Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What do you mean by LED?

LED is a short abbreviation for light-emitting diode. Therefore, LED screens are composed of various small LEDs placed close to each other. LEDs produce three different colors including blue, green, and red. When these three colors light up together, it can generate a wide different color, needed to generate images.

What do you mean by pixel?

These are the tiniest LED wall or LED screen elements monitored individually. Pixels can be switched on or off according to your desired intensity level.

What are the differences between traditional and LED screens?

The most common difference between the two screens are their applications. LCD screens are commonly used for indoor environment. While LED screens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Compared to LCD screens, LED screens are more durable. They are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. LED screens can also display visible content under direct sunlight.

Which is better – LED Screens or Video Projector?

Video projectors are usually a lo cost option, however, they do not display high-quality content that a LED screen can. Unlike projectors, LED screens are more innovative and can adapt to different environmental conditions without affecting the display quality.

Questions About the Product

Can I Use LED Screen Even if it is Raining?

Absolutely yes! All our LED screens or LED walls are fully waterproof.  All their components such as frame, cabinet, structure, and more are rain resistant.

How do standard and custom LED screen differ in each other?

Our standard LED screens are manufactured with sizes and structure according to the industry standards and can be sold to any customer. Meanwhile, we manufacture custom LED screen according to the customer’s size, design, color, and other requirements.

What maximum LED screen size can you manufacture?

We can manufacture any size of LED screen in any shape based on your specifications.

What power do I need to turn on my LED display?

Our LED display requires 110V to 280V of power to run smoothly. However, it also depends on the NIT rating and size of the LED display.

Do you have outdoor-rated LED screens?

Yes. We manufacture outdoor-rated LED screens for permanent outdoor applications.

How much do your LED screens cost?

The prices of LED screens and LED displays vary depending on various factors such as market factors, supply, and more. Contact our sales team for the list of prices.

Questions About Our Services

Do you offer a minimum LED screen order quantity?

Yes. We have a low MOQ for all international clients.

What is your lead time?

We provide 7 days lead time for samples. However, it takes 20 to 30 days lead time for mass production of LED screens. The lead time starts after we receive your final product confirmation and receiving your deposit.

What are your payment methods?

We receive payments through bank transfer, PayPal, or Western Union. Advance payment is 30% and the remaining 70% will be collected after the production.

Do you offer an LED screen warranty?

Yes. We offer a long-term warranty to assure long-lasting quality and peace of mind.

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