High Resolution LED Display

High Resolution LED Display

High Resolution LED Display

The high resolution LED display from SLEDWORLD is undeniably dominating in the entire LED display industry and market due to its performance advantages. It has ultra-clear visuals, capable of creating a boundless and unforgettable viewing experience. This LED display has the ability to bring pure and realistic color beauty. A high-quality picture, videos, or other contents that excellent works very well at all angles. In addition, every design and configuration for our high resolution LED display was specifically decided for easy transportation, assembly, and disassembly.

SZLEDWORLD understands the needs of customers for high resolution LED displays. No matter what module sizes, pixel pitch, operating capacity, and other specifications you want, it is definitely available for customization. To learn further about our LED displays and services, please feel free to reach us anytime! We’re delighted to collaborate with you!

High Resolution LED Display Series

P7 Ultra High-Resolution LED Display
P7 Ultra High-Resolution LED Display
  • Offers a 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angle, increasing the amount of seamless imagery that can be seen in your space.
  • Authentic high-resolution pitches.
P3.9 Rental Indoor High-Resolution LED Display
P3.9 Rental Indoor High-Resolution LED Display
  • Portable cabinet.
  • A high degree of protection.
  • Adaptive design.
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
P5 Wall-Mounted High-Resolution LED Display
P5 Wall-Mounted High-Resolution LED Display
  • A rapid refresh rate.
  • Easier and faster assembly.
  • Consistently praised for their dependability, effectiveness, and excellent caliber.
P6.67 High-Resolution SMD Outdoor Fixed Front Installation
P6.67 High-Resolution SMD Outdoor Fixed Front Installation
  • Extreme viewing angles.
  • Cabinets are connected seamlessly.
  • LED video wall with ultra-high resolution.
P1.56 Indoor Fixed Installation High Resolution LED Monitor
P1.56 Indoor Fixed Installation High Resolution LED Monitor
  • Mounting brackets with a slim profile.
  • Optional portability.
  • Save time and labor on installation.
P1.9 Ultra High-Resolution Fine Pitch LED Display
P1.9 Ultra High-Resolution Fine Pitch LED Display
  • Very slim design.
  • Super high definition.
  • Straightforward and clever wiring for simpler maintenance.
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SZLEDWORLD is your trusted partner in providing high definition quality and satisfying high resolution LED displays. We put much effort into developing and innovating diversified LED products for various usage— for indoor or outdoor purposes. 

Furthermore, we also become the top supplier of all LED products for multiple countries and sectors. 

If you have further inquiries, questions, or consultation needs, please let us know by messaging us.

Simple and Fast Workability

Simple and Fast Workability

Front Service Provided

Without difficulty, the LED display module, LED light bead, power supply, and data hub can be changed from the front.

Magnetized Modules

The magnetically locked construction makes it simple to do rapid maintenance with LED modules by allowing for effortless removal.

Fast-Release Cabling

Without using complicated tools, internal cabling may be released rapidly.

Selection Factors to Take into Consideration

Project specifications: First, select LED items in accordance with the needs of the project. such as display space, usage circumstances, etc.

Viewing range: Second, be specific about the viewing distance. Wide viewing angles are typically found in HD LED displays.

The finances: Thirdly, select the suitable product model based on your financial constraints. Various versions have different presentation techniques and statements.

A prominent LED display producer: The fourth tip is to select a reputable LED display manufacturer for purchasing. SZLEDWORLD can offer reliable technical assistance and post-purchase support. Choose SZLEDWORLD now.

Selection Factors to Take into Consideration

SZLEDWORLD High-Resolution LED Display Employ Technological Advancements.

The high-resolution LED display quality is increasing as a result of ongoing technological advancements.

  • Wider viewing angles on SMD screens enable them to accommodate various viewing angles.
  • SMD screens are better appropriate for fine pixel pitch LED displays as compared to DIP screens.
  • SMD screens have more advanced technology. High color saturation and screen flatness are both characteristics of the display. High-resolution LED walls have traditionally used SMD as the de facto standard technology.
  • Stronger protective COB screens are available.
  • The pixels on COB screens are larger. That has good moiré suppression capabilities. It won’t injure people’s eyes, even if they view it up close.
  • Better performance at dissipating heat is demonstrated by COB displays. The PCB serves as a direct heat conductor, resulting in a low thermal resistance value.
  • Higher security capability; successfully prevents the phenomenon of lights out and dead lights in broad areas.
  • GOB screens are more affordable and simpler to maintain than COB LED displays.
  • It is possible to see more. The GOB screen is nearly 180 degrees in both the horizontal and vertical axes.
  • Numerous applications.
Technology for point-by-point correction
  • After an LED display has been operational for a while, the color uniformity will be impacted by variations in LED light decay or other outside factors.
  • A method to enhance the brightness uniformity and color integrity of high-resolution LED video walls is a point-by-point correction.
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