Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED screens are manufactured at our high-end production facilities employing premium PCB and resilient rubber components. In addition to the structure of LED screens, it consists of flexible transparent materials that insulate at both sides. That responsible for protecting LED circuits from possible malfunctioning and damages, making the entire screen exceedingly resilient. 

Aside from that, our flexible LED screen is engineered with robust internal thermal management. This system makes the LED screen to be more resistant and prevents it from overheating despite longer duration use. 

You can benefit a sense if you choose SZLEDWORLD flexible LED displays for your projects or enterprise. We custom-made LED screens that perfectly fit into different spaces with different angles. Due to its huge flexibility quality, this screen can be creatively installed in different sizes and shapes of your choice and purpose. To achieve clearer, more impactful, and higher visual performance and display, use the flexible LED screen from SZLEDWORLD now!

Learn deeper about our related LED screen products as well as our company’s services, please do not hesitate to reach us anytime! We will patiently wait for you!

Flexible Creative LED Screen
  • Supports multiple materials formats as well as a display controlling system.
  • Images, texts, graphics, characters, or animations are programmable and changeable anytime. 
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Compact and lightweight.
Flexible LED Screen Special-Shaped
Flexible LED Screen Special-Shaped
  • Designed for special occasions and creative display solutions.
  • Module design that is incredibly thin and light.
  • Shows super visible, clear, and vivid display effects.
  • Seamless and smooth splicing.
Waterproof Flexible LED Screen
Waterproof Flexible LED Screen
  • It is coated with durable waterproofing elements.
  • Compatible with numerous software.
  • The higher ability of anti-interference and shares longer transmission distance. 
  • Both audio and light are synchronously controlled.
Flexible Glass Transparent LED Screen
Flexible Glass Transparent LED Screen
  • Provides up to 95% of transparency to the LED screen.
  • Super soft creative design.
  • Gives a higher degree of true color reproduction for a realistic displaying effect.
Flexible Curved LED Screen
  • Designed for a broad viewing experience.
  • Impressively low energy consumption.
  • Adjustable brightness level that greatly benefits viewers’ eyesight.
  • Brings outstanding performance in visibility.
  • Prolong service life.
Flexible Large Outdoor LED Screen
Flexible Large Outdoor LED Screen
  • Superior installation flexibility.
  • Reliable for showing the best visual appeal.
  • General construction that is strong and compact.
  • Modules are not easy to deform.
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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Flexible LED Screen

Professional R&D Capabilities. SZLEDWORLD is the leader for designing and manufacturing for flexible LED screens. We continuously develop and innovate our LED product adopting the most advanced software technologies and hardware. 

Creative Customization Designs.  SZLEDWORLD takes pride in how successful we are in providing effective LED screen solutions for our clients— from idea, conception phase, to creative assembly.

Value-Added Services. Our production expert team provides top-tier value-added service proficiency for all events and projects, no matter how big or small it is.

Stringent Quality Inspection. Our team regularly performs strict product tests and inspections to ensure that the overall structural and performance quality of our LED screens meets the required standard qualifications. 

Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Flexible LED Screen

Let Flexible LED Display from SZLEDWORLD Grow Your Business

SZLEDWORLD flexible LED display is one of the most advantageous investments you can make for the expansion of your corporation.

Make your striking design come alive.

The best entertainment and graphics are presented on flexible LED screens courtesy to their material removal, unique design.

You are welcome to display your ingenuity due to the exceptionally excellent quality of these displays.

Boost your identity.

Flexible LED displays from SZLEDWORLD might help your business draw in new customers.

They provide you with an excellent opportunity to advertise your goods and services and inform others about your company.


Businesses always prioritize finding cost-effective solutions. 

Flexible LED displays might be advantageous in this situation.

They are made to be reasonably priced and generally great profits.

Present a user-friendly experience.

In addition to conveying brand and business information, a flexible LED display provides an exciting and distinctive visual experience.

Continual productivity.

Sturdy and flexible materials were used to make it. Designed to resist and minimize physical damage during transportation and setups. 

An enjoyable screen reading in any high – end applications is made possible by high auto brightness.

Easily installed and maintained.

The deployment of flexible LED displays is simple and doesn’t involve any complicated steps.

Flexible LED screens are installed on a strong foundation when they are delivered, allowing them to quickly take up any available space.

Specification of Flexible LED Screen

Dimensions (w x h x d) 240 mm x 120 mm x8 mm
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3 mm
Resolution (w x h) 80 x 40
Pixel Configuration 1R, 1G, 1B 3 in 1 SMD 2121
Density 111,111 pixel /㎡
Weight 0.26 kg
Colors 32 bit (232)
Color Temperature (adjustable) 3500 K~9500K
View Angle (min, 50% brightness) H≥110°  V≥110°
Grey Scale 32 bit
Contrast Ratio <5000:1
Dimming 100 grade
Brightness (calibrating value) 1000 nits
Brightness Uniformity >97%
Color Uniformity <0.003Cx,Cy
Drive Type Constant current drive
Scan Type 1/32
Input Voltage DC 5V
Frame Rate 60Hz
Refresh Rate 480Hz~3000Hz
Earth Leakage Current <1mA
Lifetime ( 50% Brightness ) 100,000 hrs
MTBF Greater than 10,000 HS
Operating Humidity Range Operating 10~96%
Defects Rate ≤0.00001
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Storage Temperature -25℃ ~ +85℃
Ingress Protection Front IP43
Neat degree: Each pixel to the next one ≤0.2 mm
Flexible LED Screens Offer Typical Features

– Given the flexible structure.

– The LED circuits are simple to reach, making work easier.

– For transport and handling, a flexible LED is simply put together, taken apart, and folded.

– Layered with high-quality raw materials

– The flexible LED module makes advantage of soft bottom housing and very fireproof PCBs.

– Flexible and strong; can be shaped into any shape as needed.

– High-speed connections, which are simple to install and compatible with professional audio and video processing systems, are utilized on the signal and power lines connecting the boxes.

– It can be used for many different installation techniques, including lifting and surface installation.

Numerous Uses for Flexible LED Screen

SZLEDWORLD flexible LED screen commands attention wherever it goes.

All events and applications are appropriate, including:

  • – Exhibits
  • – Retail advertising
  • – Theatrical performances
  • – Sporting events.
  • – Shopping Mall
  • – Exhibition
  • – Stage Performance
  • – Building Lobby
  • – Airport– Massive hotel
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