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GOB or Glue-on-Board LED display uses a transparent epoxy glue to seal the module surface. Thus, the LEDs are protected from potential accidents.

The GOB technology also promotes heat dissipation to increase the display’s life span. This innovative technology also allows a special shielding layer making the display to be shock proof. Whether it will expose to collision or dropping, the display will not break.

SZLEDWORLD manufactures GOB LED display with superior weather resistant. You can use it for applications that are exposed to harsh conditions. Guaranteed that our display can provide high performance on both indoor and outdoor usage.

You can choose from our wide range of pixel pitch including 1.579mm, 1.667mm, 2mm, 3mm, and more. Custom sizes are also available to meet your specific requirements.

We used world-class quality LED lamps, IC chips, and more components to ensure quality. Rest assured that it can provide high resolution, full-color, and wide viewing angle to satisfy your customers.

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Pixel Pitch Selection

Choose from our wide range of pixel pitch choices to meet your business requirements.

  • P1.5mm

    SZLEDWORLD offers P1.5mm GOD LED displays with wide viewing angle, customizable size, excellent heat dissipation, and low maintenance.

  • P1.857

    We provide these displays that supports different display formats, provides clear picture, and correcting technology for distortion.

  • P1.9mm

    Our P1.9mm GOB displays are designed with cable box cover, landing protection, fast lock, lightweight, and thinner features.

  • P2.5mm

    We manufacture GOB LED displays with P2.5mm fine pixel pitch that features low blue light, anti-static, anti-impact, and dustproof.

Installation Method

You choose GOB LED displays with the right installation methods to meet your needs.

  • Floor Standing
    Floor Standing

    We offer floor standing GOB displays with lightweight, thin design, and high refresh rate.

  • Foldable

    Our GOB LED displays are available in foldable installation method. It offers front maintenance.

  • Fixed Installation
    Fixed Installation

    SZLEDWORLD fixed installation GOB display features low noise operation and cost-effectiveness.


Fixed Installation

With its glue-filled surface sealing technology, the modules are protected from water. These are also rated with IP65 for extra protection level.


The surface our GOB LED displays is protected against dust. Therefore, providing superior visual effect and clarity. It also allows the display to have uniform color.

Visual Performance
Visual Performance

Unlike traditional LED displays, the GOB technology provides vibrant color for superior visual performance. You can guarantee high transparency and thermal conductivity.

Designed with Optimal Features

The GOB technology allows LED display to be installed in different location. It can be applied for soft LED modules for protection.

Designed with Optimal Features

  • Provides anti-knock properties
  • Features resistant to moisture and anti-humidity
  • Protected lamp beads to prevent falling down during delivery and installation
  • Up to 180-degree viewing angle
  • Does not hurt the eyes of the audience
  • Anti-collision
  • High contrast
  • Naked-eye friendly
  • Lower maintenance cost
Designed with Optimal Features
How We Produce GOB LED Displays

How We Produce GOB LED Displays

Before production, we choose excellent quality lamp beads for each display. Our team also ensure that we use world-class quality materials to ensure durability.

Ultra-high IC components are also used to ensure superior LED chip quality.

After choosing the right materials and components, we assemble each GOB display. It will undergo 72 hours aging test. The lamps are also tested for functionality.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Elevator
  • Subway
  • Meeting room or conference room
  • Shopping mall
  • Live show
  • Auditorium
  • Fitness room
  • Studio
  • Concert
  • Indoor/outdoor applications
Wide Range of Applications

Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch 1.579mm to 5mm (customized)
Module Size 240*240mm, 320*160mm, 256*128mm, and so on.
Module Resolution 152*152dots, 128*64dots,128*128dots, etc.
Resolution of Pixels 401,111dots per square meter, 250,000dots per square meter, and more
Cabinet Size 480*480*85mm
Viewing Angle 160⁰(W) 120⁰(H)
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Refresh Rate Up to 840Hz
Maintenance Front and Rear Mode
Difference Between GOB and COB LED Displays

Glue on Board (GOB) and Chip on Board (COB) are both methods of assembling LED modules onto a circuit board. They have some key differences including:

Assembly method: GOB technology uses adhesive to mount the LED modules onto the circuit board. While COB technology uses a single LED chip that is mounted directly onto the circuit board.

Form factor. GOB technology results in a thinner and more lightweight display. While COB technology can result in a more compact display.

Power consumption. GOB technology typically results in a lower power consumption. COB technology typically results in a higher power consumption due to the use of a single LED chip.

Brightness: COB technology can be used to achieve higher brightness levels than GOB technology.

Applications: GOB technology is widely used in LED displays and lighting applications. While COB technology is used in high-power lighting applications, such as street lights and flood lights.

Cost: GOB technology is less expensive than COB technology. GOB eliminates the need for a framing system. Thus, reducing the labor required to install it.

GOB Technology for Different LED Modules
  • Small pixel
  • Flood LED modules
  • Flexible modules
  • Transparent LED modules
  • Poster GOB LED modules
Maintaining GOB LED Displays

Maintaining a Glue on Board (GOB) LED display is important to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some tips for maintaining a GOB LED display:

  • Clean the display regularly
  • Check the connections
  • Monitor the temperature
  • Check the power supply
  • Check the image quality
  • Check the software
  • Replace faulty LED modules
  • Keep the LED module adhesive in good conditions
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