LED Banner Display

LED Banner Display

LED banner displays are multifunctional LEDs used for advertising products or brands. Its unique and high-quality image helps catch the attention of potential customers. Also, installing such banner displays will stand out in your store and delivers your messages to passersby. Moreover, digital LEDs can display logos, sales, or promotions.

SZLEDWORLD manufactures digital banner displays, mainly for indoor and outdoor areas. We design them with remote controls or Wifi support connections. However, the LED sizes, shapes, and capacities are customizable as requested.

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Suitable Area Applications

Banner Ads Display
Ads Display

An efficient way of attracting the public’s attention is through LED. Upon utilizing, it’s easy to get access to public places. 


LED banners are ideal for displaying information about the arts, their histories, and other related. 

Banner Company

For companies using LED banners, it allows this to enhance brand awareness and innovation vision. 

Banner Business Objective
Business Objective

LED banner displays are primarily for business uses. They are suitable for promotional products and brand launches. 

Banner Educational
Educational Institutions

In displaying upcoming school events, LED banners are suitable for such use. They are excellent in outdoor installations. 

Banner Shopping Center
Shopping Centers

The LED banners are efficient for displaying various brands and sales discounts. They can attract attention anywhere. 

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD as Your Provider

Professional Team
Professional Team

Our company comprises professional engineers. We also work with skilled workers. 


We ensure all our manufactured LED banner displays are CE, RoHS, and FCC certified approved. 

Quick Delivery
Quick Delivery

Due to our vast warehouse and ample LED screen supplies, we guarantee fast delivery.

Warranty Period
Warranty Period

SZLEDWORLD gives a two-year warranty time for LED displays and other related items.

Salient Features

The LED banner displays advantages as follows. 

  • Custom Screen and Frame Sizing.  This feature enables suitable sizing for LED displays. 
  • Serviceability. It’s made for extended service usage and is easy to maintain. 
  • Wifi Support. This support makes connecting to Android, PC, and other devices possible.
  • High-Resolution. LED banner display is part of the highest resolution in LED technology. 
  • Smart Split. Single, double, and triple split-screen modes are available for the screens.
B Components

Standard Components

The LED banner display components and other accessories are listed below. 

  • Cables (Power, RJ45, HDMI, etc.)
  • Carrier Bag 
  • Horizontal Mounted Brackets 
  • Vertical Wall Brackets 
  • Colored Frames (custom)
  • Protective Glass 
  • Straight and Floor Stands 

Multi-Screen Mode: Wireless

The LED banner displays can be linked together and controlled using a router. They will be no need for manual input or direct supervision. That is due to its connections through routes. 

Managing the display of the banner is possible with the internet. Controlling them via the internet is efficient in making them wireless yet efficient. Therefore, the time and effort required are less when played remotely without requiring on-site control. It increases the advantages since they are operatable despite the set’s distance from the screens.

B Wireless
Pixel Pitch  P4 P5 P6 P8 P10
Pixel Configuration SMD












512×256 384×192 320×160 256×128 1920×960
Panel Size

(h x w)

2048mmx1024mm 1920mx960mm 1920mx960mm 2048mmx1024mm 1920mmx960mm
IP Grade

(front x rare)

IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Viewing Angle

(h / v)

140°/120° 140°/120° 140°/120° 140°/120° 140°/120° – 120°/90°
Refresh Rate  1920hz 1920hz 1920hz 1920hz 1920hz
Brightness 5500nits 5500nits 6000nits 6500nits 7000nits/8500nits
Gray-Scale  14 bits -16 bits 14 bits -16 bits 14 bits -16 bits 14 bits -16 bits 14 bits -16 bits
LED Banner Display Advantages

Adaptable System

The LED banner display is a versatile device for easy use. Its equipped with interactive functions suitable for presentation effects

Brightness Detectors 

With advanced LED technology, the brightness of banners has an automated detector. The screen adjusts to lighting conditions around.

Flexible Installation 

Part of the great use of LED banners is that they are flexible for installation choices. Positioning of the banners is possible with wall-mounting, horizontal, etc. 

Easily Operated 

Playing pictures and videos for the banners are accessible with no complex system. They effectively perform with which it’s plugged on. 

Display Mode

There are various types of display modes for LED banners. Here are among them. 

  • Stand – Alone 

They have a 5GB storage capacity capable of supporting various formats. Other than that, they are connectable through USB and WIFI. 

  • Mirroring  

The mirroring mode of the LED banners enables playing content simultaneously. It’s possible for multiple screens on set. 

  • MT Mode 

There is an available app design for MT mode. Therefore, using androids for customization settings and others comes in handy. 

  • Extended Mode 

This mode other called is split-screen or cascade. That’s due to its features, which display a split video on other LEDs with the same content. 

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