Dot Matrix Display

Dot Matrix Display

Dot Matrix Display

The dot matrix displays from SZLEDWORLD are constructed having the advantages of energy-efficiency, long-lasting functionality and resistance ability. That is why using these display devices in different pixel patterns, it allows you to showcase a full range of alphanumeric characters, letters, and simple graphics with superior visibility, clarity, and long visual range even in a wider angle view. Additionally, this dot matrix display is versatile in a range of applications and hence have large-scale development possibilities. 

Whether you are looking for the best supplier for high quality dot matrix display, SZLEDWORLD from China is the ultimate solution. We’ve become committed to LED devices manufacturing for decades. Here, we offer a series of dot matrix displays in a variety of options including shapes, sizes, capacities, and configurations. We can custom-make them depending on your choice.

So if you want to avail high performance dot matrix dot that fits within your budget, then, consider using the dot matrix dot from SZLEDWORLD. Contact us now for further information!

Dot Matrix Display By Sizes

8x32 Dot Matrix Display
8x32 Dot Matrix Display
  • Matrix size: 32×8 (256-dots)
  • Display Size: 128×33 mm
  • Operating voltage: 4.5~5V
  • Interface: 3-wires serial interface
  • Power supply: 3.3V to 5V DC
4x64 Dot Matrix Display
4x64 Dot Matrix Display
  • Working current DC: 30mA – 80mA
  • Operating voltage: from +3.3V to +5V DC
  • Operating temperature: from -10 ° C to 80 ° C
8x8 Dot Matrix Display Module
8x8 Dot Matrix Display Module
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Maximum Operating Current: 320 mA
  • Forward Voltage for Each Segment or LED (Turning ON): 1.5V – 2.0V
16x16 Dot Matrix LED Display
16x16 Dot Matrix LED Display
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: – 25°C to + 60°
  • Luminous intensity: 130-140mcd/chip
  • Forward Current for Each Segment or LED (During ON): 10mA – 15mA
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SZLEDWORDL is a global leader who owns the most popular LED devices throughout the industry and markets. We are specialists in developing and innovating thousands of LED solutions for different dilemmas.

Our team has an unprecedented level of intelligence to identify and understand the specific application needs of the customer and provide them with technical assistance. 

Get in touch with us for more updates about our product development.


SZLEDWORLD Dot Matrix Display Pinouts

VCC – this pin connects to the 5 voltage power supply.  

GND – the dot matrix displays modules’ ground pin. It typically attaches to any pin of a microcontroller. 

DIN – refers to “Data In Pin ”. It is also used to connect to any digital pin of the microcontroller. 

CS – the chip select pin of dot matrix display module.

CLK – also refers to the clock pin of the dot matrix display module.

Excluding the VCC and GND, the rest of the pins are digital, and only function at 5 volts power. If it is utilized in a full brightness state, this produces 1A current to LEDs power.

LED color Red, green, blue, white, etc.
Number of LEDs per board 64 or more
LED layout 8 x 8, etc
LED diameter 1.9 mm, 3 mm 3.7 mm, 5 mm
Dimensions 32 x 32 x 7 mm for 3 mm, 60 mm * 60 mm for 5 mm
Voltage 2V or more
Current 5 – 10mA
Number of pins 16 (8 x 8)
Pin length Variable
SZLEDWORLD Dot Matrix Display for Different Applications

The evolution of dot matrix displays proves their significance for the following applications, including:

  • Information Displays
  • Meter Displays
  • Industrial Controls
  • Security Electronics
  • Communication Equipment
  • Significant Panel Indicators
  • Equipment for life safety
  • Healthcare Resources
  • Instruments for Testing and Measuring
Special Qualities of Dot Matrix Display

Take a look at the following qualities that our dot matrix display possesses:

  • Custom display dimensions and patterns are available.
  • An extensive range of LED colors.
  • Intensity grading accessibility. 
  • Higher brightness chips
Operational Benefits

Why use a dot matrix display from SZLEDWORLD? Consider the following benefits. 

  • Potentially outputting over 135 watts, making it more efficient to use. 
  • It guarantees long-lasting service life if it is installed properly.
  • Powerful MCUs are not necessary.
  • Easy to integrate along the current setup between the dot matrix display panek and the system.
  • Easy to update in displaying diversified and real-time active contents to all viewers. 
  • State-of-the art graphic and animation results.
  • Certain message or pattern content in different languages or font styles as set up by the software. 
  • Conveys information or announcements through board communication systems. 
  • Both colors and brightness are easy to control.
  • No wash out colors. 
  • Low temperature though in startup zero temperature. 
  • User and environmentally-friendly as it does not contain mercury or any hazardous components. 
  • A solid state lighting due it is built from solid material without tube, no bulb filament to break.
  • Durable and no maintenance required.
  • Practically cost-effective.
What is Shown on the Matrix Display?

The display is made up of a dot matrix of rectangular-shaped lights or electromechanical signals (other forms are indeed feasible but less popular).

Which can be turned on or off to show either graphics or text.

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