Full-Color LED Display Manufacturer

Full-Color LED Display Manufacturer

SZLEDWORLD offers full-color LED screens in a variety of sizes, resolutions, shapes, etc. These LED displays have high visibility in various weather conditions.

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Lightweight & durable structure
  • Seamless splicing
  • High refresh rate

Full-Color LED Display

Full-color LED screens are a medium for brand missions, advertisement, public awareness, and other purposes. It is assembled from individual full color LED modules. They can definitely grab the viewers’ attention due to their high-definition, bright, and full-color display.

SZLEDWORLD manufactures full-color LED screens that will surely give your viewers an amazing visual effect. Our full color LED screens have IP54, IP65, and other protection ratings. They are highly resistant to corrosion, shock, moisture, and other elements.

To match your needs, our full-color LED screens can be customized as per your request. They are customizable in pixel pitches, sizes, and other configurations.

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Full-color P2.5 LED displays are commonly used for shopping malls, self-service businesses, retail stores, etc. They have wide viewing angles.


The full-color P5 LED displays can be used for advertising, restaurants, and hotels. They can show exquisite animations, graphics, etc.


P6 full-color LED screens are suitable for outdoor applications. They are waterproof, durable, and lightweight.


The P8 full-color LED screens have high debugging brightness, durable structures, and easy maintenance. They are ideal for flow shows.


P10 full-color LED screens feature large viewing angles, high brightness, and a long lifespan. They are suitable for all-day and outdoor use.


The P16 full-color LED screens have high pixel density, good heat dissipation, and energy efficiency. They can display realistic visual effects.

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Full-Color LED Display Features

High Reliability
High Reliability

The displays have high reliability and stability since they employ a high-quality power supply and LEDs.

Easy Connection
Easy Connection

The full-color display supports 4G, WiFi, software, and other wireless systems.

Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

The full-color displays are easy to access. They are available in rear and front access.


The full-color displays have fewer heat-producing parts and low power consumption, leading to long service life.

Variety of Functions

The full-color LED screens have a lot of functions which include:

  • advertisement in order to draw in potential customers
  • broadcasting enterprise or industrial information
  • decorating an area
  • urban landscape
  • warning signs
  • displaying promotional videos, animations, pictures, and more
  • creating an excellent mood in celebrating festivals, ceremonies, weddings, and other special events
Variety of Functions
Technologies of Full-Color LED Display

Technologies of Full-Color LED Display

The full-color LED screen uses 2 technologies:


RGB is an acronym for Red, Green, and Blue. Through these colors, you may generate any unique color. RGB is among the main color schemes used for full-color LED screens.


Full-color LED screens use the SMD tool. SMD stands for Surface Mount Device. It is used for grouping electronic components. It doesn’t require the soldering of metal pins. Rather than soldering, the devices will be mounted directly on the PCB.

Cabinet Design

Cabinet – Full-color LED screens can be made from magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, and other materials. We used lightweight, durable, and stable materials for the cabinet. The cabinet is also designed with waterproof and high heat dissipation abilities.

Handles – The full-color LED screens can be designed with side or top handles. That makes the display easy to install, move, or maintain.

Clear & Neat Cabling – The displays feature clear and neat cabling to make maintenance and installation easy and quick.

Fast Locks – For assembling and installing full-color indoor LED screens, fast locks are ideal.  Fast locks ensure that the whole structure will be stable and reliable.

Cabinet Design
Various Installation Methods

Various Installation Methods

To meet any application, the full-color LED screens have various installation methods such as:

  • bottom bracket installation
  • wall mount
  • hanging
  • floor-standing

Production Process

LED Chip Inspection

The chips will be inspected if there is surface pitting or mechanical damage. They will also be checked to ensure they fulfill the standards. Their electrode pattern will also be checked if they are complete.

Chip Expansion

Because the LED chips have been closely arranged after the dicing, the gap will also be small at approximately 0.1mm. Therefore, we employ chip expanders for expanding the chip to nearly 0.6mm. It can also expand the film that bonds the LED chip. Expanding manually is also possible. However, it is likely to result in chip dropping and other unwanted issues.

LED Dispensing

This process is done by applying insulating or silver glue to the LED screen bracket’s proper position. For yellow-green, yellow, and red chips with back electrodes, silver glue will be used. It is used for SiC and GaAs conductive substrates.

Insulating glue will also be used for green and blue chips with sapphire insulating substrates. It is used for fixing the LED chips.

Because insulating and silver glue have rigorous usage requirements, we carefully stir and properly use them in the right time.

Glue Preparation

Glue preparation includes applying silver glue on the LED’s electrode. After that, the LED will be installed. And the silver glue will be applied to the LED bracket’s back.

Piercing Manually

This process includes placing the expanded chip on the piercing table’s jig. The LED bracket will also be placed under the jig. LED chips will also be punctured to the proper spot.

Pressure Welding

Pressure welding will be done to connect the electrodes to the chip. It connects the LED’s outer and inner leads. The 2 kinds of processes for bonding the LED screens are

  • aluminum wire bond
  • gold wire ball bond

The things that must be monitored include the:

  • tension
  • solder joint’s shape
  • shape of the pressure aluminum wire and welding gold wire


Sintering is used to harden the silver glue. Temperature monitoring is required during sintering to avoid batch failure.

Automatic Installation

The automatic installation has 2 stages which include:

  • installing chips
  • dispensing or dipping glue


In this process, the LEDs’ photoelectric properties will be tested. Their external dimensions will also be checked. The full-color LED screens will also be sorted as per your requirements.


The finished full-color LED screens will be counted and packaged. Full-color LED screens that are ultra-bright will be packaged in anti-static packaging.

Your Professional Full-Color LED Display Supplier | SZLEDWORLD
Your Professional Full-Color LED Display Supplier | SZLEDWORLD

SZLEDWORLD supplies all kinds of high-quality full-color LED screens including rental, fixed, flexible, and many more. We also provide excellent after-sales service, fast delivery, and reasonable prices.

Types of Full-Color LED Display

There are different kinds of full-color LED screens based on their applications such as:

Full-Color Indoor LED Screen

Full-color indoor LED screen has a small brightness dot. They are commonly used for indoor applications such as:

  • halls
  • theaters
  • stages
  • bars
  • station
  • schools
  • church

Full-Color Outdoor LED Screen

The full-color outdoor LED screens have an area that ranges from tens to hundreds of square meters or even more. They are designed to have high brightness since they will be exposed to sunlight. Also, they have waterproof, rainproof, and windproof features. You can use them for:

  • outdoor advertising
  • superstores
  • plazas
  • stations
  • communities
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