Direct View LED Video Wall: Definition, Components and Uses

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With the increasing material needs of people, traditional LCD and projection display equipment can no longer meet today’s needs. Compared with other forms of display equipment, direct-view LED video walls have more detailed displays, more brilliant colors, wider color gamut, and more power-saving properties, and are favored by more users. Below we will introduce its composition, definition, and application in detail.

What is a Direct View LED Video Wall?

Direct View LED Video Wall is relative to the backlight display. It refers to an LED display that emits light directly from light-emitting diodes and consists of three primary colors red, green, and blue to display videos, pictures, text, animations, etc. dazzlingly and colorfully.

Direct View LED Video Wall is composed of light-emitting diodes neatly arranged on a PCB board to form an LED module unit. The LED module unit is assembled into an LED cabinet, and then the cabinets are assembled into a large LED video wall. It is powered by power supplies and controls system transmission signals. then to realize the function of displaying the pictures, and videos.

Direct View LED Video Wall vs. Liquid Crystal Display

Direct View LED Video Wall vs. Liquid Crystal Display

LED (light-emitting diodes) and LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display) are two main display devices with different principles on the market. Their display effects, occasions, prices, etc. are different. Their main differences are:

  • Frame: LED is made of LED modules, there is no frame inside the screen body, so the display effect will be better. There will be a gap of 1.7 to 5.5 mm between the LCD panels that make up the entire screen, which will affect the viewing effect;
  • Brightness: LED has higher brightness and can be used outdoors, LCD is only used indoors;
  • Energy consumption: LED is more energy efficient than LCD, only 1/10 of its energy consumption;
  • Viewing angle range: LED standard viewing angle range 120 degrees in horizontal and vertical directions, LCD viewing angle range is smaller;
  • Refresh rate: LED has a higher refresh rate than LCD, and the picture display is smoother and continuous;
  • Usage environment: LCD is not waterproof and can only be used indoors, LED can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Direct View LED Video Wall Components

At this point, you may wonder how direct view LED video walls (DVLED) offer superior image quality, a long lifespan, and energy efficiency. To have an in-depth understanding of how these video walls work, it’s important to know their components. 

LED Modules

LED modules are the basic components of a Direct view LED Video wall. It is the smallest display unit composed of light-emitting diodes, PCB, ICS, resistors, capacitors, plastic bottom cases, etc. According to the use environment, it can be divided into indoor LED modules and outdoor LED modules.

P8 256x128mm outdoor led modules front and back

P8 256x128mm outdoor led modules front and back

LED Cabinets

LED cabinets are the structures that hold the LED modules in place and protect them from damage. These cabinets provide structural support, protect the LEDs, and allow for easy installation. The overall size and shape of the video wall display are determined by the arrangement of these cabinets.

Power Supply

The power supply provides electrical energy for the direct view led video wall. It converts the input 220v or 110v into DC5V or DC4.2V and outputs it to the LED module, thereby driving the diode to emit light and achieve the effect of displaying the picture or videos.

power supply

Control System

The control system sends programs to the direct view led video wall and configures the screen parameters, such as brightness, refresh, grayscale, etc. It consists of hardware and software that jointly control the operation of the direct view led video wall.

LED Video Processor Main Function

Video Processor

The video processor makes the direct view led video wall more powerful. It can increase the type of video signal source (PC, SDI, HDMI, DVI, DP, etc.), zoom the video, display the picture in multiple windows, and switch seamlessly. Video and other functions.

LED video processor


The controller acts as the central hub for managing the video wall. It facilitates communication between the control system, video processor, and LED panels to display the content on the video wall. Precise control allows for real-time adjustments and customization.\

LED Display Video All-in-One Controller Box

Cooling System

LED modules can generate heat, and a cooling system, such as fans or heat sinks, is essential to dissipate this heat and maintain the optimal operating temperature. It helps prevent overheating and ensures the longevity of the DVLED video wall display.

LED cooling system


The frame or structure provides stability and support that hold the entire LED video wall in place. It ensures that the video wall display is securely mounted and aligned. The structural design may also impact the overall aesthetics, installation, maintenance, and serviceability.

