COB LED Display

The COB LED display is available in standard options that bring many advantages. This display is known for having multiple LED chips. Generally, it consists of more than 9 diodes. Due to its multiple diodes, a single display has a circuit and two contacts only. Thus, the failure rate can be prevented.

SZLEDWORLD delivers the best-in-class COB LED display for your projects. We only use premium quality materials from trusted suppliers in China.

Our company is equipped with modern technology and highly experienced staff. Thus, we are qualified to develop COB LED display based on your specifications. All of our displays are available at a very competitive rate.

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COB Transparent LED Display

Our COB transparent LED display can guarantee high brightness and is waterproof.

COB Indoor LED Display

It is widely used for retail stores, exhibition halls, welcome displays, and many more.

COB Shelf LED Display

SZLEDWORLD COB shelf LED display is widely used for supermarket stores.

P1.2 COB LED Display
P1.2 COB LED Display

This display has high white balance and color consistency.

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Why SZLEDWORLD COB LED Display is Trusted by 1000+ Clients

Excellent Pixel Pitch
Excellent Pixel Pitch

Our COB LED display can guarantee higher resolution up to 4K.

Improved Reliability
Improved Reliability

The display has anti-collision, dustproof, and waterproof.

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

Our COB LED display is inexpensive to operate.

Improved Viewing Experience
Improved Viewing Experience

Our display has a higher contrast ratio for an excellent viewing experience.


R&D: Our COB LED display is manufactured more micro.

Technical Craftsmanship: The production process of our COB LED screen is simplified. The LED chip’s thermal resistance is minimized and the high-density packaging is reached.

Project Installation: The COB LED display is faster and more convenient to install compared to other displays.


Wide Scope of Applications

  • Street Lights to maximize the efficacy of lights.
  • LED lamps – the dissipation of heat and consumption of power will be minimized when using a COB LED.
  • Playground Lighting
  • Smartphone camera

Features of COB LED Display


The PCB board of our COB LED display is very thin. It has a thickness ranging from 0.4mm to 1.2mm. However, its thickness could be realized according to your requirements.

The weight of this display is 1.3 lighter than a standard LED display. Thus, the project steel building and transportation will be reduced.

Crush-Resistant and Anti-Collision

The PCB board’s LED chip is encapsulated and hardened using epoxy resin glue. It makes it anti-collision due to its convex sphere shape surface.

Wide View Angle

The view angle of the COB LED display is about 180°.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

The LED lamp is being encapsulated with COB LED on the PCBs. Thus, the heat will easily dissipate with a copper foil.

Moreover, the copper foil’s thickness is very crucial. By adding the technology of immersion gold, luminance attenuation is no longer available. Thus, the lifespan of the COB LED display will be extended.

Easy to Clean

Our COB LED display is waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, damp proof, etc. It is easily cleaned with cloth and water.

The Development of COB LED Display

“COB” means “chip-on-board”. COB is a fabrication type. The ICs are bonded and wired to a PCB. The creation of the module is possible through the LED lamps and the drive ICs. Then, the COB LED display is created through this module.

The synopsis of the COB LED assembled the following:

  • LED chip technology upstream
  • Encapsulation technology midstream
  • Downstream display technology

Therefore, the COB LED display is used with downstream, midstream, and upstream cooperation.

COB LED Display Vs SMD Technology

SMD technology has a higher efficiency due to the lumens per watt. It can create a wider light beam. Meaning, the light is not required to have a larger heatsink.

However, COB LED display has better reliability, smooth surface, and extreme contrast ratio than SMD LED.

Durability in Tough Spaces

SZLEDWORLD manufactures a wide series of COB LEDs. This display protects from moisture, dust, and impact. This could allow extremely high definition in areas that are formerly inhabited.

All-In-One Accessories

Our COB LED display comes with many accessories, such as:

  • Touch frame
  • Rolling floor stand
  • Wall mount
Easy to Assemble

SZLEDWORLD COB LED display has a modular and simple design. This could help you set up the display quickly.

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