Creative LED Display

Creative LED Display

Creative LED Display

The creative LED displays from SZLEDWORLD become prominent in all aspects of industry due to their 3D presentation benefits. It is also dominant in terms of clarity, color fidelity, power consumption, etc. Therefore, it is effectively functional for branding purposes.

Additionally, using this imaginative LED display is a beautiful technique to exhibit your intriguing events, advertising, promotions, graphics, or photographs. Furthermore, it seeks to distinguish your brand in particular markets.

SZLEDWOLED creative LED displays are fully customizable. Depending on your needs, we can form this type of display in unique custom shapes and sizes. Besides, you are also free to request a specific pitch and other specifications. Feel free to share your ideas with us, and we will create them realistically. 

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Creative Hexagon LED Display
  • Pixel ratio: 6.15 mm.
  • LED spacing: SMD 3528 3in1.
  • Pixel density: ≦ 26438 dot/m².
  • Grey degree: ≥4096 level.
  • Display rate: ≥400Hz.
Creative Custom LED Screen
Creative Custom LED Screen
  • Display color: Full color.
  • Brightness: 1000 Nits/square meter.
  • Display size: 240*120 mm.
  • Resolution: 80*40.
  • Working voltage: DC 5V.
Round Circle LED Soft Display
Round Circle LED Soft Display
  • Pixel pitch: 5 mm.
  • Pixels per square meter: 62500.
  • LED configuration: SMD2121.
  • Light output: 1200 cd/m2.
  • Frame frequency: 60Hz.
Viewpoint Creative LED Display
Creative LED Display
  • Best viewing distance: 4-45 m.
  • Viewing angle: 160°/160°.
  • Maximum power: <900W /m2.
  • Control system: Synchronous system.
  • Life expectancy: 100,000 hours.
Flexible Creative LED Display
Flexible Creative LED Display
  • Pixel pitch: P2, P3, P4, P5, etc.
  • Brightness: 500–1200 nits.
  • Viewing angle: 120°(H)/120°(V).
  • Refreshing rate: >1920HZ.
  • Environment: Indoor.
BIG Creative LED Screen Display
BIG Creative LED Screen Display
  • Cabinet resolution: 256*192.
  • Pixel density (dot/m2): 250000.
  • Max Power Consumption (W/m2): 160W.
  • Cabinet Weight(KG): 10KG.
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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Creative LED Display

Services for Professional Customization. SZLEDWORLD is a manufacturing company that is filled with expert and knowledgeable employees. We have unmatched capability to understand and build LED displays even in the smallest details.  We ensure that every production we undertake is according to your preferences. Our team ensures durable and excellent performance LED displays.

Quick Shipping and After-Sale Services. SZLEDWORLD is reliable for fast delivery. Safe packaging is guaranteed and ensures that all orders will safely arrive at your respective residences. On the other hand, our creative LED display is covered with warranty in a limited edition after sale. Contact us at any time if you need assistance using one of our products.

Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Creative LED Display
SZLEDWORLD Creative LED Display Certifications 

SZLEDWORLD Creative LED Display Certifications 

Due to our strong standards for product quality, SZLEDWORLD has a high level of client satisfaction and loyalty throughout the world. 

Currently, our products are exported to over a hundred nations and regions, and the majority of them have received approval from:

  • EMC
  • ETL
  • CCC
  • CE
  • FCC
  • RoHS, etc.

Advantages of Creative LED Display from SZLEDWORLD

Driven by technological advancements and breakthroughs, SZLEDWORLD dedicates itself to providing customers all over the world with high-quality, creative LED displays and solutions.

Prospects for design

Through advancements in curvature, dimension, cost, and power source, SZLEDWORLD innovative LED displays provide a wide variety of configuration choices.

Easy installation

SZLEDWORLD’s creative LED displays reduce installation costs and the chance of causing structural damage.

Enhanced illumination with less power usage

Creative LED displays have an average power usage per square meter of 120 to 150 watts while achieving a high brightness of 7,500 to 12,000 nits.

An exceptional display capacity.

It boasts excellent display capabilities. To start, if your intended client group notices it, their interest will be sparked by its distinctive appearance and vivid content.

Which give this the appearance of something novel that you don’t often see in daily life.



Impress your target demographic.

A creative LED display will give your target audience the impression that you invested a lot of money in the project, even though it is not as expensive as some may believe.

As a result, you will have a reliable company with sufficient funding or a devoted activity starter.

Put a strong emphasis on your design idea.

Your design concept can be prominently displayed with inventive LED displays.

SZLEDWORLD should be attentive to listening and have adequate communication for each creative display project so that a unique LED product is produced. 

Because of these cutting-edge media technologies, the concept can be visualized along with completely exhibited personality and cultural traits.

– Trustworthy technology that is well-known on a global scale.

– It is simple to increase its power.

– Compared to other similar products, it is more environmentally friendly.

– Provides a lengthy lifespan.

– They help to strengthen the company’s branding.

– It uses a very little amount of energy.

– Transmits superior photos.

– Can be programmed.

Pixel Pitch (mm): P1.2mm, P1.5mm, P1.6mm, P1.8mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm
Pixels/㎡: 160,000/㎡11,111㎡/62,500㎡/40,000㎡(up to the pitch)
Pixel per Module: Customizable upon request
Viewing Angle: H:140°; V:140°
Brightness: 600-1500 nits
Refresh Rate: 1000Hz, 1920Hz, 3840Hz
Color Depth: 12-16 bit
LED Type: 3-in-1 SMD
Common Application of Creative LED Display

– Hotels

– Stages

– Shopping malls

– Sports stadiums

– Concert

– Planetarium

– Exhibition

– Airport

– Museum

– Shopping Mall

– Bar

– Railway Station

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