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Flexible LED Module

Flexible LED Module Supplier in China

Flexible LED module is designed to produce HD resolution for a concave or convex curved screen. Depending on your application, it can be reshaped randomly. From pitch 1mm to 8mm, flexible LED module provides great benefits for your designs.

SZLEDWORLD produces two types of flexible LED modules, bare board and silicone based. Our bare board has a simple design. It is fully adjustable and affordable. On the other hand, our silicone-based is embedded with magnets and frames.

Whether you need a silicone-based or bare-board flexible LED module, SZLEDWORLD can provide it for you. If you want a special design for a flexible LED module, we are also offering customization.

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Flexible LED Module 320x160mm

Our flexible LED module 320x160mm produces natural and true color. It has chromatic correction with low EMI and low power consumption.

Flexible LED Module 256x128mm

We provide flexible LED modules 256x128mm with a variety of styles and shapes. It does not produce any noise and offers adjustable brightness.

Flexible LED Module 240x120mm

SZLEDWORLD flexible LED module 240x120mm is ideal for indoor applications. This type of LED module is usually used for advertising and malls.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Flexible LED Module

High Brightness
Bendable or Flexible

Our flexible LED module is ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. Our product is bendable and flexible for your use.


We can produce flexible LED modules in the sizes and specifications you require. It is available in small to large sizes. You can ensure that our services are affordable.

Viewing Distance
Viewing Distance

We designed our flexible LED module with a viewable display in short and far distances. Displays can be seen even in long-distance spaces, especially for outdoor uses.

High Refresh Rate
High Refresh Rate

For video displays, SZLEDWORLD flexible LED module has a guaranteed high refresh rate. It is capable of producing 190 Hz or above refresh rate to avoid streaks.

Flexible LED Module Applications

Ball LED Display: Flexible LED module is suitable for a ball LED display. Its great flexibility allows a 360° viewing angle. Ball LED display is used for exhibition halls, museums, advertisements, and malls.

Ceiling LED Display: Flexible LED module has ultra-thin features. It has high grayscale and color uniformity. It can be shaped in any ceiling design.

Curved LED Display: for curved LED display, our flexible LED module offers great performance and convenience. It also reduces image distortions.

Immersive LED Screen: using a flexible LED module for an immersive LED screen creates virtual reality images.

Cylindrical Screen: used for conferences, hotels, etc. Flexible LED module in cylindrical screen creates an attractive and eye-catching atmosphere.

Flexible LED Module Applications
Flexible LED Module Advantages

Flexible LED Module Advantages

  • It can be assembled to any shape and applications
  • Suitable for all LED projects
  • Premium quality at affordable prices
  • Top-quality components with a low malfunction rate
  • Stable performance in any environment
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Time-saving and easy to maintain
  • Manufactured using strict quality control
  • Convex or concave on curved use
  • HD resolution and energy-saving

Hardware Features

Front services: you can operate simple repairs without removing the backside. For tight or narrow spaces, this design is perfect.

Magnetic design: frames have magnets to remove the front panels. Magnetic modules help with fast installation.

Consistent connection: our flexible LED module provides a consistent connection for great viewing. We added an SMD mask on the module making it viewable anytime.

Cases: we used IP65 protection for a sturdy structure.

Hardware Features

Flexible LED Module Specification

Pixel Pitch 1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm
Pixel Density 40960














Brightness ≥700(cd/m2) ≥700(cd/m2) 800-1200










Viewing Angle 360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°
Input Signal                               HD-SDI, VGA, S-video, HDMI, DVI
Operating temp.                               Up to 60℃


                              Up to 90%RH


                              Fully adjustable
How long does a flexible LED module last?

SZLEDWORLD flexible LED module is designed for long-lasting performance. It is capable of performing for 80, 000 to 100, 000 hours.

Why Choose Flexible LED over Conventional LED Display Modules

  1. A flexible LED module is composed of materials that have high hardness than other LED displays. Circuit boards are highly flexible and coated with anti-torsion materials. It is strong against compression and usable for irregular-shaped places.
  2. It has magnetic suction for fast installation. Quick joints are used to connect bodies and wires.
  3. A flexible LED module with strong ductility can be randomly shaped. It can be mounted, hoisted, and more. It can perform HD 360-degree display with consistent static drive. The flexible LED module shows virtual reality colors and ultra-clear pictures.
  4. It has lower-cost maintenance with a low dead light rating. A flexible LED module is capable of controlling the errors between modules. Through the soldering process, it remains constant and stable.
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