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SZLEDWORLD DJ booth LED screens are suitable for all settings in nightclubs, bars, and other venues.

We offer you the latest line of DJ booth LED screens with outstanding cutting-edge designs.

  • Lifetime: more than 100,000 hours
  • Available in various unique shapes
  • Pixel pitch is P5mm or custom
  • Storage temperature ranges between -40 and +55°


DJ booth LED screen is a 3-dimensional LED screen. It is assembled into shaped structures. They fit together to produce breathtaking effects. Each panel can be mapped for stunning, vibrant presentations. It shows real vision, video effects, or patterns. Shortly, they offer a height of lighting excitement with their jaw-dropping visual display.

SZLEDWORLD DJ booth LED display has a controllable operation with other lighting. VJ and DJ will have countless options. Moreover, these screens come in a variety of models, sizes, and styles. There are square display modules, triangles, abstract, honeycomb, and others.

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Cube LED DJ Booth Screen
Cube LED DJ Booth Screen

It has an outstanding content design that allows an incredible visual experience. It provides smooth and clear results. Easy to construct and disassemble. Quick and simple to install. Available in multiple sizes.

DJ Booth Rectangular LED Screen
DJ Booth Rectangular LED Screen

Feature four detachable panels. It has 7 preset effects with over 45 minutes of the show. You can create your own effects and patterns with LED software. Simple to configure.

Diamond-Shaped DJ Booth LED Screen
Diamond-Shaped DJ Booth LED Screen

It comes in full-color hues. High brightness and resolution. It feature advanced video control system and super input system. RoHS and CE certified. Simple installation.

DJ Booth LED Screen Curved-Shaped
DJ Booth LED Screen Curved-Shaped

Audio and video interface system provide vibrant, full, and quality LED display. It fit for different computer networks. Commonly used in theaters, stadiums, offices, etc.

Hexagon DJ Booth LED Display
Hexagon DJ Booth LED Display

Data connection options are output, input, and Ethercon. It adopts LED technology with 40000-dot-per-square pixel density for a delicate look. Detachable construction.

Butterfly LED DJ Booth
Butterfly LED DJ Booth

SZLEDWORLD butterfly LED DJ booth provides superior DJ console bar performance. Guaranteed 2-year warranty and technical assistance. Easy to use and maintain. Can be configured to ideal dimension.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD DJ Booth LED Display

Superior Refresh Rate
Superior Refresh Rate

Szledworld DJ booth LED displays contrast ratio and refresh rate could both exceed 3,840Hz and 5000:1, respectively.

Excellent Stability
Excellent Stability

It boasts a twofold backup construction that allows for continuous, round-the-clock operation in DJ bars. Extensive use for entertainment areas.

Strong Effects
Strong Effects

The DJ booth LED module provides visual impact with its colorful display. Video show boosts a raucous and engaging ambiance.


Our DJ booth LED module has a favorable response to the government’s 4.5 energy-saving goals. It results in a 10% reduction in power consumption.

Wide Range of Application

SZLEDWORLD DJ booth LED screens are extensively used for both indoor and outdoor settings. Below are a few examples:

  • KTV or Clubs
  • Halls
  • Night Bars
  • Auditoriums
  • Hotels
  • Exhibition Room
  • Public Squares
  • TV Stage Backgrounds
  • Wedding
  • Expos
  • Product Launch
  • Galas
Wide Range of Application
Features and Benefits of LED Dj Booth

Features and Benefits of LED Dj Booth

  • Great Display: It shows small spacing, bringing the viewing distance closer. Additionally, displays provide uniform light mixing, high color matching, and good consistency.
  • Continuous Splicing: SZLEDWORLD display creates flawless visual performance. Its flawless flatness creates the ideal effect.
  • Innovative Design: Our LED DJ booth displays can be customized with unique shapes and sizes. We can also design your ideal LED DJ booth.
  • User-friendly Software with Simple Control: available modes – synchronous and asynchronous. It can operate continuously 24/7.

Additional Display Functions

Aside from photos and videos, we also offer displays in the following choices.

  • Messages
  • Slideshows
  • Graphic Visual Effect
  • Interactive Displays
  • Live Dance Flood Video Feed

Other options include backdrop displays, video live streams, social media walls, and showcase brand logos or information.

Additional Display Functions
Available Sizes and Use

Available Sizes and Use

Small DJ Booth Display

Excellent for hanging behind the DJ setup; or placing in front of the DJ booth as a focal point.

Large-Sized DJ Booth Display

This is excellent for DJ booths, presentations, and photos, among other things.

Medium-Sized DJ Booth Display

Great for dividing the setup and providing an ultimate aesthetic approach.

Pixel Pitch 5mm or customized
Pixel Density 40,000 dots per square inch of pixels
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Max. Viewing Distance >5m
Storage Condition 40°F – +55°F
Working Condition -20 – +55°
Working Life 50,000 hours
Brightness >1,200 nits
Cabinet Material Cast iron, etc
LED Effects Can be customized as desired
Standard CE, ROHS
Installation Method Standing, wall-mounted, fixed, etc.
Lifespan 10-12 years

Remarks & Key Precautions

Avoid Water Interaction

DJ booth LED screens have a limited level of protection. Water can cause a module short circuit, which damages circuit devices.

Avoid Displaying Images or Texts

This could drastically reduce LED lamp brightness or even result in LED lamp death. Play any moving images or text.

Reduce Brightness of Entire Display when NOT Use

It is advised to lessen brightness by 50% 12 hours in advance.

Properly Ground Components

The screen’s installation framework, cabinet, and switching power supply must all be properly grounded. This will help prevent harmful mishaps like screen leaking or electric shock.

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