Energy Saving LED Display

Energy Saving LED Display

Energy Saving LED Display

Either for advertising, marketing or easing the viewing experience. The need for energy saving LED displays increasingly becomes a vital subject for the LED industry all over the world. That’s why we, SZLEDWORLD, introduce energy-saving LED display solutions. These highly programmed devices are engineered with innovative physical qualities and optimized power-saving performance. With its extended services and less consumption, it remarkably saves huge amounts of energy. Also, it guarantees impressive and consistent working results even after long hours of use.

SZLEDWORLD produces energy saving LED displays, equally suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. We can provide you displays with the exact specifications and configurations that suit your general needs. So if you are considering purchasing an energy saving LED display, getting it from SZLEDWORLD is the best decision to make. Compared to others, our products are indeed more cost-effective and reliable than you think!

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Energy Saving LED Display Series

Wall Mount P10 Outdoor Energy Saving LED Display
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Input Voltage: 240 V
  • Resolution: 32 dots x 16 dots
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Pixel Pitch: 10 mm
P4 LED Display Module with Energy-Saving
P4 LED Display Module with Energy-Saving
  • Viewing Angle: 140 Degree
  • Brightness: Above 6500CD/Sqm
  • Application: Advertising
  • Gray Scale: 16 Bit
  • Module Resolution: 80*40
P6 Energy Saving LED Display
P6 Energy Saving LED Display
  • Viewing Angle: H-140° V-140°
  • Color Temperature: 6000-9500K
  • Gray Scale: 14-16bit
  • Max Power Consumption: 700-850W/m2
P5 Outdoor Energy Saving Waterproof LED Display
P5 Outdoor Energy Saving Waterproof LED Display
  • Storage temperature range: -40~ +80
  • Operation humidity (RH): 10%~90%
  • Working life: 10,0000H
  • Input Voltage (V): 110-220V/200-240V
  • Working Environment: Outdoor and Indoor
P6.67 Energy Saving LED Display Screen
P6.67 Energy Saving LED Display Screen
  • Pixel Pitch: 6.67mm
  • Refresh Rate: ≥1920Hz
  • Pixel Resolution: 22500pixel/m2
  • Module Dimension: 320mm×160mm
  • Cabinet Material: Waterproof Iron/Aluminum
Energy Saving P4.16 Front Service
Energy Saving P4.16 Front Service
  • Refresh Rate: ≥1920Hz
  • Pixel Resolution: 22500pixel/m2
  • Module Dimension: 320mm×160mm
  • Cabinet Material: Waterproof Iron/Aluminum
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  • SZLEDWORLD manufacturing specialist has decades of combined experience focusing on R&D, OEM ODM services, and LED display solutions.
  • Professional team who have rich knowledge and expertise in LED display manufacturing. Also, we offer a superior level of customer services, unmatchable in the entire industry. 
  • Complete design and configuration guidelines are available. 
  • We actively supply a variety of products in different global countries and regions.
  • Door-to-door delivery, fast process lead time, and 24/7 quick responses.
Customize Your Energy Saving LED Display with SZLEDWORLD

Customize Your Energy Saving LED Display with SZLEDWORLD

Energy-saving LED displays also refer to one of the most effective advertising mediums that are typically used outdoors. As its name states, this device consumes less energy and is justified despite being used for prolonged periods. 

At SZLEDWORLD, our team offers customization services, in terms of sizes, designs, and configurations based on your project requirements. Aside from that, every LED product goes through stringent tests and inspections, ensuring its overall quality rating and performance status. 

Everything you need is available at hand. Besides delivering high-quality energy-saving LED displays, SZLEDWORLD manufacturing experts are also committed to offering value-added services for you.

Why Use Energy Saving LED Display from SZLEDWORLD

These are the reasons why it is the best idea to utilize an energy LED display from SLEDWORLD rather than others.

(1). Energy-saving LED displays are a very useful electronic tool in conserving colossal energy even in the long run. 

(2). User-friendly, environmentally safe, and produces lower emission of light pollution.

(3). Build with a safe-locking mechanism that is responsible for the secured connection between the panel and modules.

(4). Equipped with easy operating system software, allows for optimization, real-time content uploading, accessibility, and file sending. 

(5). Their system controls are undoubtedly safe and secure in keeping important media files for future use.

Settings for playing live displays for advertisement, promotion, entertainment or business. 

(6). IP65 rating, along with time-saving from maintenance.

(7). Refresh rate: 3840 Hz.

(8). Brightness: 6500 nits.

(9). Available in numerous pixel pitches.

Product Name Energy Saving LED Display
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.667
Pixel Density (dot/m2) 22500
LED sealing Type SMD2727
Module Size (mm * mm) 480*320
Module Resolution (PX* PX) 72*48
Brightness (cd/m2) 6000
Grey Scale(bit) ≥14
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840
Maximum Cabinet Power Consumption (W) 550
Average Cabinet Power Consumption (W) 150
Cabinet Size (mm * mm) 960*960
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 28KG
Cabinet Thickness(mm) 75
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg) 160
Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg) 140
Input Voltage (V) 110-220V/200-240V
Working Temperature (℃) -20~ +40
Working humidity(RH) 10%~90%
Storage temperature range -40~ +80
Operation humidity (RH): 10%~90%
Waterproof Level IP66
Working life 50000H
Common Uses and Applications

We design and manufacture energy-saving LED displays that are applicable for the following uses:

  • Provide public information
  • Promotes particular services
  • Broadcasting live events
  • Brands and products advertisement
  • Campaign promotion
  • Entertainment
How Possible that LED Display can be Energy-Saving?
  • Display Effect

Decreasing the power consumption and brightness through increasing contrast. Also, balance both color and intensity all the time. That means, adjusting the brightness of an LED display based on the working environment.

  • Light Source

The luminous efficiency of an LED chip will improve by adjusting its viewing angle. Plus, choosing LED chips with a higher luminous intensity is also an effective way to save energy.

  • Power Supply

By using a high-efficiency switching power supply together with a PFC (power factor controller) and synchronized rectification circuit design, you can improve power aspects and reduce thermal energy consumption. 

  • Circuit Design

Utilizing energy-saving circuits will result in greater energy efficiency.

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