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3D LED Display

The 3D LED display is a technology that can create 3D effects. It can display 3D images, Videos, and other content that can grab the attention of customers. These are perfect for business applications by advertising products because of their impressive visual effect compare to 2D LED displays.

Our 3D LED display provides various grayscales of image and video which help to produce visual illusions from 3D displayed images. These are very easy to adjust in various directions in order to catch the eye of the viewers. You can install this both outdoors and indoors without worrying about any environmental elements that can affect in LED screen.

SZLEDWORLD is a trusted supplier of 3D LED displays in China. We can supply a one-stop solution for this 3D LED Screen that is widely used in the advertising industry. At SZLEDWORLD, we can offer customized services from various designs, structures, sizes, etc at a reasonable price.

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Cube Type 3D LED Display
Cube Type 3D LED Display

Our cube-type 3D LED display can work for up to 100,000 hours. It is contain a small pixel pitch that is perfect to use for a wide range of applications.

3D Immersive Visual LED Display
3D Immersive Visual LED Display

This 3D immersive visual LED display has ultra-thin panel design for easy installation. It offers less maintenance, offers vivid images, and high-quality videos.

Special Shaped 3D LED Display
Special Shaped 3D LED Display

We manufactured specially shaped 3D LED display that is programmable and easy to access by smartphones, laptops, computers, etc.

3D Wall Mounted LED Display
3D Wall Mounted LED Display

Our 3D wall-mounted LED display offers a pixel density of 40,000 dots/sqm. Its cabinets are made from iron and aluminum materials.

3D Naked Eye LED Display
3D Naked Eye LED Display

SZLEDWORLD provide a 3D naked-eye LED display that is lightweight, available in various pixel, and offers 90 degrees smooth curve. It is perfect to use especially for outdoor applications.

Waterproof 3D LED Display
Waterproof 3D LED Display

We provide a waterproof 3D LED display which is perfect to use in a harsh environments. It has a waterproof power box and the module are waterproof.

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Why Choose SZLEDWORLD 3D LED Display

Commercially Viable
Commercially Viable

It presents more realistic which makes them commercially viable in the future.

Weather Resistance
Weather Resistance

It is anti-corrosion resistant, dustproof, and water resistant which makes them perfect to use even in rainy seasons, snow, etc.

Wide Viewing Angle
Wide Viewing Angle

It offers a wide viewing angle of up 178 degrees which is great for producing a wide viewing experience.


We produce an extensive range of 3D LED display for at very affordable price so that anyone can afford.

Design and Service Options of 3D LED Display

We have different design options to fit your requirements. Below is the following design we offer:

  • Full range of pitch. LED display can cover indoor and outdoor angles to suit your needs.
  • Modular design. It is a type of 3D led display that is easy to dismantle.
  • Front and rear Service. We offer front and rear service in order to provide a durable and high-quality 3D LED screen that can work for more than 100,000 hours.
  • ultra-slim and Ultra-lightweight. SZLEDWORLD has a slim cabinet and a lightweight type of LED display. Most of its thicknesses are 85mm, 500x1000mm, and have a weight of 12kg.
  • Creative curved shape. We have curve shape type of LED display that can be seen from -10 degrees to +degree.
Why Choose SZLEDWORLD 3D LED Display
3D LED Display Excellent Features

3D LED Display Excellent Features

SZLEDWORLD 3D LED display will provide you excellent features whether you are using it in different fields of applications. below are some of these.

  • Create public art
  • Less power consumption
  • Provide HDR and high contrast
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Helps to Increase brand value
  • Create and pursue beauty
  • Easy to maintain
  • Provide customized 3D content
  • Programmable
  • Very easy to operate and much more.

Wide Range of Applications 

Our 3D LED Screenplay a significant role in different field of applications, especially for:

  • Media Façade
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail Stores
  • Exhibitions halls
  • Educational Purposes
  • Stadiums
  • Entertainments
  • Banks and so on.
Wide Range of Applications 
Different Factors Associated with 3D LED Displays

SZLEDWORLD has different factors to make a 3D LED display. Some of the Displays Factors associated with are the following

  • Pixels
  • Contrast and HDR
  • Weatherproof
  • Visual content
  • Viewing range
  • Weight of the LED
  • Power consumption
  • Integration with the environment, etc.


Expected Benefits of Choosing 3D LED Display
  • Excellent attention Grabber. Due to its stunning 3D effect, it can easy to grab the attention of your customers.
  • Can reach online and online customers. Not just only for customers near the led can see your display products but also it can share online by engaging your content on social media.
  • Increase brand awareness. With the help of the 3D effects, every consumer will be inspired by you which will help them to remember your brands.
  • Provide stunning and clear visual quality. Our LED display meets all you need from high brightness, dynamic range, etc. Meaning, it can provide you with stunning and clear visual quality.
Available Pixel Pitch

SZLEDWORLD offers an extensive range of pixels starting from the following:

  • P5
  • 925
  • P6
  • P8
  • P10
  • P20
  • P25 and so on.
Standard Ways to Choose A Perfect 3D LED Display from SZLEDWORLD

As a manufacturer, our goal is to know your needs which is why we write down the following criteria if you looking for a high-quality LED display.

  • LED display cabinets can be customizable
  • High grayscale
  • High contrast ratio
  • High refresh rates and high HDR
  • Ambiance of lights
  • Fusions of LED display
  • Should meet the 6000nits of brightness
  • LED display integrations
  • It can be equipped with LED lamps, high-driving IC, and other components
  • Appropriate design to produce parallax and more.
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