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Self-Assembly LED Display

Self-assembly LED displays are a cost-saving and affordable display solution. With our rich experience in the industry, we have understood the needs of customers. Most customers require affordable LED displays without compromising the high-quality and excellent technical characteristics. Thus, we have produced self-assembly LED displays.

These displays are designed to decrease the installation cost. The installation of this display is very simple. Customers can install these displays by either following the manual or technical advice. Thus, allowing the customers to save money from hiring technical personnel to install the display. These displays are not only cost-saving but also easy to maintain and will last for many years.

How Big LED Displays Are Assembled?

  1. Unpacking/Handling

After unpacking, LED displays should be handled with care. Thus, preventing any damage during the installation process. We have tips below on how to handle LED displays properly.

Carefully manipulate each LED panel. Unpack the LED screen with two or more people. Make sure the screen does not hit the frames.

Protect the LED panels. Pay attention to LED screens near the frames. Make sure it doesn’t have any blow.

Gently place. Ensure that the back side of the LED screen is facing the surface to avoid damage.

  1. Positioning

Our LED screens are designed with a quick-locking mechanism. It also has lightweight frame to ensure easy and fast installation. Below are some tips so you can safely position the LED screens.

  • To begin the LED screen assembly, just place the frame next to each other.
  • The locking mechanism is found at the side and top of the frame. These locks provide sturdyconnections between the LED screen frames. The strong locking mechanism can connect the frames vertically, horizontally, or hanging position.
  1. Data-Wiring

Most of our LED displays are designed with Ethernet connectors. Thus, making the data wiring process very easy. We have listed different steps that you can follow to perform the data-wiring process of your LED display.

  • A zigzag pattern should be followed by the data wiring along with the columns of the frame.
  • The assembly process should begin at the lower left side of the screen frame. The player system will be connected to the data input port.
  • Then, link the screen’s data output port to the data input port. Do this until the entire column is connected.
  • Connect the top frame of the column to the next frame below, continuing in a downward direction.
  • Lastly, you can finish wiring up the entire LED screen.
  1. Power-Wiring

Most of our LED displays are designed with easy-to-use connectors. Thus, you can ensurean easy power wiring process. Just plug the power socket into the first frame’s power input port. Then, connect it to the next frame’s power input port.

Mounting Big LED Displays on Poles

Big LED displays are mounted on poles. Mounting poles have different heights to suit variety of advertising purposes. At SZLEDWORLD, we have professional engineers to ensure that the pole structure suits the LED display characteristics and environment where it is installed.

The mounting poles are specifically as a support to the LED display’s weight. It also protects the LED display from harmful environmental conditions. The poles used for mounting LED displays are made from different materials such as aluminum or steel.

These poles are commonly powder-coated for corrosion resistance and durability. Regardless of its material and finish, these poles must withstand harsh elements and have enough strength to support LED display heavyweight.

Mounting LED Display on Wall

Most wall-mounted LED displays only have front access for maintenance. The wall mounting structure can be determined depending on the wall strength and LED display characteristics. If the wall can support the weight of the entire LED display, then it can be mounted directly. However, you need to hire a professional or technician to install LED displays if the wall cannot bear its weight.

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