3D LED Fan Display

The 3D LED fan displays are constructed with rotating LED fans. They are simple to install using screws into different areas permanently. Installing them is an economical solution for spreading and delivering product advertisements. Moreover, these LED fans are suitable for concrete walls and even wooden structure surfaces. 

SZLEDWORLD expertly customizes your desired holographic fan display. We always consider your requested sizes, capacity, effects, and designs before production. You can send us your details and trust our team for the rest of the processes.

By High-Resolution


1600×1440 maximum resolution of 3D fan displays are operated by windows or android technology. They effectively advertise your products.


A holographic 3D fan with maximum resolution uniquely advertises the products and control clouds. It also rotates at 800r/min speed.


The 3D fan display with 720×720 resolution is supported by aluminum alloy shell material. It has about 1800cd/m² brightness capacity.


1152×1152 resolution fan displays are typically wall mountable. They are constructed with ABS, aluminum, and polycarbonate materials.


1600×960 resolution 3D fan displays are composed of LED, acrylic, and metal materials. These displays function with remote controls.


The 3D hologram fan displays with 1024×1024 resolution are made from aluminum and ABS materials. They have about 100x100mm display size.

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After-Sale Service Offered

SZLEDWORLD provides satisfying services from essential details during production and even after sales. Consider the following offers.

Guaranteed Warranty: We offer a 12-month warranty for outdoor 3D hologram fan applications and 24 months for indoor. Our team is responsible for free repairing or replacing them during the warranty.

Lifetime Maintenance: If there are unsolved technical issues, our expert engineers are willing to give solutions. They use remote network operations without payment.

Spare Parts: Our spare parts are always available and ready to send after taking the orders.

3D LED Fan Display

Wide Range Application

Here are some of the following areas for using 3D LED fan displays.

  • Retail Shops
  • Indoor Ads
  • Shopping Mall
  • Expo’s
  • Museum
  • Brand Promotion
  • Product Launch

Why Use 3D LED Fan Display

The following list includes some advantages of 3D hologram fan display optimization.

  • High 3D visuals for any images
  • Excellent floating air effects
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Plug and play. No other necessary complex procedure.
  • The holograms have an LED-based technology structure.
  • Light-weight
Why choose
Color Custom
View Angle 150°
Standby Power 0.1w
Life Power 20000 hr
Display Size (cm) 100 x 100
Resolution  1024 x 1024
Video Format MP4, RMVB, GIF, AVI
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