What is Immersive 3D Billboard – Here’s Everything You Should Know

Probably, you are wondering what an immersive 3D billboard is all about. Well, this is another fascinating technology in the display industry.

This guide demystifies every detail about this 3D screen display:

What is An Immersive 3D Billboard?

Immersive 3D billboards are the latest technological advancement in advertisement. The immersive billboard type uses light-emitting diodes (LED) to create three-dimensional effects on billboards.

The billboards are more engaging to consumers as they use illusions created by manipulating the LED.

Immersive 3D Billboard
Immersive 3D Billboard

Advantages of 3D Immersive Billboards

There are many advantages of using 3D billboards as part of your advertisement. These advantages include;

  • It is more interactive and is therefore more likely to attract the attention of consumers. With visual illusions and attention-grabbing content immersive 3D billboards are very popular. If done properly immersive 3D billboards will attract the attention of all those passing by the billboard
  • Using an immersive 3D billboard will help you stand out from your competition. The use of 3D billboards has not yet been mainstreamed compared to traditional billboards. Using immersive three-dimensional billboards not only sets you apart from your competition but it also helps boost user engagement with your content.
  • With its unique features and attention-grabbing illusions content that is advertised using a 3D billboard is more likely to create a lasting impact. These billboards have the advantage of being new, this coupled with the stunning visuals ensures that the consumers remember.

How Immersive 3D Billboard Works

Immersive 3D billboards use three-dimensional images that leave a lasting impact on the viewer. These billboards utilize the concept of forced perspective to create illusions that are designed to attract attention.

It manipulates texture gradients, shading, and perspective using LEDs to create a form of optical illusion. The following are the steps involved in creating an immersive billboard advertisement.

  • The first step is to come up with the content artwork. This can be done using a computer-aided design. CAD is one of the software used to design three-dimensional scenes and objects that will be displayed on the billboard.
  • The next step after finalizing the design, is to save your work on a digital file. This digital file is created using specialized software that allows the three-dimensional content to be saved and read by a manufacturing machine or a printer.
  • Send the created file to the manufacturing machine. The manufacturing machine is responsible for producing the final product for display. The method of display depends on the type of billboard you have.
  • The billboard may use an advanced projector to create a three-dimensional illusion. Some use stacked layers of printed material to display the final content.

Types of immersive 3D billboards

Different types of immersive three-dimensional billboards utilize different technology to create 3D content. They include;

Holographic Immersive 3D Billboards

They use advanced holographs to produce illusions making it seem like objects are suspended or floating outside of the screen.

Holographic Immersive 3D Billboard
Holographic Immersive 3D Billboard

Animated Immersive 3D Billboards

These types of immersive 3D billboards use animation to create engaging content using visual effects

Animated Immersive 3D Billboard
Animated Immersive 3D Billboard

Augmented Reality Immersive 3D Billboards

AR 3D billboards create an immersive experience in conjunction with Virtual reality glasses or even a smartphone. These types of billboards are pretty immersive often needing for the user to interact directly with it.

Augumented Reality Immersive 3D Billboard
Augmented Reality Immersive 3D Billboard

Interactive Immersive 3D Billboards

These types of billboards emphasize direct engagement with the viewers. It allows the user to move through the content as well as give input as part of the advertisement.

It utilizes smaller gadgets such as smartphones and tablets among others.

Interactive Immersive 3D Billboaard
Interactive Immersive 3D Billboard

Features of Immersive 3D Billboard

Features of immersive 3D billboards include

  • Top quality high resolution depicted in its images and videos
  • They come with auto-regulated lighting to optimize viewing no matter the weather condition or time of day.
  • Has enhanced visibility to increase user engagement
  • They come in different sizes from as small as a 4 by 4 feet screen to as large as a 20 by 60 feet screen.
  • It uses high-quality materials that allow it to function properly outdoors even in harsh weather

Immersive 3D Billboard Price

Different types of immersive 3D billboards have different prices. Several factors help to determine the price of a 3D billboard. These factors include the size of the screen, the shape of the screen, and any other additional devices that are to be used.

Other factors include the location where the billboards will be installed. The duration of the time during which the billboard is can also factor in the overall expenditure.

These billboards may range from as low as 3,000 dollars to as high as 80,000 dollars. It is therefore important to consider the scale of your operations when selecting an Immersive 3D billboard.

Applications of Immersive 3D Billboards

Immersive 3D billboards much like traditional billboards are used as part of marketing strategy. They could be used to create awareness about a product or an offer or improve consumer engagement.

They are typically located in crowded spaces or places that are frequented by people. All consumer-based industries can utilize this tool to advertise themselves.


Clearly, an immersive 3D billboard is a fascinating technology. If you wish to explores a new advertising technology, then it is worth trying.

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