Steel structure
Steel structure

Front Service Access

Some direct view LED video walls feature front service access. It is a feature that allows easy access to the components of the video wall for maintenance and repair purposes without dismantling the entire video wall display. This is particularly useful when the video wall is installed in a location where rear access is limited.

LED front service access

Power and Signal Cables

Power and signal cables connect the LED panels, power supply, and control system. It allows the transmission of both power and data signals throughout the video wall, ensuring reliability and preventing signal interference.

LED power and signal cables

Screen Surface

The screen surface is the final component that covers the LED modules, wherein the seamless arrangement of panels creates a cohesive and impactful display. It is made of a high-quality material that provides excellent image quality and durability and can withstand different environmental challenges.

LED screen surface

Why choose Direct View LED Video Wall?

Now that we already know the components of a direct view LED video wall display, choosing DVLED over other display technologies may vary depending on your needs and preferences. So what are the advantages of choosing a direct-view LED video wall?

Stunning Visual Impact

Direct view led video wall’s internal continuous frameless picture, broad wide viewing angle display range, higher refresh rate, grayscale, and brightness make your display content more colorful and higher-level.

High Brightness and Clarity

LEDs are inherently brighter than traditional LCDs. Direct view LED video walls offer excellent contrast, brightness, and color accuracy, making them suitable for well-lit environments, large venues, and outdoor installations.

Longer Lifespan

DVLED display technology is not a popular choice for nothing. It is known for its durability and longevity. Its lifespan under normal use is 100,000 hours.


It is energy efficient. this results in lower operating costs over the lifespan of the display, which makes it sustainable and investment-worthy.

Highly Customizable

For direct view LED video wall display technology, your imagination sets the limits! Its flexibility allows for creative freedom in designing and creating captivating visual installations. Whatever shape, size, resolution, and content you have in mind are all possible to bring into reality. 

Real-time Content Display

Direct-view LED video walls can handle real-time content updates and dynamic displays when paired with advanced control systems. This is very important for applications such as live events, sports venues, and control rooms where up-to-the-minute information is prominent.

Modular Design

Maintenance and repairs were made easy with advanced display technologies, such as direct view LED video walls. Since they are made up of individual panels, they can be easily replaced if one of them fails.


Direct-view LED displays find applications across various industries. Their versatility makes them suitable for diverse environments and uses. That is why, almost everywhere you go, you can find LED display technologies captivating your attention.


LED screen application

It has revolutionized visual communication across industries. Explore some of its common applications:

Outdoor Display

The weather-resistant design of the direct view LED video wall display technology makes them perfect for outdoor LED screen display. Moreso, outdoor display requires high brightness, contrast, resolution, and viewing angle to make the display visible even in bright daylight, which is exactly what DVLED display offers. 

Direct View LED Video Wall Outdoor Display Examples:

Indoor Display

Not only can direct view LEDs outstand outdoor displays but also indoor displays. Its different pixel pitches, such as P10 LED modules and P8 LED modules, although flexible, are well-suited for indoor spaces. LED display technologies’ customizable features, high-resolution display, and wide viewing angles mean that the content is visible from all directions. All of these make them suitable for large indoor events and conferences where attendees need to view the content from various angles and distances.

Direct View LED Video Wall Indoor Application:

  • Entertainment Venues
  • Hotels & Lobbies
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Retail Establishments
  • Museums and Exhibitions
  • Education and Training Centers

Invest in the Future with Direct View LED Video Wall

Direct View LED Video Walls are the future of digital displays. They offer superior image quality, a long lifespan, and energy efficiency. It proves why it is a popular choice for businesses through its advantages that give you the competitive edge to propel.

With their flexibility, high customization, and wide range of applications, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Invest in this game-changing technology and take your business to the next level. Experience stunning visuals and captivate your audience with advanced direct view LED video wall (DVLED) display technology from SZLEDWORLD. We make world-class-quality LED display technologies and provide a seamless installation. 

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