Gas Price LED Sign

LED signs are among the effective ways of displaying gas prices. They are made from different material types, including iron and aluminum. It makes them last for an extended period. Since they are typically installed outdoors, LED signs come with water and temperature resistance strength. Plus, with their intelligent design, your gas station can instantly change necessary prices.

SZLEDWORLD can be your trusted LED sign manufacturer. You can tell us your location, and we will define the most effective design and installation. Along with our experienced engineers and designer, we provide advanced LED signs that perfectly stands-out at your gas station. 

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Choose By Pixel Pitch

P2.5 LED Gas Sign
P2.5 LED
  • 1000cd/sqm brightness
  • 100000 hours life
  • 320mmx160mm module size
P4 LED Gas Sign
  • >6500 cd/sqm brightness
  • 256x128mm panel size
  • Full-color
P7 LED Gas sign
  • Waterproof
  • Remote control
  • Custom colors
P8 LED Gas sign
  • Aluminum structure
  • Red or customized
  • Wifi or remote control
P10 LED LED Gas sign
  • 6000cd/sqm brightness
  • 1-100m viewing distance
  • IP65 waterproof
P20 LED LED Gas sign
  • 180 meters viewing distance
  • 100000hours life service
  • Embedded-installed
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Featured Qualities

LED signs used for displaying gas prices are designed with the following features.  

  • Pricing Sign Efficiency: The pricing sign-built structures’ are with modern LED technology. They are simple to operate and have a lengthy lifespan.
  • Customizable: Customizations are available to guarantee that the LED signs are at their fullest potential as needed. From size, colors, and more required changes.
  • Control Functions: There are three functions for adjusting the LED’s brightness. It’s via a wireless remote, an automatic system, or computers.
  • High Brightness: They can clearly and visibly display pricing even in bright sunshine. It ensures that screens are effective under various conditions. 
  • Cost-Effective: They are perfect due to their high durability and easy maintenance. Consequently, they are economical for a single installation yet for long-term use.
gas feature
gas remote

Number Pricing Using Remote

Changing numbers with remote devices is easy as they have a built-in control box. A single remote can manage and control up to ten LED signs. It has six button numbers with specific functions. 

  • Button 1. They are for digit-up. So when gas has increased in price, pressing 1 increases the sign digit by one.
  • Button 2. Its function is for decreasing digits. Like button 1, it lowers by one number.
  • Button 3. To move to another sign digit on the left side, tap the shift left or button three.
  • Button 4. The gas sign moves to the next right digit when pressed.
  • Button 5. It must first press the edit or button five to edit the prices. If pressed once more, it will proceed to the next digit.
  • Button 6. Button six saves all entered digits.

LED Sign for Gas Pricing: Installation Options

Wall Hanging
Wall Hanging

The wall-hanging LED sign should at positioned outside the building. It offers an easy installation option.

  • Ideal for small gas stations
  • Affordable 
Mobile LED Gas Sign

The high-strength LED is mounted on the display board at the bottom of the filling station. Four rollers support it.  

  • Adjustable 
  • Wheel Locking Features 
single Column 2
Single Column

Gas price LED can place at a single column’s upper part. Appropriate for gas stations hidden from view. 

  • Space effective 
  • With a height of up to 10 meters 
single Column
Double Column

The LED sign is between the double column. This installation option of LED signs is for open areas. 

  • Expensive 
  • Large Display Space 
Gas Price LED Sign
Color Custom 
Height (inch) 4, 6, 8, 10, 12,16, 18, custom 
Format  Custom 
Brightness Control Light sensor 
Viewing Angle (V – H) 120° – 100°, Custom
Communication Remote controlled, TCP/IP,RF, etc
Waterproof Level Rear: IP54    Front: IP65
Working Temperature (℃) ~20 to 60
Power Input 60Hz/ 50Hz, AC 110/220 voltage 
Humidity (HR) 15% – 95% 
Lifetime (hours) 100,000 
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