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Big LED Screen

Big LED screens are so big that they’ll surely grab people’s attention. They can display eye-catching, highly visible, and high-resolution content. You can use them for advertisements, enhancing the brand’s identity, delivering messages, etc.

SZLEDWORLD offers a variety of long-lasting and high-quality big LED displays. We offer curved, triple-sided, double-sided, and other kinds of big LED displays. Our screens are suitable for rental purposes and permanent installations.

At SZLEDWORLD, we also provide fast technical support and professional after-sales services to ensure your satisfaction.

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P3 large LED screens are suitable for sales events, conferences, and other indoor events. They have high brightness and high contrast ratio.


Big P5 large screens are used for industrial, commercial, and residential environments. They can give viewers a great visual impact.


The P6 big LED displays can be used for concerts, outdoor advertising, stage events, etc. They have a wide viewing angle.


P8 big LED displays have high brightness, accurate color representation, and an IP65 rating. You can use them for outdoor applications.


The P10 big LED displays are waterproof and dustproof. They have an IP65 protection level and are suitable for outdoor use.


P16 big LED displays have high pixel density, excellent heat dissipation, and high energy efficiency.  They are used for advertising, stadiums, etc.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD Big LED Screen

High Brightness – We manufacture large LED screens with high brightness so viewers can clearly see what is displayed on them. These screens will also reduce their brightness automatically depending on the darkness of their surroundings.

Harsh Protection – Our big LED displays can withstand harsh environments and weather conditions. They are designed with waterproof panels. Also, they can be installed with air conditioning and other cooling devices for continuous operation in hot conditions. Our big screens also have IP65, IP54, IP67, and other protection levels.

Customizable – We can manufacture big LED displays based on your specifications. Our big screens have customizable sizes, shapes, resolutions, and other configurations.

Why Choose Liweide Big LED Screen
Big LED Screen Features

Features of the Big LED Screen

The big LED displays have many features such as:

  • Large pixel pitch
  • Weather-resistant
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low brightness degradation
  • High refresh rate
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • Wide viewing angle

Installation Methods

The big LED displays support many installation methods. You can choose from the following:

  • Standalone
  • Wall mount
  • Poles
  • Ceiling hung
  • Roof mount
  • Monopoles
  • Floor stand
  • Billboards

Variety of Applications


Big LED displays are commonly used in stations, airports, highways, and other transportation areas for advertisement.

Advertising Agencies

Big LED display screens are used in many advertising companies since screens can display a variety of media to immediately attract viewers.

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls, supermarkets, big stores, and other high-traffic areas used big LED displays for advertising and displaying the mall’s image.


Many pastors prefer using big LED displays to increase their connection with devoted people. These screens are also visible from any angle of the church.

Concerts & Sporting Events

Concerts and sporting events used big LED displays since they can reach more viewers.

Big LED displays are also used in:

  • building lobbies
  • sales galleries
  • hotel ballrooms
  • meeting rooms
  • conference halls
  • seminar halls

Methods of Controlling the Big LED Screen

Remote Control

When using a remote control, the LED screen and controlling computer should have a network. To create a network, the screen can be connected to a wired network cable, wireless network, or 4G/3G phone card. After that, you can operate the LED screen from anywhere in the world over the network.

Mobile Devices

Tablets and mobile phones can be used to operate the big LED display. You just need to download the software. Android or Apple systems are also supported.


Laptops and desktop computers can be used for operating the big LED display. The personal computers must have HDMI or DVI output. Then, the LED screen will display what the PC displays in actual time.


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