Indoor Fixed LED Display

The indoor fixed LED displays are absolute and fastened displays. It is fixely installed in certain places where it cannot be moved by itself. SZLEDWORLD specially manufactures this type of display with highly transferable qualities and convenience. That is, offer an excellent strategy of effectively communicating your goods, brands, and services among your target audience. Aside from that, you can utilize our LED displays either for small-minute displays, or large-screen displays. 

SZLEDWORLD offers a variety of indoor fixed LED display options for you. Whether you need small or large, rectangular or square, flat or curve displays, we have all the possible sizes. You can rely on us to configure and individually design the indoor fixed LED displays of your choice, ensuring they precisely meet your needs.

Here at SZLEDWORLD, you can find both advanced and general information about the indoor fixed LED displays. However, if you are still uncertain of what type of displays works best for your projects, you can ask suggestions from us, and we will help you to select the best display options for you.

Interactive Indoor Fixed LED Cube Display
Interactive Indoor Fixed LED Cube Display
  • IP Protective Index: IP43.
  • LED Specification: SMD2121.
  • Screen Power Supply: AC110V/220V – 5V60A.
  • Operating humidity range: 10% to 90%.
  • 140°/120° (H/W) viewing angle.
  • Control Distance: 100 meters.
Transparent Fixed Glass Indoor LED Display
Transparent Fixed Glass Indoor LED Display
  • IP Rating: IP24.
  • Transparency: 30% – 80%.
  • Input Voltage: AC100V or 240V.
  • Refresh Rate: 1920Hz.
  • Working Temperature: -40° 〜 45°.
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours.
  • Service Access: Front and Back.
Indoor Ultra Slim Fixed LED Display
Indoor Ultra Slim Fixed LED Display
  • Resolution: pixel pitch P2,P2.5,P3.0,P4,P5….
  • Power Input: 50 Hz, AC 110 / 220 10%.
  • 1200 cd/sqm is the brightness (adjustable by software).
  • Hertz Frequency: 2880HZ (adjustable by software).
  • Viewing Distance: 4m to 40m.
Fixed Installation HD Indoor LED Display
Fixed Installation HD Indoor LED Display
  • Driving IC: ICN 2037/2153.
  • Led Module size: 320mmx160mm.
  • Iron Cabinet: 640x640mm.
  • Brightness:  >1000cd/㎡ Ensure brilliant images.
  • Adjusting the brightness: Manually, 256 levels; automatically, 8 levels.
Indoor SMD Convenient Installation Fixed LED Display
Indoor SMD Convenient Installation Fixed LED Display
  • 2.5mm for the pixel pitch.
  • Pixel Density (dot/㎡): 160000.
  • Module Size (mm): 320×160.
  • 128×64 for module resolution.
  • Viewing Direction: 120 (Standard LEDs Viewing Angle).
Front Service Mounting Indoor Fixed LED Display
Front Service Mounting Indoor Fixed LED Display
  • Maximum screen power consumption is 800 watts per square meter, with an average of 480 watts per square meter.
  • Operating Temperature: –25℃~+60℃ 10%~95%RH.
  • Color: > 16.7millions.
  • Best View Distancing: 2.5m.
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As a global indoor fixed LED display leading manufacturer, SZLEDWORLD provide a wide ranges of LED solutions for different applications. Our dedicated team has unmatched expertise to design and produce excellent quality and highly competitive LED displays. We manufacture our indoor fixed LED display with the best material and technology. Extremely durable and able to be used for a longer time.

Furthermore, if you avail an LED display from SZLEDWORLD, you can be assured of higher resolution, wide viewing angles, sophisticated design, and optimum performance.


Installation Options for Indoor Fixed LED Displays

Wall mounted installation

Indoor displays are mounted to the wall during wall installation. Additionally, it can be installed behind the glass windows and doors of any business.

Hanging installation

You might use customized structural steel to support your indoor fixed LED display from the overhead.

Stand installation alone

Ground-standing installations are also possible with indoor LED fixed displays.

The Benifits of Using SZLEDWORLD Indoor Fixed LED Display

Light and Slim

– Flexibility was the main goal while designing indoor fixed LED screens. This leads to a quick, simple, and transportable thin, compact display.

Various Sizes

– You can pick between a flat or curved display, a round or square, a small or large display, etc.

Installing and maintaining equipment safely

– SZLEDWORLD indoor fixed LED displays are meant to be placed and maintained safely and are easily adaptable.

Extreme toughness

– To increase product durability, indoor fixed LED displays are typically composed of high – quality materials. However, they are thought to have an endurance of 100,000 hours.

Connects seamlessly

– Considering how common and necessary they are, indoor fixed LED displays will continue to improve. Due to the increase in demand, quick developments were made.

A good deal for the cost

–  The indoor fixed LED display is incredibly affordable. This product has a very long shelf life and provides favorable circumstances.

High brightness that is adaptable

– The real-time adjustability of an LED display allows for high brightness levels. Even 10,000 nits of brightness are possible.

LED Design: SMD1515
Dimension (h x w): 640mmx640mm
Cabinet Weight: 25kg
Display Brightness: 600CD/㎡
IP Grade: IP30
Refresh Rate: 1920Hz
Tips for Technically Choosing the Ideal Indoor Fixed LED Displays

With excellent visibility, SZLEDWORLD indoor fixed LED displays can be used for a range of purposes.

The following suggestions will be very beneficial to keep in mind when you choose the pleasant indoor fixed LED display for you.


LEDs’ with precise display brightness allows you to deliver crisp, glowing and realistic display representations.


The resolution in an LED display has a huge contribution to the quality of displayed images, graphics, or texts. It enables for a better and captivating viewing experience. 


Accurate IP rating ensures that the LED display works very well in certain environment and pupose. Furthermore, it enables them to give top-notch performance despite experiencing different weather situations.

Differentiates Fixed LED Displays for Indoor and Outdoor Purpose

In this part, SZLEDWORLD goes through some of the most noticeable distinctions between indoor and outdoor fixed LED displays.

Lighting intensity
  • Due to ambient lighting, indoor displays typically require less luminance than outdoor versions.
  • Indoor screens have an intensity of light of roughly 800 nits.
Pixel size
  • With indoor LED displays lower pixel pitch is required to reduce distortion.
  • Furthermore, outdoor LED displays often use a P10 pixel pitch. A higher pixel pitch is frequently necessary due to the increasing size of LED displays.
Power of protection
  • Indoor LED displays only require IP43 protection.
  • Whereas outdoor displays require IP65 protection or more due to the variable nature of the outdoor environment.
Typical Application of SZLEDWORLD Indoor Fixed LED Display
  • Chopping centers
  • Airports
  • Restaurant
  • Museums
  • Auditorium
  • Community colleges
  • Government and corporate offices
  • Department
  • Financial institutions
  • Bars
  • Communal clubs
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