
  • Can stand for any element,
  • Provide more realistic information
  • Low power consumptions
  • Equipped with multi-function card for easy switch off and on.
  • Provide aesthetic appeal and many more.

Multiple Control Methods

There are many ways to control this type of LED display for car windows. You can control this with the help of:

  • USB
  • WIFI
  • 4G
  • BLUETOOTH, etc.
Multiple Control Methods

Technical Specifications

SMD SMD 1921 anti-UV
Cabinet Size 960mm x 320mm
Cabinet materials Aluminum
Driving IC ICN2038
Brightness 5000 cd/m2
Pixel density 61952 dots/m2
Best distance viewing 4m
Life span 100,000h
Temperature range -20 up to +60 degree Celsius
Protection Grade IP 43
Humidity 10% to 85%
MTBF 10,000h
Weight Standard 4kg
Frame frequency 60Hz
Gray Scale 16bit
Refresh rate 1920Hz
Cabinet resolution 356*66dots



What to consider when choosing an LED car window display?

There are common ways when choosing the right LED display for your car windows. Below is the common way you needed:

Viewing angle. The perfect viewing angle when choosing an LED display is 140 degrees. That angle can help the viewer look at your information as attractive and elegant.

Power consumption. Less power is much better but look for its performance. But from SZLEDWORLD all LED display offers you less power consumption and are eco-friendly. You also rest assured that it provides you with a great performance.

Electrostatic Capacity. Some LED display is easy to cause static failure. That is why we produce this car window LED display that meets the standard which cannot be less than 2000V.

Lamp Beads Selections. These are the most important and highly needed parts of LED displays for car windows. We produce a great LED display with high brightness and have better performance even using under the sun.

Advantages of LED Car Window Display
  • Meet all advertising broadcasts. Our LED displays are very efficient to use in advertising your product or brand even in any weather conditions.
  • Good communication effect. It is perfect to communicate with your customers who pass by.
  • Light Transmittance. This is the most popular advantages of our LED display. It cannot affect the visual of the driver, easy to look at the rear windows, etc.
  • Display effect. Our LED display can reach 5000CD and P3.91 Dot pitch. By that, it can display better effects.


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