Indoor LED Module

The LED modules for indoor areas are typically designed with LED emitter chains. They are a suitable solution for various indoor advertising purposes. Moreover, the LED modules are a unique light source, accessible in comprehensive color options. You can also choose your required brightness level and structure.

SZLEDWORLD skillfully manufactures a wide range of LED modules. It includes small, average, and large indoor modules. You can also request your needed specifications, like pixel pitches, light capacity, and more. We have skilled engineers and designers who provide such necessities for indoor applications. 

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Suitable for Custom Panel Sizes

256mm x 128mm
  • Full color
  • 900cd/sqm brightness
  • 100000 hrs life service
320mm x 160mm
  • SMD2121 LED chip
  • 6500cd/sqm brightness
  • Perfect for digital poster
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Select By Pixel Pitch

P2 LED Module
P2 LED Module
  • 110-220 voltage power
  • 800cd/sqm brightness
  • Full color
P2.5 LED Module
P2.5 LED Module
  • 1200cd/sqm brightness
  • Over 100000 hrs lifespan
  • Perfect for Animation
P3 LED Module
P3 LED Module
  • Displays text and images
  • 192x192mm panel size, custom
  • Remote or wifi control
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Custom Indoor Application

Why Use Indoor LED Module


From color, sizes, setups, and branding, the LED modules are customizable.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Comprehensive installation options are available, including hanging and mounted.

High Refresh Rate
High Refresh Rate

We set indoor LED modules with about 1,920Hz to 3,840Hz.refresh level.

High Contrast
High Contrast

LED modules are designed with improved picture quality with suitable contrast ratio. 

Key Precautions

Here are some safety concerns for indoor LED modules that need to be informed. 

  • Utilizing control equipment is suggested if the temperature exceeds the operating standard of -20℃ to 40℃. 
  • It advised using control devices if the lamp’s surface temperature surpasses a maximum of 60°C.
  • The humidity range for storage is 10% to 60% in HR. 
  • If the humidity level exceeds capacity, dehumidification treatment is necessary.
  • Since the module’s structure is for indoor use, possible contact with water must avoid. 
  • Protective equipment (PPE), including a wrist strap and gloves for anti-electrostatic, is mandatory when assembling.
  • Opening the display once daily when the humidity range is up to 65% RH
  • The open-screen indoor LED modules can operate for more than 4 hours.

Important Features

The LED modules for indoor areas come with the following features.

Reliable Process. The LED has a high-technology circuit structure and multi-layer process design, improving its performance reliability. 

Ultra Wide View. Viewing angles are accessible for close and vast distances. Also, they are easy to assemble for such use. 

Efficient Casing. Module cases are effective for a variety of conditions. 

The cases are flexible and applicable for numerous usages. 

Unique Visual Effect. The indoor LED module offers high contracts, pleasant effects, luminous angles, and stunning visual results.

Pixel Pitch P4 P5 P6 P7 P10
LED 2121 3528 3528 3528 3528


64 x 32 64 x 32 64 x 32 32 x 32 32 x 16
Brightness 800-1000










Driving Mode 1/16Scan 1/16Scan 1/16Scan 1/16Scan 1/8Scan
Module Size  256 x 256 320 x 160 384 x 192 244 x 244 320 x 160

*Some dimensions are customizable 

Module Details and Installation

The standard module has changeable light level, which are ideal for indoor applications. Moreover, they are risk-free and lesser prone to damage or malfunctions. 

Lamps in indoor LED modules are of high quality, ensuring uniformity on the surface lighting. Front and back hold securing the lighting for installation. The backs have screw holes, while magnets are on the frontings. 

And when they are ready for installation, it only takes three stages to complete. 

  1. LED module should have a firm support with aluminum to where its positioned.  
  2. The fixed LED modules are then placed one by one after that.
  3. Next, connect the necessary wires for power, controls, and other components. The final step is to light up the LED screens to demonstrate its programmed display. It is optional to control the LED’s arrangement. 
Module Testing and Aging

The indoor LED module underdoes testing for aging. This test comprises an extensive operational assessment of the actual performance to check for any problems. Additionally, aging can enhance its effectiveness and reliability. That includes the reason for LED aging as part of the module quality test. 

The following evaluation must complete before an aging test for LED modules may be conducted.

    • First, by ensuring that the modules are connected properly
    • Second, inspecting for short circuits.
    • Third, determining if the modules are compact and uniform.
    • Fourth, review of appearance and the entire structure.
    • Last is where the performed aging test takes place 
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