Largest LED Screen In The World

As the world marches towards an increasingly digital future, LED screens have become ubiquitous. They are everywhere – from our living rooms to concert stages, advertising billboards to sports arenas. The growth in their size and complexity is a testament to technological advancements and human imagination. In this article, we dive into the top five largest LED Screen in the world. The locations, dimensions, and costs provide a comprehensive insight into these gigantic marvels.

1. Viva Vision (Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Viva Vision Largest LED Screen in the World

In the metropolis of Las Vegas, a city globally recognized for its 24/7 dynamism. The Viva Vision screen at the Fremont Street Experience takes center stage as the largest LED screen in the world. This mesmerizing fusion of technology, architecture, and entertainment has transformed the Las Vegas skyline. The Viva Vision’s grandeur spans an impressive 419 meters long and 27 meters wide, that’s a total of 11,313 sqm. Boasting a remarkable 49.3 million LED lamps that culminate in a resplendent spectacle. As the world’s largest LED screen, it offers a visually captivating experience. Pushing the limits of digital artistry with a resolution of 15,104 x 1,088 pixels, accounting for an awe-inspiring 16.4 megapixels.

Uniquely transparent, Viva Vision seamlessly merges with its surroundings. Creating a surreal blend of reality and digital art where vivid colors and images appear suspended in the sky. Further augmenting Las Vegas’ reputation as a city of wonders. Moreover, the screen stands as a significant achievement in LED technology. Challenging traditional digital displays through its innovative use in immersive light. Shows that convert the Fremont Street Experience into a sprawling open-air theater.

Viva Vision’s energy efficiency, ensured by cutting-edge LED technology, echoes a much-needed focus on sustainability in our era. Reflecting a design philosophy that values environmental consciousness. Synthesizing art, technology, and entertainment, the Viva Vision screen embodies Las Vegas’s ceaseless evolution and commitment to the extraordinary while setting a global benchmark in urban entertainment.

2. The Place (Beijing, China)

The Place Beijing Largest LED Screen in the World

The bustling cityscape of Beijing, renowned as a global hub for technology and innovation, is home to an extraordinary digital marvel: the Place LED Screen. Majestically sprawling across the ceiling of the high-end shopping plaza known as ‘The Place,’ this LED screen stands as a testament to the marriage of technology and architecture. Stretching an impressive 250 meters in length and 30 meters in width, it covers an astounding 7,500 square meters, making it one of the world’s largest LED screens. Each square meter of this gargantuan display brims with detail due to a pixel pitch of 35 x 40 mm, making it a living, breathing canvas of light.

What sets the Place LED screen apart from its counterparts worldwide is its innovative transparent design. This distinctive feature allows the vibrant colors and vivid imagery of the screen to create an illusion of floating in mid-air, adding a dreamlike quality to the shoppers’ experience. The Place LED screen is more than a technical accomplishment; it represents the fusion of digital art and human experience, transforming a simple shopping trip into an immersive visual journey. This awe-inspiring LED screen speaks volumes about Beijing’s commitment to pioneering advancements in technology while enhancing the urban aesthetic and personal experiences of its residents and visitors.

3. SoFi Stadium (Inglewood, California, USA)

SoFi Stadium Largest LED Screen in the World

Positioned in the heart of Inglewood, California, the SoFi Stadium has more to boast than just being a world-class sports venue. It also hosts what CNN news identifies as the largest LED screen in the world, further amplifying the stadium’s allure and magnificence. This state-of-the-art LED screen stretches a considerable 110 meters in length and stands 12 meters high, encompassing perhaps in the neighborhood of 6,500 square feet. With such scale, the screen guarantees a spectacle for every spectator, no matter their location in the stadium.

The real charm, however, lies in its 80 million pixels, densely packed with a pixel pitch of only 0.283696 mm. This remarkable pixel density translates into dazzlingly sharp and vibrant images, making the viewing experience unparalleled. Unlike its counterparts, the SoFi Stadium chose a traditional LED screen, prioritizing the clarity and brightness essential for outdoor settings.

The LED colossus encapsulates the merger of entertainment and cutting-edge technology, fundamentally transforming the spectator experience. It’s not just a screen; it’s a testament to human ingenuity and the pursuit of creating immersive experiences, setting the SoFi Stadium apart as a global leader in stadium design.

4. Citigroup Tower (Shanghai, China)

Citigroup Tower Largest LED Screen in the World

In the pulsating heart of Shanghai, the Citigroup Tower stands not just as an iconic skyscraper but also as a host to one of the largest LED screens in the world. This architectural marvel showcases a transparent LED screen that encapsulates the spirit of the city – cutting-edge, dynamic, and breathtaking. Undeniably one of the largest LED screens in the world, this screen spans a length of 140 meters and a height of 43 meters, covering an astounding area of 6,030.7 square meters. Beyond its impressive size, the screen boasts a pixel density of 952 x 298, coupled with a pixel pitch of 0.283696 mm, delivering sharp, vibrant visuals that captivate every onlooker. Seamlessly merging with the Citigroup Tower’s architectural aesthetics, the transparency of this largest LED screen in the world creates a unique fusion of technology and architecture.

5. Mexico City Arena (Mexico City, Mexico)

mexico city Arena Largest LED Screen in the World

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Mexico City, the Mexico City Arena stands as an emblem of innovation and entertainment, housing what is known as one of the largest LED screens in the world. This technological marvel measures an impressive 29 meters in width and extends to an astounding 209 meters in length, covering an area of nearly 5,990.8 square meters. As one of the largest LED screens in the world, it utilizes 125mm LED stick elements to project vibrant visuals that captivate and mesmerize spectators. A distinctive feature of this LED giant is its transparent design. The transparent screen integrates seamlessly with the architectural design of the arena, offering a unique, immersive experience for spectators. As the images and colors of the display seem to float ethereally in the air, the Arena becomes more than just a venue – it morphs into a radiant spectacle of light and technology.


What is the resolution of the largest LED screen?

The largest LED screen globally, known as the Viva Vision LED screen, boasts a resolution of 15,104 x 1,088 pixels. This equates to an impressive 16.4 megapixels. This stunning display is situated at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. Spans an immense 419 meters (1,375 ft) in length and 27 meters (89 ft) in width.

How are these large LED screens used?

The predominant use of these screens centers around promotional activities, broadcasting of live events, enhancement of shopping experiences, and in certain instances, they serve as stand-alone tourist attractions.

Are there any environmental concerns related to large LED screens?

Despite being more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts, the sheer magnitude of these LED screens means they consume a noteworthy amount of energy. To counteract this, strategies such as harnessing renewable energy sources are commonly implemented.

Where is the Largest LED Screen?

The record-breaking LED screen can be discovered at the Fremont Street Experience, a standout attraction in the ever-bustling city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

How Much is the Largest LED Screen in the World?

As the costs for these gigantic LED screens are usually kept confidential, it’s challenging to give a precise figure. Factors like bespoke design elements, set up expenditures, and upkeep charges all contribute. Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to suggest that the total investment for such grandiose electronic marvels likely extends well into the multi-million dollar range.


The largest LED screens in the world represent a fascinating fusion of technology, creativity, and grandiosity. They are the epitome of our digital age, captivating audiences with their gargantuan size and superior visual quality. As we advance, we can only expect these displays to grow in size, clarity, and innovation, quite literally brightening our future.

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