• LED Display Module Indoor Full Color P3
  • Indoor Full color LED display module SMD P3.5
  • P2.5 320x160mm indoor module featured image
  • P4 320x320mm indoor module featured image
  • P1.579 indoor soft modules featured image
  • LED Display Module Indoor Full Color P3
  • Indoor Full color LED display module SMD P3.5
  • P2.5 320x160mm indoor module featured image
  • P4 320x320mm indoor module featured image
  • P1.579 indoor soft modules featured image

Indoor LED Module Manufacturer

If you want to import indoor LED Modules, SZLEDWORLD is your first consideration manufacturer.

  1. We have more than 15 years of experience in indoor LED module production;
  2. We design the most reasonable power supply arrangement and receive card arrangement drawings for each purchased indoor LED module, saving you time on on-site assembly;
  3. We prepare program files(rcfg, rcg, rcfgx, ssx, ssr…) for you in advance to ensure that you can complete indoor LED screen debugging as quickly as possible;
  4. We also provide you with remote control or video to guide installation and debugging.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team now!

Select By Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch is the most important parameter of the LED display. First, it will affect the resolution of the product, thereby affecting the clarity of viewing. The smaller the pixel pitch, the clearer the image. But at the same time, the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the price per square meter of the product. Let’s compare it in detail

P2.5 320x160mm indoor module featured image

The P2.5 indoor LED module is one of the most popular models in the market. It has high resolution, 160,000 dots/square meter, high refresh rate, 3840Hz. Common module sizes are 320x160mm, 160x160mm, and 160x80mm for you to choose from.

Price:  15 USD/pcs to 83USD/pcs

P3 192x192mm indoor modules featured image

P3 indoor LED modules usually come in two models: P3.076 size 320x160mm and P3 size 192x192mm. If installed without cabinets, the former is usually chosen, Its die-cast aluminum cabinet size is 640x640mm, and the latter die-cast aluminum cabinet size is 576x576mm.

Price:  9.5 USD/pcs to 58USD/pcs

P4 256x128mm indoor modules feature image

Commonly used module sizes for P4 indoor LED modules are 256x128mm, 320x160mm, and 256x256mm for you to choose from. The suitable die-cast aluminum cabinets are 512mmx512mm and 640x640mm, and the resolution is 62,500 dots/sqm.

Price:  7 USD/pcs to 38USD/pcs

P5 320x160mm indoor module featured image

The P5 indoor LED module is the most cost-effective product. If the viewing distance of your LED display is not too close and the area is relatively large, this model is your ideal choice. The die-cast box size is 640x640mm.

Price:  7 USD/pcs to 19USD/pcs

P2 indoor led module feature pic
P2 indoor LED module

The P2 indoor LED module is a high-resolution model of 250,000 dots/sqm. If you are worried that the lamp beads are easily damaged, you can add GOB technology to ensure the strength of the lamp beads. 256x128mm and 320x160mm module size are available.

Price:  16 USD/pcs to 165USD/pcs

P1.579 indoor soft modules featured image

Indoor soft modules are your best choice for processing arcs, circles, cylinders, trumpets, spirals, curved surfaces, and other shapes. It can make the splicing more continuous and smooth. Commonly used sizes: 320x160mm, 240x120mm, 256x128mm

Price:  10 USD/pcs to 120USD/pcs

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Common indoor LED module sizes

  • P2.5 320x160mm indoor module featured image
    320x160mm indoor led module

    320x160mm indoor LED module is the most common module size, and it is a common choice for box-free indoor screen assembly. Its suitable pixel pitch are P1.25, P1.53, P1.667, P1.86, P2, P2.5, P3.076, P4, and P5

  • 250x250 indoor led module feature picture
    250x250mm indoor led module

    250x250mm indoor LED module mainly used in indoor stage rental LED displays. The main pixel pitches are: P1.953, P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, P4.81, P6.25

  • P4 256x128mm indoor modules feature image
    256x128mm indoor led module

    The 256x128mm indoor led module is a small module model that mainly supplements the different size requirements of indoor P2 and P4 indoor LED displays.

  • P3 192x192mm indoor modules featured image
    192x192mm indoor led module

    The 192x192mm indoor LED module is a model size specially used for indoor P3 LED display screens, LED module resolution is 64 dots x64 dots

  • 160x160 indoor led module feature picture
    160x160mm indoor led module

    160x160mm indoor LED module is used in P2.5 and P5 indoor LED displays. Due to its small size, it has good effects on the edges of circular and special-shaped screens.

