Curved LED Display Manufacturer

Curved LED Display

SZLEDWORLD creates high-quality yet cost-effective curved LED display solutions. It is great for advertisement – in and out of the establishment. Can be easily fixed in stadiums, malls, airports, etc.

  • Ideal for artistic installations
  • Feature magnetic connections
  • Indoor pitch: 2.5mm –  10mm
  • Provide installation field service

Curved LED Display Manufacturer

LED screens that are curved produce curved bends around the edges. You can use these panels to create a seamless transition from a flat surface to a curved one. Modular LED screens are helpful in accomplishing this. There are numerous pixel pitches and brightness settings depending on the viewing distance. It starts from only 1.5mm up. Otherwise, we can advise you on the best pitch for your application.

In accordance with your application, SZLEDWORLD can also design any supporting structure that is required. We can offer free-standing MT towers, large-format MT towers, and so much more.

Let SZLEDWORLD handle your flexible curved LED display needs!

Curved LED Display P5

Applicable for ads, shopping guides, and stage performances. Pixel configuration is 1R,1G, and 1B. Display functions include text display, video display, etc. Best color consistency.

P2 Curved LED Display
P2 Curved LED Display

The P2 curved LED display is extremely economical, has top-notch image quality, and has a steady operation. Great for both indoor and outdoor displays. Easy installation.

P4 Curved LED Display
P4 Curved LED Display

Feature die-cast aluminum rental cabinet. It has strong, quick locks that are easier to use. Pixel pitch ranges from 1.25mm to 5mm. Certification: CE, RoHS, CCC, and more.

P6 Outdoor Curved LED Display

It supports a range of outdoor activities like concerts, sporting events, stadiums, and more. Feature high screen brightness and contrast ratio.

P8 Curved LED Module
P8 Curved LED Module

The entire design is incredibly original, considerate, and energetic. It’s flexible, and simple to assemble and disassemble. Small and lightweight. Available size 960x960mm.

P10 Curved LED Screen
P10 Curved LED Screen

SZLEDWORLD P10 curved LED screen comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. With pixel sizes ranging from 1.25 mm to 16mm. Brightness ranging from 6,000 to 9,000 nits.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Curved LED Screen

Wide-Viewing Angle – The viewing angle seems wider and larger. At the same time, they maintain the brightness and contrast of the LED display wall.

Guaranteed 3D View – With a curved surface, there is a greater depth of perception. The screen’s curvature provides you with a 3-D perspective.

Innovative and Efficient – Our adaptable LED technology shines brightly while being environmentally beneficial, energy efficient, and cool.

Quick and Easy to Setup – SZLEDWORLD curved LED screen series introduces much smaller and lighter modules that make installation safe and fast.

Curved LED Screen
Curved LED Display's Unique Features

Curved LED Display's Unique Features

  • Smart Split Screen – It is an appealing feature included in wall control software. They can display different visual content on each of their screens.
  • Auto Brightness and Color Adjustments – you will have the ideal color and brightness settings. All panels are timed to match the displays around.
  • OS (Operating System) – You can select your desired OS from Linux, Windows, Androids, or even a standalone OS.
  • Power Timer – You can set the screen’s hourly, daily, or weekly on and off times. This feature allows for on-demand power use. Additionally, it is quite efficient in terms of energy use.
  • Various Inputs – It supports a variety of audio and video inputs, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, USB, SD cards, and USB flash drives.

Installation Method of Your Module

Hanging installation: The size of a hanging display screen should typically be less than 6m by 10m. A hanging beam hangs from the top, and a bottom beam hangs from the bottom.

Wall-mounted installation: Typically used indoors and outdoors. Adopt front maintenance design if the active display area is significantly larger. If the active display area is small, access is frequently blocked.

Bracket installation: There must be a freestanding design where the LED displays fit perfectly, making installation simple and affordable.

Cabinet installation: The cabinets start at p3.4 and go higher from there. Incredibly quick, and simple to connect and lock.

Installation Method of Your Module

Advantages of Utilizing Curved LED Panel

Environmentally Responsive

Curved LED screens can be incorporated into signage, desk, studio backdrops, and more.

Commercial Grade Panel

The panel is created to address insurmountable problems such as poor color reproduction and strong viewing angle dependence.

Improved Immersion

Benefit from the genuine viewing experience.

24/7 Commercial Usage

It has the ability to operate nonstop for extended periods of time. They are designed for continuous, 24/7 commercial use with dependable performance.

Front Maintenance

Maintenance is made simpler, quicker, and from the front.

Lifetime Tech Assistance

We have expert engineers and technicians on staff to deal with any problems that may arise over the course of the life of your displays.

What are the uses of curved LED displays?

LED screens with curves are used in a variety of settings. They are utilized in indoor and outdoor use, such as:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Cinemas
  • Advertising
  • Construction
  • Building Industries.
Do curved screens cost more money?

Curved screens cost more to manufacture than flat panels do.

However, many curved displays have become more reasonably priced.

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