LED Backdrop Screen Manufacturer

LED Backdrop Screen Manufacturer

SZLEDWORLD provides a broad selection of LED backdrop screen solutions. These displays can adjust to natural light and are weatherproof. Additionally, we can bring your ideas to life and create the dimensions you require.

  • Higher resolution
  • Pixel Pitch: 1.2 – 10mm
  • UL, CE, EMC, LVD, FCC-certified
  • Slim frame and lightweight

LED Backdrop Screen

LED screen is a result of technological advancement. LED backdrop screen is the latest trend when it comes to large events and retail advertising. It offers great advantages when it comes to TV production or filmmaking.

SZLEDWORLD LED backdrop screen

  • Realistic lighting
  • On-Site Holographic Experience
  • Reconfigurable Manufacturing Control

You don’t have to worry about searching for the best LED backdrop screen, check SZLEDWORLD! We are developing an LED backdrop screen with outstanding features. It is lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. Our engineers used different materials such as SS, aluminum, etc. to produce a well-built LED screen.

Our LED backdrop screen comes in different sizes. At SZLEDWORLD, you will find different and affordable options for your LED display needs. For inquiries, contact us today!

Choose By Sizes


Available pixel pitch 2.5mm – 4.81mm. Approved by ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS, and CCC. Feature high grayscale and high refresh rate.


It has a seamless structure with a corner protection design. High accuracy, seamless splicing, and high-efficiency cooling. No noise.


The 640mm x 480mm LED backdrop display has an outstanding cabinet design. It is easy to move with its humanized design.

320 x 160mm
320 x 160mm

Our 320x160mm LED screen display comes with excellent image quality. High-end panel for outdoor advertising. Included parts are power cables.

160 x 160mm
160 x 160mm

Pixel pitch option is 5mm. It has 100,000 operating life. The LED display can work with Novastar, Colorlight, Lumen, Onbon, Linsn, and other supported control.

192 x 192mm
192 x 192mm

Cost-effective option for indoor fixed and mobile applications. Frequently utilized in bars, schools, and retail establishments. It comes with 5V power connections.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD LED Backdrop Screen

Image Diversity: SZLEDWORLD LED backdrop screen is best used for wide and long-distance areas. It provides great image quality and resolution making it visible against ambient lights.

Creative: LED screen is an effective and efficient way of showcasing images, brands, and sponsorships. It offers creativity and a captivating way to entertain and attract viewers.

Affordable Costs: We always make sure that our LED backdrop screen and services fit your budget. At SZLEDWORLD, you will get direct interaction with presentation and performance at a budget-friendly cost.

Robustness and Interactivity: Our LED backdrop screen has enhanced robustness to withstand tough environments. It displays full HD resolution enhancing the images shown on the screen.

Why Choose SZLEDWORLD LED Backdrop Screen

Color: software adjustable

Display color: 17 million

Configuration of colors: 3in1 (1R1G1B )

Display size: customizable

Pixels: 6mm – 20mm

The density of pixels: 40000dots/ 284444dots/㎡

Pixel pitch: 6.25mm-12.5mm, 15.625mm, 20mm

Encapsulation: SMD3535

Cabinet resolution: 96*40dot, 30*60dot, 160*40dot

Cabinet size: 500*1000*98mm, 1000*1000*82mm, 1000*500*76mm

Cabinet weight: ≤13Kg/m2-≤17Kg/m2

Brightness: 1000~7000cd/m2, 13000cd/m2

Transparency: 20%-60%

Module resolution: 1*40dot-160*2dot

Module size: 1000*9.5mm-1000*25mm

Refresh rate: up to 1,920HZ

Gray level: 250 levels(each color)

Power consumption: 2380W/m²- 950W/m²

Lifespan: depends on applications

Working voltage: 110V – 220V

Certifications: LVD, RoHS, CE

Connectivity: Wifi, ethernet, modem, RS232

Benefits and Advantages of LED Backdrop Screen

SZLEDWORLD LED backdrop screen upgrades video experience and marketing experiences. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Available in all sizes and mass
  • Transportable to all places
  • It can be single or in-group panels
  • High-brightness and long-lasting
  • High wavelength consistency
  • Wide angle view
  • Stable for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Equipped with harmonic correction tech
  • Advanced video innovation
  • Fresh and unique expression
  • High versatility and dynamic
  • Create magnificent scenes
  • High pixel density and refresh rate
  • Light control system
  • Energy-saving and reduced operating cost
  • Premium aviation connector

Function and Application

Our LED backdrop screen is ideally used for:

  • Theaters and hotels
  • Concert video walls
  • Large events and opera houses
  • Outdoor and indoor background display
  • Concerts and auditorium
  • Conferences and lectures
  • Entertainments and nightclubs
  • Commercial shootings
Display Interfaces

Our LED backdrop screen is designed with great flexibility regarding displaying interfaces. Here are some of the display interfaces you can use:

HDMI Interface

It is exceptionally effective and enables the delivery of HD content. As the name implies, the HDMI display interface enables transmitting different digital signals.

DVI Interface

Digital video interface(DVI) transmits digital data w/o the need for analog communication. It supplies HD motion images and is used internationally.

How to Design Your LED Backdrop Screen

SZLEDWORLD will help you choose and design your LED backdrop screen. You can use any combination of screens for your specific application. Whether you need a combined or independent LED backdrop screen, SZLEDWORLD has all the solutions.

This is how you perfectly design your LED backdrop screen:

  1. Main screen: needs to be set in the middle of the stage. It has to be the largest rectangular LED screen display.
  2. Additional screen: the secondary screen is placed on both edges of the primary screen display. It is mostly used for abstract displays like flashing and set-off contents
  3. Video playback screen: Large areas with different angles has blind spots to stage performance. The video playback screen will let all the viewers see the main stage performance.
  4. Alien design: every application needs a different screen position and screen settings. You need different LED backdrop screen shapes for halls, bars, and events. SZLEDWORLD will provide these options immediately.
Structural Property


  • aviation-class(signal and power cable)
  • Sockets(High-resistance, good connectivity)
  • Component and parts(reliable and easy to maintain)


  • Aluminum with CNC finish
  • High-end and great shading design
  • Top tolerence is 2.0mm

Side lock and hanging components

  • Accurate positioning
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Seamless interlace

Video and audio system

  • High-fidelity video signal
  • Professional audio system
  • Processed all video and audio details


  • IP65 protection level
  • Waterproof feature
  • Stored in any areas
Things To Consider On Choosing an LED Backdrop Screen

These are the most important things to check and consider when choosing an LED screen:

  1. The Venue

LED backdrop screen has different designs for indoor, outdoor and semi-indoor use. Outdoor use needs to have an LED screen with high brightness for greater visuals.

However, Indoor application is the opposite. LED backdrop screen for indoors has visual effects designed for closed areas.

  1. Span of uses

For temporary events, you should check the LED backdrop screen for rentals. On the other hand, if you need it for constant application, use our premium LED backdrop screen.

  1. The size

There are different sizes and dimensions of LED backdrop screens. You need to know what is the exact size you need for your application.

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