  • P3 indoor soft modules featured image
    240x120mm indoor led module

    240x120mm indoor led module is mainly used in soft modules. Commonly used point spacings are P1.25, P1.579, P1.667, P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3, P4

Custom Indoor Application

Why Use Indoor LED Module


From color, sizes, setups, and branding, the LED modules are customizable.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Comprehensive installation options are available, including hanging and mounted.

High Refresh Rate
High Refresh Rate

We set indoor LED modules with about 1,920Hz to 7,680Hz.refresh level.

High Contrast
High Contrast

LED modules are designed with improved picture quality with suitable contrast ratio. 

Composition of indoor LED modules

  • Lamps (Nationstar, kinglight, Hongsheng…)
  • ICS (MIB5153,MBI5124, ICN2153,ICN2038S,DP/FM/ICN/MBI…)
  • PCB
  • Bottom shell
  • Resistor
  • Capacitance
  • Row mother
  • Power stand

Key Precautions

Here are some safety concerns for indoor LED modules that need to be informed. 

  • Utilizing control equipment is suggested if the temperature exceeds the operating standard of -20℃ to 40℃. 
  • It advised using control devices if the lamp’s surface temperature surpasses a maximum of 60°C.
  • The humidity range for storage is 10% to 60% in HR. 
  • If the humidity level exceeds capacity, dehumidification treatment is necessary.
  • Since the module’s structure is for indoor use, possible contact with water must avoid. 
  • Protective equipment (PPE), including a wrist strap and gloves for anti-electrostatic, is mandatory when assembling.
  • Opening the display once daily when the humidity range is up to 65% RH
  • The open-screen indoor LED modules can operate for more than 4 hours.

Important Features

The LED modules for indoor areas come with the following features.

Reliable Process. The LED has a high-technology circuit structure and multi-layer process design, improving its performance reliability. 

Ultra Wide View. Viewing angles are accessible for close and vast distances. Also, they are easy to assemble for such use. 

Efficient Casing. Module cases are effective for a variety of conditions. 

The cases are flexible and applicable for numerous usages. 

Unique Visual Effect. The indoor LED module offers high contracts, pleasant effects, luminous angles, and stunning visual results.



led module aging test
Rigorous testing

All indoor LED modules have undergone rigorous testing, including vibration and anti-soldering tests, aging tests for more than 72 hours, and packaging anti-drop tests.

DC5V cable arrangement drawing
Design power wiring diagram

When installing indoor LED modules, are you faced with a large number of power supplies and don’t know how to arrange and wire them? We will provide every customer who purchases our module with a reasonable and detailed power supply arrangement diagram.

Flat cable arrangement drawing
Design signal cable wiring diagram

We will also provide detailed signal wiring diagrams, including the connection flat cables corresponding to J1, J2, and J3… of the receiving card, network cables, controller wiring, etc. Make your wiring easier.

rcfgx files
Provide configuration file

We have prepared smart setting files for you in advance, such as rcg, rcfg, rcfgx, ssr,… You don’t need complicated settings when you go to the site, you only need to import and send them.

Pixel Pitch P2 P2.5 P3 P4 P5
LED 1515 2020  2020  2020  2020


160 x 80 128 x 64 64 x 64 80 x 40 64 x 32
Brightness 800-1000










Driving Mode 1/40Scan 1/32Scan 1/32Scan 1/20Scan 1/16Scan
Module Size  320 x 160 320 x 160 192x 192 320 x 160 320 x 160

*Some dimensions are customizable 

Module Details and Installation

The standard module has changeable light level, which are ideal for indoor applications. Moreover, they are risk-free and lesser prone to damage or malfunctions. 

Lamps in indoor LED modules are of high quality, ensuring uniformity on the surface lighting. Front and back hold securing the lighting for installation. The backs have screw holes, while magnets are on the frontings. 

And when they are ready for installation, it only takes three stages to complete. 

  1. LED module should have a firm support with aluminum to where its positioned.  
  2. The fixed LED modules are then placed one by one after that.
  3. Next, connect the necessary wires for power, controls, and other components. The final step is to light up the LED screens to demonstrate its programmed display. It is optional to control the LED’s arrangement. 
Module Testing and Aging

The indoor LED module underdoes testing for aging. This test comprises an extensive operational assessment of the actual performance to check for any problems. Additionally, aging can enhance its effectiveness and reliability. That includes the reason for LED aging as part of the module quality test. 

The following evaluation must complete before an aging test for LED modules may be conducted.

    • First, by ensuring that the modules are connected properly
    • Second, inspecting for short circuits.
    • Third, determining if the modules are compact and uniform.
    • Fourth, review of appearance and the entire structure.
    • Last is where the performed aging test takes place 
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